It’s my problem now too

And you thought she’d only draw for you heh~

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Well! It’s been a busy week for me, somehow. And a busy weekend, with meeting friends, trying to draw, edit the Mind Drummer before I send it to gamma readers, writing the next book, going hiking… I didn’t have enough time for drawing. I wish I had more… I tried out watercolors this past week and I want to keep practicing! Sadly, I only got to do it because I accidentally spilled tea over my work laptop and had to take a day off before I could get a new one. Not enough time for all my hobbies and art! There’s never enough.

I finished reading The Lost Dreamer, but I’m not sure about this book… It was interesting because the setting is so different and unique, but after reading the entire book I felt like I just read a prologue. Not much had happened there. I’m also almost done with The Bladed Faith and i think I liked the idea and the characters but I didn’t like the execution? Maybe it’s just not an author for me. Still, it’s well written and enjoyable once you go past 50% (which is pretty much a young boy receiving his training). I started A Magic Steeped in Poison now but it might be too YA for my taste. When the girl meets a boy and he’s of course super handsome, from upper class, and is immediately interested in her just because she did this one random thing…. Yeah, not my cup of tea (pun intended). The cover is gorgeous though~

Sooo… Who’s watching Stranger Things? 😉

4 comments on “It’s my problem now too”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    Not a hero, not at all,
    find a way to make them fall!
    This I try time and again.
    For this you’ve suffered through this pain.

    But do not fret, it’s not that bad,
    and even though it may sound mad,
    I’m somewhat safe beyond the barrier,
    I’ve been through things a whole lot scarier.

    I have some training and my blade,
    I know how to stay in the shade.
    I know it’s not like what I preach,
    but this is something I can’t teach.

    So please, my dear, just take my word,
    No need to worry, won’t get hurt.
    I’ll be careful, I’ll come back.
    but cannot tell you, what you lack.

    Shut your trap and give me that,
    this is no time to try and chat.
    This data that you have collected,
    I will not rest until it is dissected.

  2. someone Reply

    One wonders how they can still find cigarettes in the post-apocalypse. Maybe demons are keeping the cigarette factories running. It’d make sense.

    • Refugnic Reply

      I believe the cigs (and just about everything) will run out eventually.
      The thing is, the demons killed like 90 % of the people. And the cigarette makers (just like anyone else) did not see it coming, so they kept producing up to the day when the world ended, meaning there were enough cigarettes around for 100 % of all smokers all over the world, likely for a few days or even months to come (gotta get it to the shops too).

      Suddenly, just about all those smokers were gone, but the demons did not eat the cigs, so naturally there’s bound to be a rather big stash of cigs (and everything else) still lying around in shops, factories or trucks.

      More than any one person could smoke in all their life.

      Now, give them a few hundred years, and the cigs will run out…assuming the humans don’t run out first, of course. 🙂

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