A witch in the cottage

UPDATE: Added Julia’s entry to the cast page!

And here she is! I bet this was pretty easy for those who still remember the chapter’s cover illustration. Say hello to Julia! I won’t have the time today but I’ll add her to the cast sometime this week, look forward to it!
And if you want (and can) support Replay financially consider pledging on Patreon and getting to see the next two pages! (which don’t have Julia on them hehe) :

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Thanks for all the votes! This is awesome, I’ll try to work on some new vote incentives. Gotta make our girls cosplay now, right? Fingers crossed I’ll have the time to at least sketch something. One of my new year’s resolutions was to manage my time better. I made a huge and scary schedule on my google calendar. Let’s hope I won’t die this year and this all works out, somehow. I tend to get stressed out about not meeting my personal deadlines.

I’m rambling cause it’s late, sorry about that~ There’s one more important announcement to make! Bitsy Tandem, the creator of Maiden in Disguise webcomic, has launched a kickstarted project in order to create a Visitor’s Guide to Eotera (the planet on which the Maiden in Disguise comic takes place). Once completed, this Visitor Guide will walk the readers through this unique world and all that it has to offer. Please take a look and support her if you find her works interesting! Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/thebitzr/visitor-guide-to-eotera-maiden-in-disguise

Also, if you haven’t yet, please take a look at the demo of the visual novel project I’m working on! It’s a horror story with a cool monster, miniskirts and flamethrowers (seriously, who needs anything else?) Windows/Linux: DOWNLOAD & Mac: DOWNLOAD.

Some people have noticed that I started a Ko-fi page. I figured it would be a nice alternative who don’t want to feel tied to Patreon and still feel like helping out a little. If you feel like you could buy me a coffee if me one day met, feel free to do so via Ko-fi, believe me, I’ll get super happy anyway. Thanks!

44 comments on “A witch in the cottage”

  1. DragonMaster Reply

    So does this mean that in the next few weeks Julia’s profile will be added to the cast page? Or will it wait until they get back to camp and she has a chance to meet everyone.

    • NotImportant Reply

      I’m going to add it in a moment! Relationship lanes will be added later, once she meets everyone and interacts with them. But a short bio will be there as soon as I can find it lol

  2. NiWo21k Reply

    She looks ready to fight 🙂

    Hey, don’t make your life more stressful as it already is – please! A dead NI is not what we need 😉

      • NiWo21k Reply

        It’s understandable 😉
        But you also should think about your health – physically and mentally ^^

    • JW Reply

      “Put down that knife! I’ve got a chicken, and I’m not afraid to use it!”

      Actually, throwing a chicken at someone would probably work better than it sounds.

  3. Doom Reply

    Yay, Julia! I look forward to meeting her properly. She cannot possibly usurp Ada’s place in my heart, but she can potentially be a strong and beautiful woman who accomplishes awesome things.

    • JW Reply

      She’s the new character we haven’t seen before except on the cover of this chapter.

  4. bitflipper Camp dweller Reply

    Hi, Julia!

    NI, listen to me: experience is talking, now. There is nothing in life so important and so needs-to-be-done-now that it is worth your health. Especially when you consider that, without your health, you can’t get *anything* done. You’re young, and you have plenty of time ahead of you, yet. I may only be fifty-one, myself, but I cheated Death a couple months ago, and I’m still, slowly, recovering from the experience. My life has changed, in some ways completely, and in no way under my control or in ways I would have wanted. The ironic part is: I’m glad even to have my unrecognizably changed life still to live; I can do things to get at least somewhat back to the way I was before the heart attacks. It will take time, but I *have* that time, now.

    Please do not sacrifice your health for a goal. I can’t tell you it’s never worth it, but I can tell you that we often choose very poorly the goal we wish to accomplish in exchange for our ability to accomplish much else. And life has so much else to offer; it really does! So, please, a little patience, and take good care of yourself. You’re the only you that you’ve got, after all. ;-p

    There was something else I was going to say, but NiWolf’s post scared it away, I’m afraid. I’ll add it later, if it re-occurs to me.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Thank you for your advice, but I think there are many people out there to whom this applies way more. It’s true that there are many things that I want to do and achieve, but that also means that I need time – shortening my lifespan is not going to help me hah. And so I try to find a healthy balance between a schedule that keeps me on track and helps me stay productive and also some rest like reading books, playing games, traveling, hiking… You guys know I do all those! So please, don’t worry too much! And thank you for your concern, it warms my twisted heart <3

      • bitflipper Camp dweller Reply

        Twisted or not, it’s still a heart about which we all care deeply. Alright, I’ll stop being maudlin about it; it’s good to be reminded that you are resting and relaxing as well as working.

    • Alex Reply

      I am sorry to hear that, bitflipper. I hope you can still enjoy your life given the circumstances.

      • bitflipper Camp dweller Reply

        Mostly, I do. Trust me: there’s nothing quite like a reminder of how easily life can slip from ones grasp to give one a truly deep appreciation for one’s life at the moment!

  5. Alex Reply

    In my opinion you don’t have to give yourself a huge and scary schedule. Cut that schedule in half and then cut it in half again so you’ll have a normal life of about 40 working hours per week and a few weeks of holidays in-between. Don’t burn yourself out, please.

