Red desert

UPDATE: This page has been redrawn in 2018! This is the old version.

To tell you the truth I’ve never thought I will dare to draw a comic. I treat this as a little experiment… Still unsure if I can handle that type of drawings, designing pages, telling the story through pictures and dialogue only. But I think it looks acceptable and I plan to continue drawing. I hope you will come to like it!

Enjoy!   ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ


29 comments on “Red desert”

  1. Commenter Reply

    Just thought i would say that it looks good so far. Will be interested to see how your story develops.

      • bitflipper Camp dweller Reply

        Speaking from a couple years in the future, NI, you don’t disappoint at all! Your artwork gets even better (you are truly a matter of portraying light and shadow!), and the story is amazing; I await weekly updates of Replay with delicious anticipation, every week.

        New readers: you have stumbled onto a treasure; enjoy your journey!

        • NotImportant Reply

          Awww thank you…! \(-ㅂ-)/ ♥ ♥ ♥ I’m very happy to hear that ♥ May it all not go down to hell when I get a new job hahah xD

  2. Thorbjorn Reply

    I must say this is the best first page i have seen in a comic, a foxlady kicking a laughing man in the middle of nowhere this can only be good.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Welcome! I’ll be very happy to hear your opinion after you are done reading (be it on the last page or somewhere in the middle). Thanks and have fun~!

  3. realsmart987 Reply

    She looks a little bit like Holo from “Spice and Wolf” but with freckles and clothes that show more skin. I like it.

    • NotImportant Reply

      I started drawing this before I knew about “Spice and Wolf” but things like that happen I guess. Glad you like her!

  4. Adriano Reply

    Gonna re-read this bcs you’re worth it, NI. And I wanna see the changes you made.
    Ada is the nut cracker!

  5. JW Reply

    The redrawn page looks awesome. It’d be nice to have a link to the old one just for comparison; now I can only compare it to the next one.

    • JW Reply

      Oh wait, there is a link to the old one. I’m just not very good at reading, apparently. Doh.

  6. Sir Bismarck Reply

    having compared the old page to the new one, I thought this was going on in a desert not in a field! apart from the small changes in poses like how Ada is not touching her hair it’s an amazing recreation of the old page! the only thing I have an issue with is the rope they use to tie his hands has gone from believable to some small tiny string

    I’m super happy with the redraw! so well done! I can’t wait to see the next 40 pages in chapter one hitting such a high standard as the one you’ve set from the first page

    • NotImportant Reply

      The string is going to be replaced with shackles! I wanted to use zip tie because it’s kind of handy but it’s too thin…

    • antrik Reply

      It looks like a shoestring — which I actually find very believable: it’s something they might have handy; and a typical shoestring is plenty tough to tie someone up…

      Only thing that looks wrong is that they left too much slack… He could likely just slip out of it.

  7. Doom Reply

    New version of this page is very pretty! Especially Ada. I see our beautiful fox is wearing a different outfit now, and it looks great on her!

  8. ReborKnight Reply

    I noticed that Ada’s new outfit is the same one from the other vision. I like the consistency. I went through and compared the new ones to the old, and I have to say that all the changes are spectacular. The dialog has to my favorite improvement by through. It just make everything feel more real.

    If I continue I’m likely to praise your work all night. Keep it up.

  9. antrik Reply

    Despite the enormous changes, there are still striking similarities to the original page… Did you actually redraw everything from scratch, or did you use the original as a starting point?…

    • NotImportant Reply

      Yeah, I wanted to leave the panels as they were and just updated the artwork~

  10. Refugnic Reply

    The golden light of setting sun,
    a world, that’s dead and weary.
    All the people, long since gone,
    just one man is quite cheery.

    Laugh, oh laugh, until you die,
    your reckoning is near.
    Your laughter is your battle cry,
    to mask over your fear.

    What is it, that you bargained for,
    what did you hope to gain?
    Now that you’re tied to desert floor,
    has it all just been in vain?

    ‘What’s so funny?!’, Ada asks,
    and kicks you while you’re down.
    Have you finished all your tasks?
    Turn laughter into frown.

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