Sharp senses

He knows.

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Hey everyone! I hope you’re doing good. I’m so-so, since right before my work started calming down, my fiance’s workplace announced layoffs and there was more stress than I’d have liked in those last few days. We’re both okay though (still employed) but I’m an anxious mess and it’s hard to focus on anything. Trying to, though. I’m in 40% of the edit of my next book and excited about sending it to some readers. I’m also working on an illustration for Replay and I’m aaaaalmost done, but still need to finish the background. Hopefully you’ll see it next week!

I’m still reading The Art of Prophecy, but I either missed the plot completely, or it’s just not there, so I don’t feel compelled to continue. I’ll still finish it, because there are some cool ideas there, but I don’t think I’ll suddenly fall in love with it.

Oh! And please check out my friend’s webtoon! Some of you might remember her style from a different title, but this one is actually a story she drew before, as a traditional manga-style comic, and published in Poland. She’s now restarting it as a webtoon. Please take a look and subscribe if you like it!

See you next week!


8 comments on “Sharp senses”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    She did all this, all on her own
    a truly fearsome beast.
    With this, we will not fight alone,
    a fighting chance, at least.

    In theory, that may be true,
    but I’m not yet convinced.
    The magic users are yet few,
    now fighters won’t be minced!

    All the options, all the ways,
    this changes everything!
    For this feat, she deserves praise,
    the hurt we now can bring!

    What is this, another blade?
    An ornamental dagger?
    By whom, I wonder, was this made,
    a measly carpetbagger?

    But upon closer inspection,
    a shiver down my spine!
    A most peculiar reaction,
    I doubt this one is fine.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Vlad Taltos… Oh, some older series. I actually never heard of this. Interesting. I’ll add one to my list not to forget! Thanks!

  2. Alex Reply

    I finally found the time to do an archive dive and I realized it’s been about 2.5 years since I announced it:

    Also the mouse-over text on that page tells us that you hope we didn’t forget about Stefen’s powers, but pretty much the only thing I remembered during my dive was that he was the only survivor from a demon attack, which I attributed to the amulet he was holding at the time, and not some special powers of his own. It never occurred to me that he had actual powers himself. You said in the comments that it’s a spoiler and that’s why I should ask on Discord instead, but things you hoped we remembered can’t be spoilers, right?

    I completely forgot about this:
    So everyone is alive only because Adam is waiting on purpose for everyone to cluster together. Not sure if giving the protagonists time to level up their skills is the smartest move though, but I guess when your army managed to wipe out most of the military and wizards of the planet then you’re gonna be very confident. I hope that when Rob and Ada arrive at their vision they had at the very beginning of the comic they’ll decide to cut off Adam’s hands first and ask questions later. Or some of the soldiers could, you know, take care of the purity requirement. I don’t think they have any soap left for him to drop though. XD

    A question about this one:
    Does Stefen’s ability to magically remain unnoticed have anything to do with him being able to sneak up on his colleagues? I thought he was just good at treading lightly, but sneaking up on soldiers is on another level, so I’m starting to think that he used stealth magic for fun.

    Oh and btw: In one of the first pages the mouse-over text talks about Rob glowing pink, but in your remastered version you removed that glow:

    The remastered pages look really beautiful! I hope you can regain the popularity you lost during those months when you remastered them. I mean, any new reader has got to be impressed at the quality. Did your cooperation with Kemono Cafe help at all thus far?

    • NotImportant Reply

      Haha Stefen has his own special skills, but being unnoticed comes from his medallion. It’s an actual artifact, mentioned in one of the grimoires, and it let’s one be “invisible”.

      For Robert’s pink glow, I might have forgotten to add, hm. Anyway, he glows pink whenever he uses his powers.

      I’m glad you like the remastered pages! Kemono Cafe – I don’t think so? Replay’s audience hasn’t really grown in a long while. And it’s no wonder because I don’t really have any presence on social media. There’s nowhere people can read about it lol I’m terrible at marketing and care too little about appealing to masses. I’m happy to just draw for whoever accidentally finds their way here haha

      • alex Reply

        Ok it’s good to know that at least his invisibility powers will remain after Nina will have seduced him. πŸ™‚

        Don’t worry about appealing to the masses. Having a strong woman with a bad attitude as the main character should be plenty appealing in today’s day and age. πŸ˜‰

      • Ancient Foo Reply

        I don’t even remember how I accidentally found my way here, but I’m glad I did, and I’ve been following since early Chapter 1! Due to bad memory, though, I usually have to read in big chunks, like 6 months at a time, so that probably makes your stats look worse than they really are.

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