And that’s that for this scene. I promise we’ll see those knives again~

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This weekend flew by too fast!!! I ended up not drawing at all, so my illustration with Sofia is still not done :C You can see a WIP if you’re Replay’s patron HERE.

It’s stressful here due to the layoffs and uncertain situation in Japan. It’s actually pretty hard to fire people here, but the companies are still trying, and that makes all the layoffs last way longer and be extra stressful. I’m doing okay and I don’t think I’ll be affected anytime soon, but my fiance’s company is doing all those reorgs and whatnot and so the mood is heavy at home. We wanted to buy an apartment… I guess that’s not happening anytime soon.

What else. I started listening to Sanderson’s 2nd secret project – The Frugal Wizard’s Handbook for Surviving Medieval England but I don’t know what to think yet. It gives me siliar vibes as Loki’s TV series… It’s on the whimsical side so far, and I’m not crazy about Sanderson’s sense of humor, but hopefully it’ll be interesting too. I’m also almost done with The Art of Prophecy. Lots of interesting ideas in this one, although the development of the main story is very slow. Not sure how many volumes are planned. It seems like there will either be 10 or there will never be a plot. Also, this book is thick.

Well, I’ll run to try to work on my book some more. I’m in 60% of the revision. Oh and next week I’ll start another 10-weeks of writing workshop! Very excited. I hope I’ll learn a lot. Having something to focus on after work, a goal of sorts, really helps will all this layoffs-induced-stress. I really recommend starting a home improvement project or finding a hobby if you’re similarly affected…

See you guys next week!

5 comments on “Theft”

  1. HKMaly Reply

    Sure we will see those knives again. The question is if we are going to see them often enough they will be added to the cast list as recurring characters.

  2. Crestlinger Reply

    Other than Julia he’s probably the Best person to end up with them. Sun pendant notwithstanding, he’s Skeptical.

    • Just_IDD Reply

      Stefen got an interesting twinge of danger from these and now he swiping the swords that Ada specifically noticed as well…hmmm.

  3. alex Reply

    Now I’m imagining the spirit guy Sofia saw doing the same thing to Stefen and then some more. 🙂 Stefen better be careful or he’ll lose his magical powers until he does some purification.

  4. Refugnic Reply

    These knives hold danger, I can feel,
    it’s better if they’re gone.
    But this here feeling, can’t reveal,
    until I know this spawn.

    ‘Stefen,’ Ada then calls out,
    ‘I’m caught!’ his face flushed red.
    ‘Hm’, he asks, what’s this about?
    I hope it’s nothing bad.

    ‘We need to talk,’ she then tells him,
    ‘About the kids in camp.’
    A glint, a shine, a hidden whim,
    a light without a lamp.

    Sure, I guess, what’s this about?
    What’s wrong, give me the gist.
    And on her face, a hint of doubt…
    those daggers will be missed.

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