What if your boss could destroy the world…

…and went with the idea?


As civilization collapses under endless waves of monsters, a group of survivors desperately tries to find the means to fight back. Or at least die a little later.

Neither Ada nor Robert are willing to lay down and wait quietly for the end. As they figure out the long forgotten rules of magic, find ways to ensure survival, build new friendships and deal with the demons, our heroes throw bad puns, make anime references and fall in love with the wrong people.

Replay is a fun urban fantasy story with many secondary flavors. Despite the grim setting the story is meant to be a mix of lighthearted tone and serious storytelling. There’s occasional colorful gore, dead bodies and some language, so it might not be suitable for young or sensitive readers.

If you feel like watching people struggle while they plot revenge on the guy who destroyed the world on a whim, you’re in the right place! Not convinced? Check out the gallery or get familiar with the cast!

About the author

I go by NotImportant in the net. You might have stumbled upon my works, although they are a bit different from what you can see here… ಠ_ಠ I’m a programmer for Amazon’s Kindle Manga / Comixology during the day, but when not working I tend to travel, draw and write stories that end up catching dust in the drawer (just like Replay did, for a couple of years). I currently live in Tokyo, Japan.

If you need to contact me you can post a comment (I read them all) or drop me an email: ni.replaycomic [at] gmail.com




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