First blood

You were curious how they’ll deal with this whole demon business… Yeah, they do have swords with them. I always imagined the first attack happening as they were coming back from a weekend at Ada’s cabin. Robert would, of course, take the swords to play with them, he’s a dummy like that. I’m not going to show them escape the city in full length because that’d cost us too much time but: this happens at the edge of the city (they were stuck in traffic there), they have weapons (when there’s a ton of easier prey around), in the original story they got picked up by a military vehicle evacuating civilians right after it got dark (and that’s how they got to the camp which we see in the prologue and first chapter).

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Aaaaand I have tried setting up a Discord server:ย So if you’re lonely, stressed, want to chat with me and other Replay enthusiasts you can try doing that there. I probably won’t be super talkative because I’ll be doing stuff (like maybe drawing? working? writing Historia?) but I might occasionally share sketches and… I dunno, I haven’t used Discord before and I haven’t used any other chats in a while either. But enjoy, I hope it’s useful in a way!

If you want to know how it’s like in Japan – it’s pretty normal. Folks with kids suffer more because schools are closed and whoever cans works from home but my life is not affected much. I went to the ocean on Friday (it was a day off) and to the mountains yesterday (Sunday) and it was awesome and I don’t feel restrained in any way. Japan doesn’t test many people so we have no idea how many are actually sick. And I saw some toilet paper back in shops too! Oh, oh, funny thing, we saw a small lottery on the street (they do that sometimes) and you could actually win a pack of toilet paper. A splendid idea!

What else… Historia is still free so grab a copy and play it! Let me know what you think! I’m working on the story for the next part now and will soon go back to drawing Michelle <3 She’s the cutest psycho I’ve had a pleasure to create, I’m very fond of her. Apart from that, I bought a bunch of art books and am exploring some other styles so there might be a slight change in Replay’s art in the future (hopefully for the better!).

Please enjoy the comic and stay safe everyone! As one of the memes I saw said: we can safe the world by staying at home and reading manga, let’s not lose that chance!

14 comments on “First blood”

    • JW Reply

      Nah, those aren’t panhandlers, they’re hoarders. Just look at the bloodlust int heir eyes, they’re after her toilet paper.

  1. Refugnic Reply

    So they do have the swords with them…how very fortunate for them and how very unfortunate for the demons.

    I guess that saves them one potentially lethal trip to Robert’s flat.

    So Michelle the cutest psycho you’ve ever created?
    I think Ada might feel slightly offended by that comment. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Though I guess she has other things to worry about right about now.

    I guess, a few years from then, Robert will be writing a book.
    How about ‘The hitchhikers guide to the demon apocalypse’?
    And on front of it, there will be, in big red letters, the words: ‘Don’t panic’.
    And on the first page, there will be one single sentence: Never leave your house without your set of enchanted blades.

    But really now, so much for ‘seating belts save lives’, huh? ๐Ÿ™‚

    I can support Historia at this point though.
    I’m…I don’t know, maybe one half in, and thus far it’s the best VN I’ve ever come across.

    Granted, that isn’t saying all that much, but unlike like…99 % of the VNs which either have a story that’s all about ‘Oh he/she’s cute, but I’m to shy to go about it’ or ‘so complicated, you forgot how it started by the time it ends or what don’t get what it’s all about’, this one seems to have one coherent story that’s easy enough to follow, yet complex enough to keep you interested.

    Really, if you like Replay (which I’ll just assume if you’re reading this), you should give Historia a chance. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    And yeah, Michelle is cute too. ๐Ÿ˜›

    • JW Reply

      I haven’t played many VNs but I really liked Tsukihime. I thought it had quite a good story. And “Fate Stay Night” as well (but I only played one route there).
      I haven’t given Historia a go yet. It’s been awhile since I played any real kind of computer game.

      But really now, so much for โ€˜seating belts save livesโ€™, huh?

      Hey, just because they don’t save lives all of the time doesn’t mean they don’t do so most of the time. Though this event does bring the average down a lot, probably.

      • NotImportant Reply

        You should at least download it now since it’s free at the moment! We’ll be back to charging $5 at some point!

        • JW Reply

          Yeah, I already downloaded it, just in case. Both the Windows and Linux version.

      • Refugnic Reply

        Same here…those I did play didn’t really…click with me, I suppose.
        When I play a game, I actually want to do something.
        If I just want to follow the story of someone else, I read an actual book or watch TV…both of which I’m not too much into either.

        Add to that, that I don’t give the visuals closely the attention it deserves, VNs in general are…just not quite my thing.

        Hehe, well, to be fair, I don’t think that ‘keeps you safe in a demon apocalypse’ was on any of the leaflets. ๐Ÿ˜›
        Though honestly, when needing to escape quickly, having to unbuckle a seat belt first may well end up killing you…in the end it’s a trade off.

        It keeps you from getting out of your car fast enough to escape.
        But it also keeps you from getting out of your car at escape velocity.

        Now, which is more likely?
        That you need to get out of your car fast?
        Or that you’d rather NOT get out of your car fast (which would usually otherwise also involve a direct confrontation with the windshield).

        Considering that demon attacks are fortunately quite rare in recent human history, whereas traffic accidents are quite frequent, I believe I’ll still buckle my seatbelt after sitting down in a car. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • NotImportant Reply

      Hohoho thanks a bunch! I’m glad you enjoy Historia! ๐Ÿ˜€

      And yeah, if they haven’t had the blades they’d die here, end of story… Post-apo stories always are about the luckiest few I guess.

      • Refugnic Reply

        Or the craziest, who ‘kinda saw it coming’.

        The saddest among the bunch are those who spent all their money and time preparing…and then don’t even make it to their bunker, where they would have been safe…well, somewhat, considering that we’ve already seen a demon materialize in the middle of a tent.

  2. EnterTheNameHere Camp dweller Reply

    I can imagine how long it would take to tell how they got out of the city… Written stories have real advantage there.

    Reminds me of my favourite books where the protagonist takes a vacation and comes to his grandfather’s cottage – a trip taking hours from a lone bus stop to a nowhere in middle of a forest. He takes a good sleep to late afternoon and then he goes out to chop some wood when a doe attacks him. That’s kinda weird, but when a pack of wolves arrives and joins the doe to attack him while he’s inside the cottage, weird gets different definition. He immediately decides to go back even during night and when he arrives at a village at dawn, he can’t see anybody. Silence everywhere. Soon he finds the world has ended, he just missed it. First kill… Then he walks home, finds dead people walking everywhere (that was in 90′, long before walking dead), gets ambushed, so he walks to Germany, then rides to Africa, then loses the ride, so he walks, until he gets a ride and rides back to Germany only to ride back to Africa.

    The best is – with the second installment, the author said “I don’t like the story, it was a mistake” aaaaand never finished it… Motherfuc…

    • NotImportant Reply

      HAHAHAHHA Damn, I shouldn’t laugh, who knows if I’ll manage to finish Replay xD Keep your fingers crossed that I can live long enough lol

  3. Doom Reply

    A few thoughts on Historia chapter 1:
    Little Sister Natalia is super cute!
    Michelle is an adorable little pyro. Burn all the things!
    Was Historia chapter 1 intended to be completely linear? I don’t recall seeing any prompts on screen to make a choice.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Woohoo! Glad you like the characters ;D And yes, it’s technically a kinetic novel so there are no choices. We’re considering doing some in the later chapters but it’s not decided yet.

  4. Bucc-i Reply

    Just a couple of crazy kids… driving around…. with two swords in the car!

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