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You might remember me saying that my friends from Poland were coming to Japan for a visit. Well, the day before their flight Poland announced emergency, closed the airports and banned international travel so this is not happening. Of course because of the coronavirus. Heh. I can’t even go and visit my family. What’s even funnier – the backwater town I come from is being used by the government as a host for a coronavirus-specialized hospital. So yey, fun and games! My parents are still there and it’s a really small town. Luckily for them, they can stay at home since the schools are closed and they’re both teachers but it’s still pretty scary…

As for me and Japan, things are more or less normal here. Hey, we’ve got the Olympics to do this year, right? Things have to be normal :)))

I’m switching to work-from-home mode now too, though. It’s not bad since I have a decent setup at home and can work comfortably (yes, I spend my life in front of pc). And we managed to buy some toilet paper too! So lucky! I’m sure you guys saw the memes and everything so I won’t repeat the jokes. Honestly, I don’t even want to comment any more than this. I hope I can maybe avoid catching it and continue drawing Replay and writing the next part of Historia. That’s it.

Please enjoy the page and stay healthy!

23 comments on “Ravage”

  1. Regis Earsquake Reply

    The second panel looks really scary. Those teeth are the real deal…

  2. Random Guy Reply

    I’m guessing that Douch-mage there thought he could banish the demons when he was done with them but didn’t realize that as soon as they ate something they became part of this reality.

  3. William B Peckham Reply

    I expect to survive this nicely, but in case I do not:
    You are one of the writers and cartoonists that have brought great pleasure into my life, and I want you to know that.
    Best of luck!

    • NotImportant Reply

      Awww, thank you! In case I don’t survive – I enjoyed working on this comic and chatting with everyone here!

  4. Crestlinger Reply

    See its never the big ones you have to worry about, as those are more along the lines of ‘avoid This area’. It’s the smaller ones that can actively chase you into an alley or crawl in an open window that you have to guard against, and Quickly.

  5. Alex Reply

    Don’t worry about toilet paper or literally anything else people are hoarding. We don’t have a shortage in production, just temporarily increased demand.

    @comic: I still wonder why Faust did that. Does he benefit from destroying a world that’s full of luxury? He did look like he has a good amount of money, too. I wonder what his parents were like to bring him up to be like that.
    Also it’s a nice touch that there’s a cross on the left side. You placed that church there on purpose, didn’t you? 🙂

    Apropos church: If it’s possible to summon demons, I wonder if it’s possible to use divine magic to summon angels as well. I hope for our protagonists that this isn’t a world where literally all other dimensions are either full of bloodthirsty monsters or uninhabitable.

    • EnterTheNameHere Camp dweller Reply

      My country has 3 months of goods in storage ready to be distributed in case of emergency, our government keeps telling that people don’t need to hoard supplies and yet store racks look like what they look like during communism (empty…) No desinfection anywhere though…

      @comic: While parents have great influence, it’s far from the only one. Ad summoning angels – maybe someone will accidentally summon doom guy. Even just as an cameo q-:

      • Alex Reply

        Yeah, I know, people can be stupid while in panic. And then there are people who buy in bulk in order to sell it again at a higher price. Honestly, I don’t feel bad for panic buyers who fall for that scheme.

        I know that parents aren’t the only influence. I know it from personal experience. 😉
        Had to look up Doom guy. Yeah, not exactly an angel, but he would certainly be helpful, possibly alongside Gordon Freeman. Though personally I’d prefer cameos along the lines of The Queen of Hatred, King of Greed and/or Knight of Despair. The first two can even transform into horrible monsters.

      • EnterTheNameHere Camp dweller Reply

        Lobotomy Corporation game seems interesting. Going to todo list for sure, thank you for the tip!

      • Alex Reply

        You’re welcome! 🙂 I completed the game just yesterday, but I have to admit that I had to use cheats towards the end, because the game eventually becomes so brutal that it takes away from the beautifully creepy and desperate atmosphere and immersive story. Those people were so unbelievably creative with their Abnormalities that I didn’t want to stop enjoying it just because towards the end you get punished hard for every little mistake you make. I’m not saying it’s as punishing as Kaizo Mario, but that’s mostly because in Kaizo Mario you can QuickSave whenever you like. 😉

        Believe it or not, even though the trailer shows soooo many different horrible things that can happen, you haven’t seen most of it even if you pause the trailer every few frames to see every detail. XD

  6. EnterTheNameHere Camp dweller Reply

    How did they teleported there though?!?
    Seriously, no “spacetimewarp” windows are seen;
    I’m not aware it’s humans transformed into demons, or any other mass getting transformed – hmm, that gives me idea, why not just take some earth soil on sufficient mass and transform it into a creature? That’s within real physics posibilities… Technically you can clone demons as you like;
    It doesn’t seem Levicky is speaking for hours either. Also that would mean demons are super stealthy and everyone is blind and deaf.

    @cellular coverage chat few weeks back – right now our network is overloaded and it just say “number doesn’t exist” when you try to call anyone. Just an observation, in case it happens to you too.

    • FuryoftheStars Camp dweller Reply

      What I’m noticing is the big one in the first panel is translucent, like it’s phasing into our reality. Also, second panel, the one coming through the windshield has done so without breaking it, like it’s phasing through.

      • EnterTheNameHere Camp dweller Reply

        I didn’t notice the big one is transparent, thanks!
        It might look like phasing in. The windshield is cracked (and it seems the divider between the two panels too), the demon is bleeding, and it’s also holding the wheel with one arm while second arm seems to be mostly out of view (and probably out of the car), like it happened to materialize just inside, true.

      • Steeeve Reply

        I’ve heard of bad luck but yeesh. Having two of them appear in your car… maybe she can get out in time given she seems to have forgotten her seatbelt. I’m surprised the cars aren’t punching the gas to get out of there.

        • EnterTheNameHere Camp dweller Reply

          If the car is not really old then there’s a high chance it’s full of control units which are basically simple computers running the car and if you have resources to end the world, you might have put a switch there to turn it off just in case you… want to end the world.
          The manufacturer might be required to do recall for survivors to fix it though.

  7. LupoCani Reply

    Say, is the large monster supposed to be transparent, or is it a mistake from layer merging?

      • JW Reply

        It’s funny how some people miss it completely unless told, and others think it might be a layer merging error.
        Maybe someone in-comic should scream “It’s appearing out of nowhere!” Though I guess that’ll attract comments about why they’re screaming the obvious. 😛

        • EnterTheNameHere Camp dweller Reply

          It’s something I’m not used to, so the fact they are appearing out of nowhere had never crossed my mind.
          I’m more into hard sci-fi, so it’s basically magic (pun kinda intended). The comic is visually so detailed that I’m thinking too much about it which brings me too close to suspension of disbelief, heh. Don’t get me wrong – that’s just me, I’m someone who ask for the point of joke if I don’t understand it… But yeah, without someone mentioning it, I might not understand they are appearing from thin air.

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