Sharing the warmth

Damn I need to move to a new server ughhh ಠ_ಠ

Sofia got herself some new protectors and a cup of soup. Sorry Refugnic, there is just nothing I can think of that justifies the chocolate haha, hot soup is all she gets! And whoever she called ‘friends’, well, obviously weren’t very close ones.

Hope you noticed the new vote incentive! If not – you still have a chance, since I probably won’t be able to make one for a while. I am on the finishing line with my master thesis and want to focus on it before it slips away again. And I’d rather devote my free time to making sure that new pages are all on time and in good quality, I hope you understand. In fact, I am sure you do, since everyone was voting eagerly even though I haven’t updated the incentive for a moment. Thanks everyone, I really appreciate (・3・)

So what do you think about our siblings? Make a pretty good impression, right? And Laura is a good cook, you’ve got my word!


37 comments on “Sharing the warmth”

      • Howard Reply

        Those eyes.. wow man if girls really did have eyes that color no man could resist that lol

        • Lukkai Reply

          I went to boot camp with a girl that had eyes similar to that.

          And yes, it was pretty irresistible. (The fact that she was small, gorgeous, tough and athletic just added to the general allure.)

  1. Lukkai Reply

    I wouldn’t exactly call him “tamed”, no. (^_^)
    Just a decent guy, is all.

    And best of luck for your thesis! That one will count for the rest of your live, so make it a good one. Even if it means the comic’s schedule will have to suffer for it. You can make up for the latter easily afterwards. The former, not so much.

    • NotImportant Reply

      It’s impressive enough, I think… hahaha… But I only need to wrap it up now, so comics shouldn’t be affected at all. And thanks!

  2. Refugnic Reply

    Well, in the picture it did look like hot chocolate to me. That’s what ‘being out of context’ does to you, really. I mean, all you saw was a steaming cup of something brownish. The jump to hot chocolate really wasn’t that far, though I guess I should have wondered where in the world they’d get something luxurious like chocolate to heat up. After all it’s the apocalypse and they’re in the middle of the woods.

    So yeah 😛

    Btw, cute vote incentive. I’m already curious to see what’ll get Sophie (no, that’s not a typo, but much rather the nickname I got for her (one syllable less, so it qualifies! :P)) so excited and happy. 🙂

    Regarding Kasper…no, not tamed, but he’ll be damned if he lets anything happen to the people around him, especially the female ones. After all, it could well be Laura the next time and he could never forgive himself if something happened to her. 😉

    • NotImportant Reply

      Haha I know, she’d probably prefered the chocolate anyway~ And I hope the reason for Sofia’s enthusiasm won’t be a disappointing one! After all it’s not easy to justify that kind of enthusiasm 😀

  3. Adriano Reply

    “I’m not sure what happend to them”
    WELL I think I can tell you what happend to them, ahahah >:D

  4. Zenanii Reply

    handholding in panel 1? I smell another ship incoming.

    And I really hope that splatter on Lauras picture is soup. . . otherwise, could be terrible foreshadowing.

    • NotImportant Reply

      I added that splatter for kicks: demon hunting with kitchen utensils, you get it~ You’ll see that panel in the comic next week, without it.

      • Zenanii Reply

        Good to know. You’ve been constantly hinting that you plan to kill off the entire cast, so you can’t fault me for being paranoid >_>

    • JW Reply

      handholding in panel 1? I smell another ship incoming.

      I like the way you think.
      But the age difference is a bit too large, imo.

        • JW Reply

          Well, I care, duh. That’s why I expressed that opinion.
          It not being illegal is rather besides the point. There’s no law against demons eating people either. (Nor would it help much if there were.) If we only cared about what’s enshrined in law, this would be a sad(der) world.

      • Zenanii Reply

        If you know anything about shipping you’d be aware that age, gender, and even species is of little consequence (gimme that Faust x Demon ship!)

        • JW Reply

          I know it’s of little consequence to whether there is someone somewhere in the world/universe that might ship it. But it is of consequence to whether I’m on board with it.
          This is not my kind of ship, so y’all can go to sea without me.

  5. ForlornFoe Reply

    After a few months of skulking around reading this comic, I have to show up and speak my mind:
    > The art was good from the start and amazing by now, especially “the commander’s precious collection” showed incredible attention to detail.
    > Story is solid and interesting, really liking the slowly unraveling situation and previous events.
    > Characters are nicely thought out and feel like they belong to the universe.
    > The latest vote incentive is outstanding, vividly brings to mind Studio Ghibli with the hair reacting to emotions.

