The vengeful

I love writing Filip’s dialogues. My delightful agent of chaos.

Final page of chapter IV:

So. I didn’t draw anything last week. Didn’t write much either. The work was too demanding and I felt like I’d be sick any moment now so I let myself just be a book-reading vegetable outside of work. At least I didn’t get super sick. But there is no page. And I think I’m going to put this thing on hiatus after this chapter is done, because I’m stressed about work and because in August a friend from Poland will be staying over for a whole month. I don’t feel like drawing when I haven’t seen her for years at this point.

And hey, I just realized that I’ve been drawing this for more than 10 years! Some break is in order I guess.

I finished reading People of the City (which was a great finale to the 4 trilogies) but didn’t know what to pick up next so I bought the extra side-story from the same universe: An Unintended Voyage. For those who are interested in the Maradaine world, the whole sequence is here: Maradaine Sequence (15 books). Other than that… my work is stressing me out a bit, lots of things are changing, but that will pass soon. I started watching a video course on painting fantasy illustrations and loving it so far. I’m very excited. Maybe I could paint some nice illustrations for my books at some point. 

4 comments on “The vengeful”

  1. Sabreur Reply

    Huh, that is a neat way to resolve the problem. Sure, it has the potential to cause a lot MORE problems, but not bad for a spur-of-the-moment solution.

    • HKMaly Reply

      He’s right, he CAN be useful weapon and they are not in position to throw away resources. He will be especially useful considering she needs to leave the relative safety of camp.

      Sure, maybe it will cause more problems … but maybe the people who will get those problems will deserve it.

      I wonder if he shouldn’t make him her SLAVE instead of servant, but the wording probably doesn’t matter much.

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