A sunny Sunday- fanfiction by Refugnic

“Ada…Ada! Hey, wake up, sleepyhead! You’re gonna be late!”
Ada slowly wakes from her dreams, rubs her eyes and stretches her sore limbs before blinking into the warm summer sun, which falls into her room from the sole window.

“What was I…has it really…” she mutters while getting up, picking up her clothes from the ground where she had tossed them last night and heads down the stairs, where her mother Mira is already waiting.

Mira shakes her head and asks, “Whatever am I gonna do with you, young lady?”
“Shut up…” Ada groaned, heading to the kitchen for breakfast.
“…you forgot, didn’t you?”
Ada peers towards her mother from beyond the door, a piece of bread in hand and asks, “Forgot…what…?”

Mira smiles and merely raises the picnic basket she had prepared in the morning, complete with blanket, food and drink.
Upon seeing it, Ada’s eyes grow wide and she shouts, “Shit, my date with Robert! What time is it?!”
She whizzes up the stairs without even waiting for Mira to answer.

Cursing heavily, the 16 years old girl rummages through her drawers, looking for the top she had chosen for the date.

Finally she remembers where she had put it, shoots up from her half-empty socks drawer, pulls down the top from the hanger and races over to the bathroom.

About 5 minutes later, she is at long last ready to go, her hair fixed the best she could in the hurry and runs out the door without giving her mother so much as a goodbye.

As the door closes, Mira merely sighs, “Like a whirlwind, honestly…I wonder whom she got that from.”

About ten minutes by bicycle later, Ada arrives in the park where she is supposed to meet Robert. She jumps down from her bicycle and parks it into a bicycle stand in a fluent motion, grabs the picnic basket and breathes in deeply, trying to get herself to look less flushed.

“Overslept again?” a familiar voice suddenly asks from behind her.
Feeling caught, Ada’s face flushes bright red and it takes her multiple seconds to regain her composure before turning around to greet her boyfriend with her best smile.

Robert, who is wearing his regular old leather jacket and a plain pair of pants returns the smile before tousling through her hair and says, “You know, I would’ve waited.”
Ada flushes red again as she jabs Robert into the arm, “Shut up. I’m on time, right?”

Robert looks at his wristwatch and nods, “Yup. In fact you’re 30 seconds early. Congratulations!”
Ada pouts, “Right, mock me all you want…”
Robert merely smiles and takes the basket from her, saying, “Let’s have some fun, okay?”

Together, they walk leisurely through the park and watch children playing with their parents or their dogs. They notice a few other couples already settled down for picnic and also pass by some old people sitting on benches just talking and enjoying the summer sun.

Eventually Ada picks a spot and commands Robert to put the blanket down, to which Robert replies with a fat grin on his face, “As you wish, Mistress.”, however to his surprise, Ada doesn’t even complain but merely stares into the distance.

After a while of eating, Robert asks, “You’re unusually quiet…did something happen?”
“I…had the strangest dream tonight,” Ada admitted after gulping down a piece of bread.
“Really? What was it about?”
“…the end of the world.”
Robert laughs, “Have you been staying up too late again watching those disaster movies?”

Ada energetically shakes her head and says, “No Robert, nothing like that. It was…weird. And…it felt so real.”
She gets up, one of her hands behind her back, wondering if she should really tell Robert about her dream, but eventually decides to trust that he won’t laugh. At least not that much.

She leans against a nearby tree, takes a deep breath and begins talking, “You see, we were both older…like 10 years or something.”
“But we were still together, right?”
“More or less…I was kinda behaving like one of those Tsundere’s you see in Japanese media…you know, pushing you away even though I wanted you close and all that.”
Robert laughs, “Okay, I have no idea how you’d get that idea.”
“S-Shut up! Do you want to hear it or not?!”
Robert puts up his hands and makes the ‘My mouth is sealed’-gesture with his right.

“Anyway…we were…animal people. I was a fox and you were a dog or something.”
“You as a fox girl? Now that’s a sight I’d like to see,” Robert smirks, but quickly shuts up again under Ada’s glare. But of course that doesn’t keep him from imagining.
“And…the world had gone to hell. There were demons everywhere, terrible, hulking creatures which could not be hurt by bullets or anything.”
“So…we got eaten?”
“No…we had these wicked blades, like the ones your grandfather brought back from his trip from Japan…they sliced through the demons like a hot knife through butter.”
“Sounds like we were really badass, eh?”
“Yeah, but…there were so many there…so many people died…g-good people…” Ada sobs as she recalls the scenes from her dream.

Robert gets up and pulls her into a hug, “Don’t you worry your pretty little head. It was just a bad dream. Look around. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the people are…what for the love of God is that?!”
Ada whirls around, her eyes wide with terror, convinced that the abominations she had seen in her sleep had come to haunt her, but there is just an elderly couple walking a large dog. A few heads turn around to the frantically laughing Robert, while Ada’s head becomes bright red again.

She clenches her fists to the point where her fingernails dig into the flesh of her palm as she mutters, “Run…”
“Pardon, what was that?” Robert asks playfully.
“I said…get the hell away from me, you damn jerk!” Ada yells and hurls around trying to deliver a devastating slap to Robert, but Robert was already out of her reach and begins jogging away.

Ada gives chase, shouting, “Get back here, so I can kill you!”
Robert turns around while jogging and shrugs, “Get away, come back, could you make up your mind already?!”
Ada speeds up, easily catching up to Robert and tears him down with a full body tackle.

After hitting on his torso with her fists a number of times, she slows down, tears trickling down from her eyes.
Robert raises his hand, wipes away the tears and says, “See? No monsters. No end of the world. Just us, living on a great day in a peaceful world. How about it, we forget that silly dream of yours and just enjoy ourselves, huh?”
Ada wipes away the remaining tears, gets up and helps Robert stand, who thankfully takes Ada’s hand, while people slowly get back to what they were doing.

He then puts his arm around her and says, “Don’t worry too much about tomorrow and just enjoy today, okay? Just you, me and the rest of the world.”
Ada nods, smiling happily.

She then notices a stain on her top and sighs, “Ah crap, mom’s gonna kill me!”
“If it helps, I could tell her that you got it dirty while saving a kid from a renegade fox,” Robert jokes while Ada tries to get the grass stain from her top.
“Not funny!” Ada complains, but can’t help but smile anyway.

They spend the rest of the warm summer Sunday with idle chatter about life, school, their friends and many other topics. Ada’s dream however, does not come up again.

Author: Refugnic
See this short story on Deviantart.

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