Collection of all those awesome things connected to Replay that I’ve received from other people! Thank you! \(-ㅂ-)/ ♥ ♥ ♥

If there is anything you would like to share, be it a piece of literature or drawing, feel free to send it to ni.replaycomic [at] I’ll be happy to add it to the gallery~





43 comments on “Fanarts”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    Hah, congratulations on getting your first fanart not from me in what feels like forever. 😀
    See, I told you it’d pick up sooner or later. 🙂

    • NotImportant Reply

      Still far from ‘picked up’ I’d say! You can say that after I get 20 of them! 😀

      • Refugnic Reply

        Is that a challenge? I’ve already got you 5, you think I can’t make another 15? 😛

        • NotImportant Reply

          Haha I was thinking about drawings ;D How about some sketches from you for a change?

          • Refugnic

            If stick figures will do, fine. 😉
            No really, there’s a reason why I’m focusing on drawing with words. I can’t draw for the life of me.

            I could ask Saph though (my wife), she’s good with drawing…thing is, our little guy consumes all that little time left beside household and work (for both of us, mind you), so she hasn’t drawn in forever.

            The sole reason why I keep writing is because I simply take the time to write…often at the expense of other activities, like catching up on sleep or informing myself about what’s going on in the world or socializing with people (you know, that direct communication thing utilizing your vocal chord…what was that called again…I think ‘speaking’? :P)

            So yeah, I’d love to be able to draw decent pictures, but my talents simply aren’t in that area. I could probably make it work with sufficient time and effort, but for me, drawing just isn’t as much fun as for example writing. 🙂

          • NotImportant

            Okay, your excuses are accepted 😉 And before you start thinking too much – that’s only a joke and I am very grateful for all those short stories you have written.

          • Refugnic

            Fortunately not even I am this dense in social things, so I got the joke. But thanks for being so considerate regarding my social incompetence. 🙂

          • NotImportant

            Now, due to my paranoia, I will think that you said that to be mean. Ah, communication, you so difficult..! (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻

          • Refugnic

            No, I wasn’t trying to be mean, I was trying to be funny by dragging your joke along a little my way. 😛

            However you are right, communication often is very difficult, which is what I was hinting at with my ‘social incompetence’. It’s a fact that many people don’t get what I’m saying and don’t think my jokes funny.

            Ah well, I’m a programmer, not a comedian, I have no obligation to make people laugh. 🙂

  2. Refugnic Reply

    I have a question. I noticed that the links while cycling through the fanarts tend to relate to the person/title or whatever it is about. (Yeah, I’m a programmer, I notice things like that :P)
    Anyway, you may already have guessed my question.

    Link for Faust was ‘Faust-story-stub’, Link for Replay was ‘Replay-story-stub’, Link for Sophia and Kasper were their names respectively…however for the latest one, the one featuring Stefen, I couldn’t help but notice that the cycle link was ‘aaa’.

    Bored, Thrilled or in a hurry? 😀

    • NotImportant Reply

      Haha I name things like ‘aaaa’ or ‘sasasa’ way too often, I forgot I was this elegant naming the other images 😀 My desktop is filled with things named like that, only with different lengths aaaa, aaaaa, aaaaaa…. I am only this messy with naming images I don’t plan to store for later though (*excuse much*).

      • Refugnic Reply

        And how exactly do you tell them apart then? (Not that my desktop is any less crowded, mind you :D).

        Haha, yeah, I see. I just noticed it and decided to call you out on it. I mean it could’ve well been a ‘Aaah, another one! How do I get this guy to stop without being rude?!’ after all. 😀

        • NotImportant Reply

          Always thinking the most bitter things possible… 😀
          How can I tell them apart? Images have thumbnails, names are redundant~

          • Refugnic

            Eh, the last part of the sentence is interchangeable.

            Another example could be: ‘Aaah, another one! Where to put it, where to put it, oh my God, I feel so special that I get showered with attention since my webcomic picked up, so many people and then this guy and the picture and…’

            I could go on with the sugar rush sentence for a while, but as I said…completely interchangeable. 😉

            Well, I do agree with you in the context of icons and images, however when you have text files (like I tend to do), names become a little bit more important. (Hmm…which one contained the instructions to…no, not this one…maybe that one…no…ah, ‘ReadMe’ sounds good…no, that was for another problem…) 😀

            Okay, it’s not that extreme, but imagining it is good fun. 🙂

            Getting back to the ‘most bitter things possible’…believe me, I can go darker. For I have killed characters. Good characters who did nothing to deserve this death other than being expendable. I have peered into the abyss…and sure am happy that most of my stories don’t require me to deal with that. 😀

  3. drakwithout Reply

    acrostic haiku

    All the more glory
    Do we find in her loveliness.
    All weep in wonder

  4. Refugnic Reply

    I think you may want to slowly start reorganizing the fanart section. It’s getting full in here and kinda hard to keep track of how many fanarts you got by now…how many is it anyway? 16? Not much longer until you’ll have to admit that it ‘picked up’, especially since you got like 4-5 the last few days. 😀

    In my opinion, you should arrange all the drawings by equally sized thumbnail in a table manner.
    As for literature…while the preview is really nice, it takes up a lot of space.

    I think a thumbnail arranged similarly with the title and the creator located beneath the thumbnail would do fine.
    And when you mouse over it, it could open a popover, which gives the preview.

