Sound of Wardrums – single by Refugnic



Hello Adam, my old friend.
I’ve come to talk with you again.
Because a vision softly, creeping.
Left its seeds while they were sleeping.
And the visions, that I planted in their brains…still remain.
Defied the sound of wardrums.

In countless nights, we walked alone,
the memories from times long gone.
‘Neath the midnight sun’s poor, dim light,
I gazed upon you and your solemn blight.
When I was torn away by a most terrible might.
That split the night.
And caused the sound…of wardrums.

When I then came to, you were gone,
and I was left to sing this song.
People screamed, but you just won’t hear!
As they die, you slowly disappear,
away from me, lured by this terrible fright.
Which haunts the night.
Now hear the sound…of wardrums.

“Fool!”, I shout, “You do not know!”
“Death spreads out, the darkness grows!
Hear my words that I might teach you
Take my arms that I might reach you”
But my words, like silent teardrops fell.
Drowned out, by the sound…of wardrums.

Now look at how you bow and pray,
to the demon anyway.
See me now, it is not to late!
Make haste and seek the holy blade.
So you can send him back, before the ritual’s complete.
Now hear the beat.
And tune in to the sound of wardrums.

Lyrics and execution: Refugnic

6 comments on “Sound of Wardrums by Refugnic”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    As a matter of fact, I’m mighty curious what the others of the community are thinking about this.

    Well, if it even just made one person smile, it was already well worth the effort. 🙂

    • Dæmon Reply

      That was very good, both of these, in fact,were quite good.tell me, did you ever consider making an instrumental part of the song, or is it meant to have no instrument music to it? It could work with dums and a guitar, a creeping in of bells, or I’m sure there are other options that would work. Of course, the so g is quote good as it is, as is your singing. Do you have a trick to singing, or do you just do it? For me, I’m no good unless I already know the song. I can’t whistle a tune, I can’t actually just SING a song, u lessIknow at least some of the lyrics, but I have tried to do poems before, and I must say it is hard. What tricks do you have to writing them, and how should I write a song if I want it to be actually singable?

      • Refugnic Reply

        If I had the instrumentals to the original song (without the voice of the actual singer), I guess that would work, however the only instrument I know how to play is the trumpet and it’s not like I’ve got the score of the song just lying around (and even if I had, it’d be likely written in ‘C’, whereas I was taught to play in ‘B’ (minor), meaning that my play would be about an entire note off from the original. I would need to transpond it to my notation scheme to just play it right, then I’d need to record it and then I’d need to mix it with my singing (as you can imagine it’s a bit hard to play the trumpet AND sing at the same time. :P)

        Regarding the other options, I don’t know how to play the guitar or the drums, though I agree that a little instrumental would probably do the piece well. Maybe someone would want to make a remix of it, adding some instrumentals to my voice, if so I’d be happy to lend the recording. 😛

        Thank you for the praise, I am trying my best.
        This particular song I recorded a total of 4 times before it sounded halfway decent (the one you’re hearing is the 4th version). One of the attempts I completely messed up the lyrics, which is why I didn’t even send it to NI. 😛

        A trick, hm?
        Well, there’s a ‘trick’ which is common to making any kind of music: ‘If you think, you lose.’
        Honestly, the instant you need to think about which note or piece of text comes next, your timing is thrown off and the whole thing spirals into a mess.
        You need to at least be familiar with the movements of the melody, how to put the text on that melody and of course how to control your instrument (my voice, in this context).
        I’ve been making music for more than 20 years now (nothing really professional though), so I’ve got a bit of practice down the road, which helps.

        There’s another ‘trick’ and that’s confidence.
        Confidence shows in the music you make. Your sounds become clearer and more expressive.
        In the ensemble I’ve been playing, there are a few golden rules everyone should adhere to.
        Some of them were just for laughs (for example Shakespeare’s advice for musicians), however some were actually quite important.

        A little excerpt:
        Rule Nr. 1: All play the same piece! (you’d be surprised how often that fails :P)
        Rule Nr. 2: If you’re unsure which sound to play next, consider those on the sheet in front of you first.
        Rule Nr. 3: A timidly played wrong sound is wrong. A wrong sound played with authority is an interpretation.

        Obviously, Rule Nr. 3 is the one I was talking about with the confidence bit. Your audience will never know that you messed up a bit, if only you manage to sound like you know exactly what you’re doing and that everything you are doing is intended.

        And, because I mentioned Shakespeare: And the rest is silence. (Yup, that’s one of the stated rules ;))

        But really, the entire ‘trick’ I have to singing is to:
        Take a deep breath
        Focus on what you’re about to do (NOT the recording, NOT the audience and, most importantly, NOT the potential failure)
        Raise your voice and make it be known to the world that you will not go down silently! (You know: Sing. ;))

        That’s all there is to it. At least for me.
        But then again, I do consider myself gifted, so others might have a bit of a harder time.

        Well, singing and ‘singing well’ are two different things. To sing well, you need to adhere to the ‘Who thinks, loses’ rule, meaning that you need to know your lyrics (or at least have them written down in front of you, assuming that you can read and sing at the same time).

        Yes, poems (and lyrics) are hard, especially since you’re ‘forced’ to adhere to some sort of form.
        For example: ‘The rhyming lines should sound about the same length.’ (Not be, that’s the job of the interpreter)
        Then of course you always need to try to find a rhyme which makes some sort of sense.
        Fortunately there’s rhyming dictionaries on the net, which give you a wealth of options to choose from.

        Well, that depends on which way you want it to tackle.
        I find it easy making up melodies (the quality of which I will not discuss now :P) fitting any arbitrary text, but this time around, I already had the melody premade and need to come up with a text fitting that melody.
        The only trick I know is, to sing it to yourself aloud while you’re writing the lyrics, line by line.
        That way, you yourself will know just how ‘singable’ it really is and can make amends.

        But really, that’s just the way I, an amateur, do it. Actual professionals might have a few other tricks up their sleeves.
        Still, I hope that this little essay has helped answering your questions and I’d like to thank you again for taking the time to listen. 🙂

  2. Dragon Master Reply

    The 4th stanza 5th line in lyrics says “But my words, like silent teardrops fell.” However in the song it sounds as if you are saying “But my words, like silent raindrops fell. Am I mishearing you, or is there a typo or what?

    • Refugnic Reply

      To be entirely honest: Neither.
      I messed up during the recording and sung ‘raindrops’, though it should’ve been ‘teardrops’.
      I believe it is carried over from the original song (Sound of Silence from Simon & Garfunkel) and seeing how I recorded this thing like 3-4 times and since I didn’t use any sort of fancy editing software (yet), I had to get it right in one run…so I figured that mistake was just about small enough to let it slide.

      I guess not. 😛

      Thanks for listening though, it really means a lot to me.
      Aside from my little slip-up, how did you like it?

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