Some people complained about the previous page since it wasn’t clear why Robert would be running back to the tent. Not sure if this page makes it clearer… Let me know!
Also, you might notice that the quality here is kind of wonky. I drew this page when I was in Okinawa, so you can see how big of a difference a hurting shoulder and poor-quality screen make lol

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No groundbreaking news this week. Life is slowly getting better after launch, although work is still stressful. I’ve just returned from the Tokyo writing workshop today (I’ve been trying to attend regularly since there are published writers there and I can get FEEDBACK) and got some serious encouragement so I’m in high spirits. High enough to maybe work on some writing even though it’s Sunday evening and my uterus is killing me (TMI? probably TMI). I got a couple rejections for The Mind Drummer but I’m still hopeful. You only need a single agent to love your book, right? So I’m still slowly querying and also fixing the next novel.

I started a new illustration, inspired by the cherry blossoms, but it’s going slow haha I hope I’d be done this week but it didn’t work out. Well, maybe next week then. Look forward to it! It’s with Sofia!

8 comments on “Grounded”

  1. Sabreur Reply

    Ada is definitely the kind of person who HATES being told what to do. Even when she absolutely knows the other person is right.

  2. Doom Reply

    Do I love the Ada faces on this page due to quality, or simply because they’re Ada? So difficult to tell.

  3. Crestlinger Reply

    You’re the resident doctor and an independent witness, also backup in case she gets hitty. Julia is there as a magic backup and also as a witness and anti hitty support.

  4. Alex Reply

    I hadn’t realized it was unclear why Rob would get some help. Isn’t he a doctor or something?
    I was only confused about Ada’s magic capacity.

  5. Matheus Reply

    Doctor: Sees a girl stained in blood and a big puddle of blood everywhere over the place.
    Also Doctor: So, why am I here?

  6. Refugnic Reply

    What’s the deal with all this blood?!
    Are you intent on dying?!
    My worried anger’s like a flood,
    I’m done with all the crying!

    Relax, my boy, I’ll be just fine,
    some sleep and I’ll be good.
    You see, tonight’s my time to shine,
    now leave me, if you would?

    ‘Just fine’, my ass, you don’t fool me,
    you don’t look fine at all!
    It’s from magic, it’s the fee,
    of running with the ball.

    That’s it, stop, I’ve had enough,
    you’re grounded from all spells.
    I’ll keep the watch, so don’t play rough,
    or I’ll rain down on you all hells!

    You can’t just ground me, I’m grown up!
    And it’s my call to make!
    Do not treat me like a pup,
    or some other fake!

    I can and will, so now you’ll rest,
    won’t let you die on me!
    Can’t you see this’ for the best?!
    How stubborn you can be!

    In the meantime, standing by,
    the doctor feels unneeded.
    He didn’t rush to see sparks fly,
    whilst their fight grows more heated.

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