    Do you know what I mean?
    Mind you, these are just suggestions. 😉

    • NotImportant Reply

      Yeah, I’ll think about it, thanks! Something will have to be done for sure haha

  5. Refugnic Reply

    I see that you reorganized the fanart section, at least in terms of literature. A shame that you decided to put away with the lovely little thumbnails, I really liked those, especially since you had a knack for portraying the content of the story quite perfectly in their own way. But it’s your decision of course.

    What’s more, I noticed that my latest story and the poems didn’t get a ‘comment section’ of their own. Was that on purpose or a just a little accident?
    Because, quite frankly, I did like the latest poem and would’ve like to tell Dakoit what I thought about it, but found myself unable to.

    And finally, will I also get a main screen announcement the next time I write a fanfic? 😉

    • NotImportant Reply

      Thumbnails – took too much space, so I followed your previous advice and removed them.
      Comment section – it’s not default from latest WordPress version so I tend to forget about adding it, thanks for pointing it out.
      And I am testing various announcement types but this one seems quite prominent so I’ll probably stick to it for a while. If you send me something you can count on it haha.

      • Refugnic Reply

        Actually you misunderstood me. What I imagined was:

        Thumbnail (30×30 or something)
        Title (i.E. Faust)
        by (i.E. Refugnic)

        The whole thing would be a hyperlink to the corresponding fanfic.
        What I meant by ‘preview’, was the first lines of text. You see, by aligning it in a table manner, you could fit about 5 fanfics in the space where you’re currently putting one.

        See, I imagined it to look somewhat like this:

        Thumbnail Thumbnail Thumbnail Thumbnail
        Title Title Title Title
        by by by by

        Thumbnail Thumbnail Thumbnail Thumbnail
        Title Title Title Title
        by by by by

        This way, the list becomes a whole lot shorter and by choosing a suitable font size, they should fit under each other without any problem.

        I hope I was more clear this time. 😀

        What I also think is, that you should crop the images in a similar manner, so each picture has the same preview size. That way, you can fit all of them on the page without a problem and they don’t bludgeon you to death the instant you come here. 😉

        Either way, it of course is your decision alone.

        I also noticed that you included my name into the announcement.
        Thanks a bunch, much appreciated, though I doubt it’s going to get any more clicks either way.
        But then again, comments show that the stories do get read occasionally, so I might as well be wrong. 🙂

        Well, with NaNoWriMo, family and finally work up my back, I’m a little short on time (yet I still drop in here every now and then…what does that tell you about me, I wonder. :D), but if you give me something…shall we say interesting, I may add to your growing library before long 🙂

        Oh and sorry for the long post. 🙂

        • Refugnic Reply

          *Sigh*…stupid thing killed my formatting. What was I supposed to do, use   or something? (Sorry if this one turns out kinda inelligible. I was going for the HTML code for a protected space)

        • NotImportant Reply

          Ahhh, that’s what you meant… Well it will probably get reorganized plenty of times, because I still don’t like how it looks. And your name was added to the announcement because I realized that ‘A sunny Sunday’ was never added to the fanfic section. And you even reminded me in one email and I forgot about it again and argh… ‎(ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻ But it’s there now. I’m sorry it took so long.

          • Refugnic

            I’m sure you’ll get there in due time. You’ve got my input, what you make of it is up to you. 🙂

            Ahaha, yeah, I remember that. Well, you didn’t add it to the fanart section, so I figured it was ‘too far out’ for your taste. Plus, it was linked in the comment section to the corresponding picture already.
            Thanks for remembering after all though. 🙂
            I really appreciate it.

            I do wonder if people will actually take notice of it though and whether they’ll like it.
            But then again, it was fun to write and that’s a reward in and by itself. 🙂

    • Refugnic Reply

      I’m sure NI will be able to do something about that. That said, we’ll get to see the real thing in about one or two weeks, so you’ve already got something to look forward to. (The picture had to come from somewhere after all, I highly doubt that NI created the thumbnail specifically for your poem…but then again, I have been wrong before. :P)

        • Refugnic Reply

          Seeing how people got all riled up about this weeks page, they’ll probably flip when they see that page…though I dread the day, when reality catches up to the moment. You know, demons, end of the world and all that stuff.

          I’m really curious what else you’ve got in store for us. 🙂

          • NotImportant

            This is nothing, believe me! I can’t wait to start drawing last scenes from this chapter~!

          • Refugnic

            Right, keep watering my mouth. Doesn’t change the fact that it’ll be months before we get there though, or am I mistaken and the ‘last page of the chapter’ is actually around the corner? 😉

            Honestly, you should get yourself a partner to help you with more frequent updates. 😀
            But then again, the comic just wouldn’t be quite the same any more, would it?

          • NotImportant

            Hmmm maybe not around the corner but seems close since I’ve got whole chapter planned. But who knows what I will change in the meantime haha~
            And I do have someone to help me out with server and advertisement but I can’t imagine drawing it with someone else. So unless I ditch my job making more than one page per week it’s pretty much impossible. I do have motivation to do more, but I don’t have enough time.

          • Refugnic

            Pah, plans are nothing…but planning is everything.
            Or, to quote one of my favorites: If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans. 😉

            I wish I could help more, but as we already established, I can’t draw worth Jack and the story is already written, so there really isn’t much else to do, other than keep the conversations and discussions running. Oh and of course the Fanfics coming. ;P

            Heh…time…the day would need to have 48 hours every now and then, wouldn’t it? 🙂

    • NotImportant Reply

      You can! Send it to ni.replaycomic[at] and I’ll add it!

  6. K.W. Reply

    When I saw my drawing up there I was jumping with joy and hit my hip on the table. Hurts but, WORTH IT!

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