Ada in human form created by Melek Coskun. Thank you!

Ada in human form created by Melek Coskun. Thank you!

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  1. Refugnic Reply

    Hmm…I do wonder whom she will have that picnic with. Chances are that I already know, but there’s always a story to be told behind any picture.

    For example the simple fact that she’s human in this picture implies that the magic, which caused demihumans to appear in the world has faded, which leaves two options.
    1.: This is before the story and when the demon appeared, magic surged through the world, causing people to transform, also altering their memories so people would remember their lives as if being a demihuman was the most normal thing in the world. But I don’t think that’s likely.
    2.: This is after the story and after the grand demon was defeated, there was a magic peak, which caused the transformation into a human form. That one’s more likely.

    And I’m sorry, but a writer’s mind is always trying to look behind the obvious and see the story hidden within. 😉
    Thanks for sharing this picture with us. 🙂

  2. Dreamer343 Reply

    Well.. first i want to thank you too ,for posting my fanart 🙂
    It means very much to me that my work is appreciated.
    2. Regards your question Refugnic: I had in mind that she had a date
    and well i was looking for something to draw then and i just had discovered that awesome webcomic , which inspired me.

    • Refugnic Reply

      As you can see from my fanarts, NI is very generous with fan appreciation and I’m sure she will be thrilled to receive more over time. 😉

      Yeah, I kinda figured that, however the question still remains whom she has that date with.
      I assume you had someone in mind for that? Don’t worry, I won’t think any less of you no matter who it is. 🙂

      Regarding the fact that she’s not a Foxgirl on the picture, which of my theories would you say applies to your picture? Or does none of these theories meet your fancy?
      I’m not talking about canon, I’m talking specifically about your picture and the story you had in your head when you drew it. (I know, I’m terrible :P)

    • Refugnic Reply

      *Ahem*…remember how I told you that a writer’s mind is always trying to look behind the obvious and see the story hidden within?
      Well, I took a look…and this appeared from the depths of the picture.

      I hope you’ll enjoy it. 🙂

  3. Dreamer 343 Reply

    well.. I hope I won`t disappoint you but the thing is that I just turned 13 so…yeah my idea was a lot simplier xD I just love to ship and yeah I had in mind that she had a date with Faust 😀

    • Refugnic Reply

      Well…crud. If I would’ve had that info a few hours earlier, the little story I cooked up for your picture would’ve played out quite a bit differently. Did you see it yet?
      I hope you aren’t disappointed in the little gift I made for you now.

      NI keeps telling me to be patient and wait, but the thing is: I hate waiting. 😀

      Besides, don’t worry about disappointing me. I was curious, asked and you answered me. There’s no disappointment to be had there, because I went into this question without expecting much. Not because I didn’t think you capable of having a story in mind, however, from experience, I know that most people who draw don’t think too much about the background.

      But that’s exactly the reason why I have so much fun with stories based on pictures…it opens a gate into a world the original artist never even thought possible. 😀

      Well, wrong partner, but she’s still getting her date. I really hope you like the little fiction I came up with. Thanks for responding. 🙂

    • NotImportant Reply

      Date with Faust! I love that ♥
      We do need some Ada x Adam (aka Faust) shippers here~

      • Refugnic Reply

        I do think there are a few actually, though they haven’t spoken out loud as of yet. I myself am not ruling out the pairing, although I’m not actively supporting it either…in fact I’m not much of a frenetic shipper myself, meaning I can see most any pairing happening under the correct circumstances and am okay with that (which is in strong contrast to actual shippers, for whom there only OTP or something :P).

        Let’s see, Ada pairings I can see at the moment and what’s needed:
        Ada x Robert – Not much. These two are childhood friends and there’s a lingering mutual interest. Obstacle: The ‘Touched a thousand times’ phenomenon.
        Ada x Adam – This one’s more tricky, seeing how Faust plunged the world into chaos and destruction and all that. In a different world however he might be a really charming and nice guy with a touch on the evil side (and Ada has a soft spot for evil :P)
        Ada x Sofia – Ada’s the strong and dominant type, whereas Sofia appears to be the more subservient type. A master and servant relationship is therefor possible.
        Ada x Kasper – This one’s a bit difficult. Kasper is completely preoccupied with his work and the worry about his sister. To make this pairing happen, Ada would need to be some sort of stress relief, which I don’t really see her as.
        Ada x Laura – This one is simpler than Ada x Kasper actually. Laura and Ada are both adventurous and Laura would go there just to tick her brother off.
        Ada x Filip – I don’t see a very strong connection with these two, more along the ‘fling on the side’ type…friends with benefits so to speak.
        Ada x Nina – Same as with Filip. An experiment maybe. Though Nina would probably faint from the prospect 😀
        Ada x Stefen – Yeah…well…I think I already mentioned Ada’s soft spot for evil, didn’t I? Though I would think that Stefen is a bit old for her.

        Did I forget someone?

        As I said, I don’t actively support any of these, however I think, at least in Fanfiction, I could make any of them work. Some more, some less. 😛

        • NotImportant Reply

          That’s some extensive analysis haha. But I think it would be more likely that Nina fainted on the prospect of Ada x Filip happening 😛

          • Refugnic

            Can’t help it, my mind just won’t running and sometimes it makes leaps that just aren’t funny any more. I could derive a likely thesis from your sentence too which would confirm one of my suspicions, however I think I’ll hold back on that until I have more information.

            Besides, nobody said that Nina had to know…well, fat chance that she wouldn’t figure it out very soon though, you know, being cooped up in a small area and most likely also traveling together at a later date (the camp’s pretty much busted, meaning they can’t very well stay there).

            Ah yeah, do you think Melek even noticed the fanfic I wrote for their picture? (I have to admit that I’m not entirely sure regarding the gender of the name ‘Melek’. For me it sounds male but I really have no idea :D)

            I’m not expecting a shower of praise (you’re showering me more than enough as it is ;)) but a little ‘ACK’ would be nice. 🙂

          • NotImportant

            I have no idea, neither about the gender nor about the fanfic, sorry!

          • Refugnic

            And apparently my mind will not just ‘not stop running’ but also seems to insist on skipping words I meant to write…oh dear, so embarrassing.

  4. Dreamer343 Reply

    Well first my name is a girl`s name and means angel sooo yeah im a girl.Anyway no ,I havent still read those ffs yet .Right now i am reading that awesome gift of yours

    • Refugnic Reply

      Ah, I see. Thanks for the explanation.

      Oh, you’ve got no obligation whatsoever to read any of them, I was just worried/wondering whether you had noticed that I had written a little story for you.
      I hope you’ll like it though, of course. 🙂

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