Only a dream

UPDATE: This page has been redrawn in 2018! Here’s the old version: old version.


Time to wake up, Robert~! You silly sleepy head, you are hundreds of years too early to kill Faust…

It might be a little disappointing but if you bear with me for a page or two more there will be some real action! And for those who haven’t notice yet – there is a new button in the menu: “vote!”. It will take you to topwebcomics voting page where you can waste 2 seconds of your time and show your support! Thanks in advance! You will get a picture of Ada in her office attire in return. If you don’t feel like voting you can still see the picture here: Replay Comic fanpage.

11 comments on “Only a dream”

    • NotImportant Reply

      I’m positive that she is way cuter than Robert lol. It’s wolf and spice, right? I need to read this one sometime…

      • xthorgoldx Reply

        Spice and Wolf, close enough. It’s one of the few LN series with a full official translation (well, 13/17 so far, but with a regular release schedule).

        There’ll be a season 3. Eventually ;_;

        • NotImportant Reply

          Sorry for messing up the name xD And such dedication… If it’s that good I really need to start reading + watching it.

  1. Fal Reply

    Hm… This feels a lot like this actually -is- Faust’s reward. A different world or past; hard to say as we don’t know much yet.

  2. antrik Reply

    Did goat lady turn into a sheep lady? Or what is that supposed to be?…

    I want cute goat lady back! 😉

  3. Refugnic Reply

    Words from the future to the past,
    let’s see how long this world will last.
    Woke from dreams of nasty violence,
    to survivor’s dreary silence.

    Found some people in the woods,
    more mouths to feed, to share the goods,
    you slept through rescue, missed it all,
    the vision called and made you fall.

    The timing’s bad, but it gets worse,
    they are a blessing and a curse.
    You miss the things that are most vital,
    from past forgotten, a recital.

    They may yet live, but died inside,
    no way to run, can’t fight, just hide.
    They don’t believe in their salvation,
    can only see, hurt and frustration

    But tell me Rob, how did you know,
    what happened during visions flow?
    The time moved on while you were sleeping,
    yet you know, say, were you peeping?

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