    Yes, I know artists have to work way more than that to make ends meet (#BasicIncomeGrant). Just don’t push yourself too hard.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Hm, work itself takes 40 hours (or more, if you include lunches and transportation). If I didn’t do anything else apart from my office job… wow that would be a boring life! So no, I can’t really do that haha, not if I want to keep my job! But I promise to find time to relax as well. My schedule is scary now but I will adjust it if it’s too much, I don’t plan to “suffer through this year”, just wanted to feel a little bit more organized, I feel better with a routine! Thanks for worrying about me but please don’t, I promise I won’t push myself too hard 🙂

  6. Alex Reply

    Well, of course it would be boring to do nothing aside from working, but what I do outside of work and managing my private life (shopping, cleaning etc.) is mostly recreational. Hanging out with friends, playing video games, doing sports, reading books, playing the Violin and watching Anime does not require deadlines. And sometimes I just sit down, take a footbath, light an incense stick and meditate for one or two hours. I do some stuff that has deadlines, too, most of them related to politics, but those things are still hobbies of mine and thus I take care not to do too much.

    It’s good to hear that you will adjust the schedule as necessary. 🙂

    • NotImportant Reply

      Yeah, and it’s just a weekly plan, not a bunch of scary deadlines. I made it mostly to help me find the time to do things I want to do. It’s easier to get things done when you have 2 hours set aside everyday.

      And violin! I used to learn how to play… I miss it so badly… ;(

      • bitflipper Camp dweller Reply

        Violin — or any of the classic strings, really — can be very frustrating to relearn; there’s a significant part of basics such as where to place ones fingers for the correct pitch that is muscle memory and gets lost as we grow older. On the good side, though, once you relearn those aspects, most of the technique that you had already learned comes back very quickly.

        • NotImportant Reply

          I keep wondering if I want to start doing it again… I mean, I know I do, but there’s not enough time for everything. Making music is great though, I really really miss playing.

      • Alex Reply

        Oh yeah, the pitches. They’re a challenge, but one I enjoy. I still can’t hit them perfectly, but I am mostly close enough and in case of long notes I adjust in real-time. As long a you don’t have to make sounds that are pleasing enough for other people it’s fine to miss the pitches a bit. Higher notes are harder to hit, but my ears prefer lower notes anyway. But since I rarely take lessons and don’t play with friends, there are months where I just don’t feel like playing. Maybe this week-end. ^^

        I basically just have my PC play some songs and play along, but I never practice anything enough to be able to play it without making mistakes. I get bored after playing the same song for the 3rd time. E.g. I play that song from the Kirin afternoon tea commercials (iirc I posted a link here a few months ago alongside the funny/weird “Indeedo” commercial). It’s C major most of the time, so it’s fairly comfortable to play.

        • NotImportant Reply

          I needed a lot of practice to play anything. I was learning violin for 2 years maybe? Maybe a bit longer. Right now I probably don’t even remember for to read music notes…
          I wish there was a way for me to learn online. Some kind of game for electric violin like guitar hero that would just check the pitches and tempo for me so that I could play anytime I want and without paying a fortune for an English speaking tutor….

      • bitflipper Camp dweller Reply

        NI, if you’re already pressed for time, trying to relearn will probably destroy your schedule. It’s not a matter of an hour here and there; it takes at least a couple hours of practice every day. That’s to relearn; you can probably cut that down once you’ve remastered the basics, if you’re not interested in becoming a concert violinist (for concert violin, think of practice as your job — it’ll take 40-60 hours a week of continuous practice and improvement over a four to five year period before you’ll be ready for your first audition). I hate to tell anyone to give up a dream, but, be aware of what this particular dream will require.

      • Alex Reply

        I agree that if you wish to relearn it you’re going to have to cut a bunch of other stuff.
        I have absolute pitch, so I can just play along with songs and I notice automatically whether I’m flat or sharp, which makes practice a lot easier and more fun, but if you have to practice with sheet music only it can get super tedious. I experienced that with piano lessons (had 10 years of those). Standard easy sheet music is often boring.

        But there is a middle-ground: If you like e.g. Eyes on Me from Final Fantasy VIII and you can get your hands on sheet music (or any midi file really) then you can play along, too. That song is in C Major. Or FF7’s Descendant of Shinobi is in G Major. Most pop songs have difficult keys, though, so searching for more songs can be annoying at times. The outro of the Anime Air is in G Major, too (but the intro is in B Major).

        • NotImportant Reply

          Yeah, I do realize that it would take me forever… I’m not talented at all when it comes to instruments, it takes me forever to get something ‘kind of right’. That’s why I’m stopping myself because even if I have no hopes for achieving any special skill level when it comes to violin it will make me waste a ton of time. And then I’d just get depressed that I can’t play anything anyway. A futile dream. And somehow, annoyingly painful one. I have no idea why my brain wants to play so much even though I don’t even have a knack for it x)

        • NotImportant Reply

          Oh and I guess the things I’d like to play the most are actually… orchestral songs. Like Two Steps From Hell and such. Epic music!

      • Alex Reply

        Aw, don’t get so down on yourself. If you enjoy making music, just use an easy instrument. Key-based instruments like the piano or the Xylophone are easier than e.g. Violin, Trumpet or the transverse flute, because the keys are already configured to be at the correct notes. I’m not sure how you imagine playing orchestral pieces, though, unless you’re Pinkie Pie. 😀
        So you shouldn’t feel pain for not being able to do something literally no human being in the world can do. 😉

        Also you’re a great artist. I can’t draw for the life of me. I never got into it, because it takes forever to finish just a single picture. But I love writing stories. I rarely do it and I doubt I have a knack for it, but I have a passion for it, so when I get around to write something I believe that the result is probably ok’ish, which is good enough for me. You could aim for the same goal with music.

  7. bitflipper Camp dweller Reply

    Hey! You retook the #1 slot on TWC! Congratulations!!
    (I knew you could do it. ;-p. )

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