    I also have to ask: Are Kasper and Laura’s appearances loosely based on a lynx? The colours, fluffy tips on ears and shorter tails seem to hint so.

    Take your time getting that thesis done, it matters so much more than a missed update or two. Even artists have real life to deal with.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I’m really happy that you enjoy both art and the story!
      And about our siblings – lynx or bobcat, I was thinking about the bobcat but ugh, they are very similar.
      Thanks again!

        • NotImportant Reply

          It’s more complicated than square being a rectangle, but apparently the confusion is caused by the poor naming. For all those who got curious a random article I found:

          While bobcats and lynxes are separate species, they do belong to the same genus, which, coincidentally, happens to be the Lynx genus. There are four different species belonging to this group — three of which share the family name: the Eurasian lynx, the Spanish (or Iberian) lynx and the Canadian lynx. The fourth member, the most common cat native to North America, is the previously mentioned bobcat. [more…]

          • ForlornFoe

            Almost got it right, dammit. I somehow have a mental image of the siblings’ father having magnificent sideburns…

            I did only know there was some sensible reason why “American lynx” isn’t called a lynx, thanks for properly clearing that up for me. Just adds to confusion that in my native language Eurasian lynx is called “ilves” (=lynx), Canadian lynx “kanadanilves” (straight translation) and bobcat “punailves” (=red lynx). Oh well.

          • Lukkai

            For additional confusion, the German names:

            For the Genus: Luchs

            For the species:
            Kanadischer Luchs – Canada lynx
            Eurasischer Luchs – Eurasian lynx
            Pardelluchs – Iberian lynx
            Rotluchs – Bobcat

            So the Bobcat is , to translate it literally, called “red lynx” in German.

  6. Dæmon Reply

    That vote incentive… It makes me think of some moments in FMA, like with Armstrong at almost any moment he’s not getting serious, and sometimes even then. Or when someone gets the same look in their eye as Sophia and… Well, you’ll have to watch the anime to find out, because I can’t really describe it. Kind of sucks, seeing as I want to write as a potential career. But the color if Laura’s eyes I find quite attractive. I never thought of myself as attracted to something like that, but then again, anime and comics in general can be surprising… Like how it would seem most western cartoons are getting an anime-ish feel to them. Still, I guess a smaller body and long hair combined with green eyes seems to be my “type”, if I’m using that right. I really don’t know how that is defined, of what a ” type” of person even IS. All I know is someone would probably say to me, “so THAT’S the type of person you like.” And I would have no friggin’ clue what they even meant in even half of that sentence.

    • Zenanii Reply

      But didn’t you define it already?
      “I find quite attractive”.
      is basically “your type”.

      As for the FMA reference, I believe the wording you’re searching for is “positively fabulous” 😛

      • Dæmon Reply

        Yeah… I just don’t get the whole type thing. I mean, not everyone is the same, so why have “types” to begin with?

      • Dæmon Reply

        I guess a better way of phrasi g that is, “are types just to classify physical and mental characteristics of a person?”

        • JW Reply

          I think in this context “types” are to distinguish people you tend to be attracted to from people you tend to not be attracted to.
          And I suppose apart from physical and mental characteristics that might also include socio-economic characteristics (e.g. money, status, power).

          If you have a type, it allows you to more efficiently navigate on the “marriage-market” (or whatever), because you’ll spend less time and effort getting to know people you won’t be interested in. And if you can put your type into words, you can also enlist your friends’ help to scour the market (or put out an advert).

          Like many types of classification it makes things easier (usually).

          • Dæmon

            That… Seems far too complicated and inefficient. I don’t think I want to go tinue this just yet, because I need to think this all through. Feel free to drop any other thoughts though. I could use the brain food, since I need to think this one out.

          • JW

            What strikes you as complicated or inefficient? It’s just recognition, there’s little your brain can do that’s more efficient than plain recognition. See person -> like what you see (or not like) -> approach (or move on).
            Having a “type” is not that different from being able to recognize a chair. You know it when you see it. And it’s a lot easier to just pick a chair when you want to sit down to than to determine for every object in sight whether it’s something you can conceivably sit on.

  7. namtap032892 Reply

    So, I know I’m a month and a half late, but I have to say this:
    (If you don’t know why I’m making that comment, hover your cursor over the picture :P)

  8. Klorix Camp dweller Reply

    That’s also a pretty face in the third panel.
    I hope Sofia’s friends got away, too. At least she didn’t see them die. So, tiny chance, maybe…

    Although I’m late on this: don’t worry for the incentives. I for one vote for the comic, not the incentive.

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