Searching for Filip

I’ll write an update tomorrow! For now, just grab the page. I’m going hiking early in the morning (Monday is off for Japan) so I’ve gotta go to sleep early~

UPDATE: Added some status info! Oh, btw, I’m posting status updates from my projects on Twitter basically daily. If you’re curious about the visual novel or Replay then you should just follow me there!

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Uh! Finally, some time to update this post. Yesterday I went hiking a little bit and got to drawing immediately after we got back. And then, after I was done with the inking, I started working on my novel and went to sleep late. In other words – I was so busy doing fun things yesterday that I forgot I still have this little note to write. Oh, if you guys are curious about the hike, we walked through Koburi pass, it was very nice and empty, I loved it. Not much of a hike but great views and nature, seriously, if you think of Shibuya when somebody mentions Japan you should really go hiking sometime. I posted some photos on my Instagram: and Twitter:

You guys got so worried about that schedule of mine! Thank you, but I’m really doing okay, the schedule is there only to help me find time for things I want to do, not to beat me into submission (I don’t need a schedule for that). So far I’m very happy and actually stress less about the personal deadlines because I know that I have time set aside for things I want to complete in a week. Pages are getting drawn, the story is getting edited, the visual novel is being made, perfect! Only my fiance sometimes jokes that there is no room for him on this calendar on mine (but would you seriously put your boyfriend/girlfriend on the calendar? I think they should be free to bother you all the time, no? Let’s hope he doesn’t realize that he can do that).

What else – I have posted a link to a friend’s Kickstarter project last week. If you checked it out: thank you! It got funded already but there are some small stretch goals still available so if you feel like making someone else’s dream come true while getting an artbook, go and throw some money at her!

22 comments on “Searching for Filip”

  1. NiWo21k Reply

    Looks like life is still going on in the camp – even if certain people should not get near the cooking place – poor Sofia ^^
    And lovely work on the first panel, really love how you composed it 🙂

    And have fun at your trip 🙂

    • bitflipper Camp dweller Reply

      Are we sure it was Sofia who botched the cooking? After all, Laura is there at the cookpot, too, and she probably has less experience cooking than Sofia has. (Alright, I admit it: I kinda feel sorry for Sofia. Therefore, the burnt offering for dinner is Fillip’s fault! ;-p. )

        • antrik Reply

          Let’s not be so hard on Sofia: perhaps she just doesn’t know how to cook over an open fire! That’s quite a level up from a gas or electric stove…

  2. Refugnic Reply

    It’s nice to see that, despite worrying about her boyfriend, she still manages to at least chuckle about the little mishaps of her fellow camp inhabitants.

    Also…what in the world were they trying to brew in there?
    That doesn’t look like ‘I burnt our food’, this looks like ‘spell potion gone wrong’…on yet another note, they’re going to get an earful for messing up the cooking, seeing how food might not be all that easy to come by these days.

    It’s not like they can just drive over to the next supermarket and fetch fresh ingredients after all.

    Now…where could Filip have gone…the last thing I remember about these two was, that Nina wasn’t quite ready to let him go.
    Something was weighing on his mind…though I’m not entirely sure what it was.
    But it was important enough that he would leave…without telling Nina where to, no less.

    Probably to not worry her needlessly (which, as we all know, only leads to more worrying), which suggests that he may well have intended to leave the barrier.
    This begs the question however, what in the world could be so very important, that he would sneak away to try and get it?

    Of course there’s also the option, that he’s with another lady, but I think that one’s rather unlikely, considering that their relationship is quite the healthy one…well, unless that he’s cheating on the other woman with Nina, but what would the chances of that be? 😀

    • antrik Reply

      Filip “sneaking away” was not the last time we saw him. After that, he tried (unsuccessfully) to copy the barrier spell; and after that, see out heroes off on their quest. (Stumping everyone in the process by showing a knowledge of Ada’s book much better than herself…)

      If I had to guess though, the “feel” of this scene is that a few days have passed since then (while we have been following the quest) — and apparently Filip remained elusive during that time for whatever reason…

  3. Dragon Master Reply

    LOL don’t worry Nina he’s probably up to no good but is perfectly safe with Stefen. (at least as safe as one can be when hanging out with a self-styled “mad scientist”, in the demon apocalypse.)xD

    Also just checked put the cast page and Julia cleans up very nicely.

    • Alex Reply

      Wait, the mouse-over text isn’t true, then?
      I completely forgot about this character and I don’t remember who died so far.

      • Klorix Camp dweller Reply

        Well, IF he went out of the circle, who knows…

        Last time we saw him he was playing around in the dirt trying to copy pentacles and then bothering Ada for being a casual witch.
        Now that I think of it, Julia—who, according to the cast section, might have greater expertise—would be a more interesting subject. Also, cult leader? Maybe we found your first new follower…

      • Alex Reply

        Well, let’s hope he isn’t that stupid. 🙂
        Also: What cult leader? And who is the follower?

      • Klorix Camp dweller Reply

        Well, as stated above: the cast page says Julia is a cult leader (or rather was); and every cult needs followers.
        And Filip might become a follower of Julia’s cult if he sees a chance to learn magic there.

        We’ll see. But luckily there’s Nina to bring him back down to earth.

    • antrik Reply

      We don’t know whether she’s actually any good at either: we haven’t seen the results of the cement mixing; and the sandwich has been thrown away…

      (Thinking about it, perhaps the entire quarrel was just a red herring: and in truth Robert just didn’t want to admit that he threw the sandwich away because it was horrible?… 😉 )

    • antrik Reply

      These are stockings, not leggings. And I’m not sure we have seen her wear that particular pair before?

      The location and regularity of the holes suggests they are more likely intentional than a result of camp life…

  4. antrik Reply

    So many faces we haven’t seen in a while! Sad puppy Nina! Nameless punk girl actually appearing quite pleasant when she’s not trying to act cool! Laura in a way too large t-shirt!

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