And that’s it for chapter IV! And like I said, there will be a hiatus for a longer while. I didn’t draw anything in the last two weeks due to some other things and I also have a friend from Poland visiting in August/September and I don’t think I’ll be drawing the comic then. To be honest, I’m not sure if I want to continue to draw at all. It’s been 10 years. Can you imagine? I think it might be the time for me to move on, although I don’t want to close these doors just yet.

Anyhow, I hope you guys enjoyed the chapter! Might be a good moment to re-read it 😉

See you around!

6 comments on “Ungrateful”

  1. Alex Reply

    10 years is quite a long time indeed and you draw really well! Of course you gotta do you, but if you decide to stop, will there be some form of reveal regarding all the unanswered questions?
    – Why is the comic named Replay? I know the working theory, i.e. a time-loop, but nothing has been confirmed so far.
    – What are Ada’s actual feelings towards Rob and towards relationships in general?
    – What does Adam even want? IIRC destroying the world is just the price he paid.
    – Why is Adam’s name similar to Ada?
    – And of course: How does the story end?

  2. Sabreur Reply

    I’ve enjoyed the comic so far, but I understand if you’re ready to move on. I would appreciate some kind of final Q&A if that’s the case, though!

  3. Refugnic Reply

    Unfortunately, I don’t believe,
    that this is truly real.
    No sense it makes, feel like a thief,
    or like a faustian deal.

    You worked quite hard, much more than I—
    But there’s no sense in that!
    The ritual, that I’ve lived by—
    You really are a brat!

    So it wasn’t ‘thirty days’!
    Be happy that it worked!
    No more ifs, and no more mays!
    Now get your ears all perked!

    That ‘faustian deal’, it is with me.
    With me, and noone else!
    Not drifter, Faust, you are still free.
    It’s I, who will face hells.

    The apparition that you saw,
    a drifter, like my own.
    But they would better fear my claw,
    as witch, I am well grown.

    We’ll take down Adam, fix this mess.
    And then we’ll fix Sofia.
    Fix this world, won’t stop for less.
    But how? Have an idea?

    We’ll cross that bridge, when we get there.
    We go, we fight, we’ll win!
    He’ll rue the day, he tried to scare,
    I’ll kick him in the shin!

    I’d like to have your confidence,
    what even can we do?
    In ruin lie the cities, lands,
    and left are only few.

    So we’ll rebuilt, just have some faith.
    For faith is what we need.
    And then we’ll deal, obnoxious wraith,
    now follow witchcraft’s creed!

  4. Thisguy Reply

    As someone who has seen many, many webcomics just… vanish, all I can say is, if you do decide to end it, please let us know, don’t just ghost us.
    Much as I love this comic and want to see it continue (so many unanswered questions!), I can understand that sometimes you’ve had enough and need to move on. Especially if it’s become more of a burden and you don’t find joy in it.

    Before you do that, I would suggest one thing on your hiatus.
    Draw something you want to. Sketch even. No goal in mind, not for anyone, for you. Draw something you enjoy.
    If you can’t find joy in that, then maybe it is time to move on.
    Though you will be missed.

    • Alex Reply

      Oooooh, dang, the comic started in September 10 years ago, if the top comment is any indicator, so that would indeed kinda hurt. Though it’s 10 years plus all hiatus times, so we’re not literally a mere two months away.

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