Her sword

Finally! 😉 Many of you have been waiting for this haha

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So! I’ve finished reading Foundryside and recommended it to my fiance but he’s deeply dissatisfied with the world-building hahahaha The book is still fun to read, though! There’s a lot of action and the ideas are pretty unique. If you like steampunk-like settings definitely check it out. Some world-building glitches might grit between your teeth but it’s worth it to ignore those and just enjoy the ride. As for me, I started Hall of Smoke today (it’s a debut) and it seems it doesn’t have many ratings on Goodreads but I’m pretty happy with it so far.

What else… we had a 4-days long weekend and I spent it working on The Cleansed Ones (my fantasy novel) to try and cut some words. I’m in 2/3 of the book and I went down from 132k to 128k. I won’t be able to cut it to 120k, there’s no way, but maybe 127k will look appealing enough to the literary agents. At least I tried. Will continue trying next week, most likely.

So yeah, I’m tired. And a little irritated because it’s too hot and I’m (unfortunately!) smart enough to know that setting up an inflatable swimming pool on my balcony is definitely not a good idea. I keep thinking about it, though. I also keep thinking about the stupid permanent residence visa that requires me to bully someone into giving me their 3-years’ worth of tax records. Seriously? Normally people don’t even want to say how much they earn, and I need my guarantor to give me their tax records?… Thank you, Japan, for helping me understand what true friendship is like :))))

Anyway, don’t mind me and enjoy the comic!

14 comments on “Her sword”

  1. Doom Reply

    Truly, none of us people that want to be Ada’s girlfriend or boyfriend ever had a chance, because her true soulmate is Sword.

      • JW Reply

        Well, she could regain her magic by doing a purification ritual. (Like Filip is trying to do.)
        Though having a boy- or girlfriend doesn’t necessarily imply having sex. Or vice versa, for that matter.

    • Doom Reply

      Agreed, it’s an excellent panel. I especially love the cute little hearts above Ada’s head and her posture of excitement. Loot the shiny!

  2. forlornfoe Reply

    I admit, Ada has good taste and hopefully she settles for that longsword instead of an actual twohander.

    A pet peeve, but: A well-made longsword is both lighter (weighs about 1,5 – 2 kg) and nimbler to use than a katana, while having a longer blade. European sword blades have quite a bit of distal taper (= blade is thicker at the base and thins towards the tip) and made of spring steel. This tapering has its drawback in making cutting more skill-related, since even slightly incorrect alignment causes the relatively thin spring steel blade to wobble from impact and barely cut anything cleanly. A katana’s blade is thicker and hardened steel so even a rather poorly aligned cut will force its way through without wobbling, but the heftier blade makes handling it slightly more cumbersome.

      • forlornfoe Reply

        That linked site looks interesting, thanks for sharing. I admit I know much less about katanas than European swords and that listed weight of 0,9 kg sounded insane until I saw that particular sword’s blade length – 71 cm. That is in same size and weight category as European one-handed swords while a longsword goes to about 90 – 110 cm blade length, and katanas are usually handled two-handed as well.

        I was wrong in thinking longswords are lighter than katanas. They simply feel that way due to more of that weight being way closer to hand. I am just a sword enthusiast and learned more from that linked site, appreciated.

  3. Refugnic Reply

    Well, that’s one big blade she’s got her eyes set on.
    Hopefully she’s not biting off more than she can chew with her pick.
    But then again, she’s this worlds Flash Gordon – Queen of the impossible. (I only know the song from Queen, not the actual series/movie). 🙂

    This is it, the blade I want,
    oh can you see me, stand and taunt?
    And then chop off their limbs and heads!
    With magic runes, I’ll win all bets!

    Don’t be silly and look at the size,
    too tall for you, don’t fantasize.
    I doubt you could lift it, try as you might,
    would cost you your life in a desperate fight.

    So what’s this you say, that I am too small?!
    I will show you yet, that I am not just some doll!
    I’ll brandish this blade and wield it in battle!
    and be to the demons, like the slaughter to cattle!

    I know what is up, you’re just being sour!
    Because with this blade, I’ll hold much more power.
    Than you with your feeble and brittle Katana.
    With slicing and dicing, still can’t reach Nirvana!

    ‘Nirvana’ you say, and mean paradise?
    That’s not where we go, meeting our demise.
    Now listen to me, I’m not really jealous.
    But death comes to those, who are overzealous.

    This blade is too large and too heavy for you,
    not calling you short, this folly is through.
    But please take my words and listen to me,
    this blade makes you slow, where speed is the key.

    Oh don’t you be a worrywart and open up this box!
    I’m sure I’ll figure something out, for I am still a fox.
    And once you do, please do be quiet.
    Wouldn’t be wise, to start a riot.

  4. Thisguy Reply

    Ah, finally. The bastard sword mentioned on the cats page.
    Smol girl, big sword, always a good combo.

  5. mike Reply

    i hope she can lug around a claymore. i got to see one in england and they were big

    • JW Reply

      It’s actually a bastard sword, so fortunately it’s a bit more manageable than a claymore.

  6. Steeeve Reply

    You have to be buff to throw one around unless she knows a spell to lighten it or buff her own strength. If I were him, I’d have her immediately swing it around for a while. Big claymores sound great until that first few miles of lugging it around and a half a minute into a fight when your arms turn to noodles and it turns out to be too slow to hit faster demons.

    • Steeeve Reply

      Doh, spoke before reading comments saying that’s a smaller sword. Looked up claymore, they are wider and even longer. :/
      I’d still have her swing it around a bit before getting in a fight.

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