Shared living – fanfiction by Refugnic

“I’m gonna show him. I’m going to show them all. What is he even thinking, dragging that…that…woman into the camp!” Sofia mumbled as she marched into her tent.

She walked straight over to the cabinet, which was filled with all sorts of clothes for every kind of occasion, ranging from classy up to straight out lewd, apparently taken from a store for ‘special and private occasions’.

When the scavenging crews brought them back, nobody had wanted them, but Sofia thought that just discarding them would have been a waste, so she took them in, even if only as a source of material for repairs to her actual clothes.

She stripped down to her underwear and browsed through the surprisingly vast collection of clothes, looking for something fitting to wear.

“Just you wait…I’m going to put on something that’ll make you drop to your knees. No more little Miss Timid, I’m through with waiting while you flirt with everybody but me!” she kept mumbling, while browsing through the end of the closet with the more lewd stuff.

However just before she decided on an outfit, an idea struck her mind.
She had tried to dress sexy around him for quite a while now, but he never took the bait.
Maybe it’s just not what he is looking for in a woman?
Maybe he was more into tomboys?
Ada at least sure acted the part and it seemed to be working for her.

Sofia put the current outfit back into the closet and wandered over to the other end, where she had stashed the more plain outfits.

She was so absorbed in her search, that she did not even hear the voices of her tent buddies, as they approached.

“…but I’m telling you, this is going to be sooo awesome!”
“And I keep telling you, that it’s a terrible idea! Besides, we cannot waste our resources on your little cooking experiments.”
“That was one time! One time. And you’re being mean!”
“I’m your brother, your guardian and the defacto boss of this camp, it’s my job to be mean to you…and anyone else trying to waste our resources.”

Kasper opened the cloth door to the tent and stopped dead in his tracks, as his eyes naturally fell on the almost naked Sofia, who was just bending over to look through a box of shoes, her tail wagging furiously.

Three seconds and a stomp on his foot by his little sister later, Kasper finally snapped out of it and asked after clearing his throat, “Can…we help you, Sofia?”

Sofia startled at the mention of her name and hurled around towards the door, where Kasper and Laura were still standing.
While Kasper was actively trying to look away, a big grin was plastered all over Laura’s face at her brother’s reaction.

It took her about 5 seconds to realize that she was still all but naked, but when she finally did, her entire face flushed red, and she rushed behind the curtain of clothes.

“W-w-what are you guys doing here?!”, she stuttered, while trying to cover herself up with a cordon of clothes.
“Well excuse me, but this is our tent too, remember? And you didn’t put up the DND sign either,” Kasper said before leaning down to Laura to ask, “She didn’t right?”
“Yup. No sign on the door. This one’s on her.”

Laura leisurely walked over to where Sofia was hiding and looked at the pile of clothes, quickly piecing together what Sofia was trying to achieve here.

She then glared at Kasper, who still stood in the doorframe like a little lost boy.
After he didn’t react, she cleared her throat and said aloud, “What, you want another show? Buy her dinner first, honestly!” before she marched towards her brother, grabbed him by the waistband and shoved him back out.

She then picked up the handmade Do-No-Disturb-Sign and pinned it to the cloth door from the outside.

After closing the zipper to the tent shut, she turned around, clapped the figurative dust of her hands and then returned to Sofia, who had crumpled together, sobbing quietly.

“Hey, it’s okay Soph. You know Kasper, he’s a big old softie. Besides, imagine if you had been stark naked or in the middle of something, now that would’ve been embarrassing!”
She peers over to the pile of clothes and sighs.

“That fool doesn’t even know what’s good, really…neither of them does.”
“Nothing! Alright, so…I take it, you want to dress into something that’ll make Rob’s jaw drop, huh? Now…let’s see what we’ve got here…sexy but not skimpy, you don’t want to come over like one of those ‘professional women’ after all.”

Sofia stopped sobbing a little and asked, “How do you even know what ‘a professional woman’ looks like?”
Laura gave Sofia a stern look and replies, “Just because I’m younger than the lot of you, I didn’t spend my life under a rock, thank you very much…but then again, maybe that’s just what we need. The other kind of professional though. Some men like the stern office lady…or so I heard.”

Laura rummaged through the set of clothes, while Sofia slowly emerged from her hiding place.
“Why…are you helping me? I thought you’d rather…see me with your brother instead.”
“Oh, I’m still totally shipping the two of you, don’t worry about that. But you see…”

Laura stopped in her tracks, trying to find the right words.
“While I’d rather see you make different decisions…more healthy decisions, if you ask me…I am still your friend. And as your friend, I will help you see this through and respect the decisions you make.”

Sofia finally got up and put her head on Laura’s head.
“You’re a good kid, Laura…and a good friend. Thank you very much.”
“Hey, I’m an apprentice witch now, stop treating me like a kid!” Laura complained, but laughed at the same time.

After about 10 minutes, the two of them had settled on an outfit for Sofia, which was both practical as well as appealing to the observer.

As they walked to the door, Laura suggested, “Hey, maybe you should show Rob how well you can climb. I’m sure he’ll reconsider his choice in women when he sees just how flexible you can be.”
Sofia flushed red and punched Laura weakly, making Laura laugh in the process.

As they walked on to face ‘the new challenger’, as Laura had dubbed Julia, Kasper merely looked after them, scratching his head.
Eventually, he shrugged, removed the DND sign and muttered, “Women. I’ll never get them.”


Author: Refugnic
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