Uninvited guest

We’re all set! The meal is here and one of our guests has just sat at the table. Or more like appeared on top of it, but those are just minor details. Brace yourselves, as starting next week our two main heroes will be doing exactly what the title of the chapter suggested – reaching for glory!

I think I finally mastered all the steps necessary to record and glue together a video of me painting Replay’s page. That was a bumpy ride. I had no idea it could be this annoying, at some point, I even considered joining one of the open source projects for screen recording software, even thoughΒ I have no idea about video conversion and the like. Sorry for the whine~

And! I didn’t ask you guys last week so I’ll do it this one – did you see Re:Zero last episode? Liked it? Hated it? I was pretty disappointed with the whole last arc, to be honest, the pacing felt off, solutions were weak, the ending of the series awfully disappointing. I don’t know, maybe they just didn’t have the time to work on those episodes? Previous ones were so much better and I loved the cliffhangers, it was a joy to watch. And to be honest I expected they will end the series with some huge disaster, indicating that he’d need to return yet again. Instead, we get an almost Hollywoodish happy ending, as if they didn’t even plan to make another season hmm….

34 comments on “Uninvited guest”

  1. Micah Reply

    That is not what I expected for this page…
    Now you’ve got me worried about her and her research.

    As for Re:Zero, yes, I just watched it. I felt like they needed to hurry to make it fit in the 2 cour ep count, so it did feel rushed, but not really wrong to me. The happy ending I know won’t last because you know, I’ve seen the rest and know it isn’t a happy ending type story. Not the best show out there, but it entertained me the entire time, which is what counts I think. As for a continuation, I don’t expect one, but I didn’t for One Punch Man either, and that got announced (woo!), so come on and surprise me!

    • JW Reply

      I wouldn’t worry about her research; it seems to be very much alive. Sometimes with science, its just so interesting that it grabs you and swallows you whole. I hope this is not such a case, cause I kinda like her.

      As for Re:Zero, I haven’t reached the end yet; I watched the second to last episode last night. I already had a suspicion they were running a bit short on time and were going to rush things. I’ll probably see the ending next week or so.
      @Micah what was the best show out there this season, you think?

      • Micah Reply

        This season was lackluster, but I did *enjoy* Re:zero (emphasis on enjoy since it had it’s flaws that were visible, but I was entertained nonetheless, it just had room to improve). The other one is Mob Psycho, going to watch the last episode soon. 91 days gets an honorable mention. Compelling story, good animation, all in all a good work, but just not my taste. Last season had a number of good ones.
        What about you?

        • NotImportant Reply

          Since I was mostly running in and out from Japan last few months it feels like I missed a bunch of titles! Only watched Berserk, Re:Zero and Kizumonogatari movie from the last season, ah some New Game! too. Enjoyed Re:Zero (especially the first part), Berserk had a disappointing animation quality in comparison to the movies (which I also watched recently and enjoyed, woohoo!) and New Game! is a simple, silly thing, I didn’t finish it, maybe never will. Not much of a story there.
          Anyone watched Mahoutsukai no Yome? I was curious about that one.

          • Deamon

            I won’t bother reading any comments yet for fear of spoilers (usually I don’t mind, but there have been exceptions), but no, I haven’t gotten there yet. Still, I’ve only seen a few episodes, partly due to problems with my internet, and partly because I have a dozen different series to finish at once.

          • Ori

            If you’re gonna do Mahou Tsukai, read a bit of the manga first! The currently airing stuff are just prequel OVAs. Haven’t watched the first one myself yet, but I’d assume you’d get more enjoyment from reading the manga FIRST.

            I’d like to recommend 91 Days if you haven’t yet seen it either; someone mentioned it earlier? If you’re into mafia stuff, it’s amazing. If not, might not be your cup of tea, but, you know, everything is worth giving a try.

          • NotImportant

            Might give it a try when I have the moment, since many people seems to like it. From mafia-like stuff I only watched Baccano (and liked it a lot) but I suppose it’s not something similar haha~
            And will check out the manga for sure, I didn’t realize those were prequel OVAs, thanks!

    • NotImportant Reply

      Also waiting for One Punch Man, hopefully it will be as entertaining as the first season!
      Might be my expectations were just too high for Re:Zero, at some point it became the only thing I watched alongside Berserk and the second one was… well, not the prime quality, sigh…

  2. Taylor Reply

    Ooohhh… How’d you let that thing sneak in there…

    Also Re:zero… I’m still enthralled by the dramatic horror and sense of hopelessness. I could really care less about the ending. I would have loved it to continue a bit longer, but what can you do? I’m only a bit sad about the fact that I probably won’t have an anime to watch this season, which makes me grit my teeth when I push the play button.

    • NotImportant Reply

      I didn’t go through the list for this season yet but was already told not get my hopes up. We’ll see~
      The ending is frightening because it looks like they don’t plan to continue the series but as Micah said – we never know.

  3. Night Spark Corporal Reply

    like the fact the Ada can here stuff happening on the other side of the encampment yet no one around the area is making a fuss over the fact that an explosion happend in the area ….

    also for the re:zero last episode (the part i really want to go on about :p) is that there making it like that so theirs more character development for the others (ie wihelms son, Felt, Roswaal) and more development of Emilia’s character. (I hope to god they do that…)

  4. Refugnic Reply

    Emily! Noooo! πŸ˜›

    On another note…is it just me, or does that demons claw seem semi-transparent?
    I mean, I see how they can tear through the tent (seeing how it’s just cloth, but turning themselves invisible/able to phase through solid matter…that’s new.
    And terrifying.

    Or is it just my eyes playing tricks on me?

    …wait…that thing didn’t just tear through the wall, did it?
    More specifically it appeared from WITHIN the wall, did it not?
    Materialized itself straight inside the room…directly in front of the rag with the cryptic runes…I think this should verify that this is indeed some sort of summoning spell or something along the lines.

    The timing is peculiar though…it only appeared after the first explosion…I am guessing this means that some sort of catalyst is required. A trigger.
    The first explosion occurred behind Stefen when he tossed away his cigarette (at least from the looks of it)…but if the trigger is indeed ‘fire’, the looks may be deceiving and Stefen just, albeit accidentally, managed to summon a demon right into the middle of their camp.

    And if so, imagine what would have happened if Em had tried to burn the blanket…

    And yes, I know that she doesn’t have an official name, but unless you give me something to call (or much rather remember?) her by, I’ll stick with Emily. πŸ˜›

    Ah, so many wonderful theories spawned by this page…:)

    • JW Reply

      Hey, you’re right, that whole arm seems semi-transparent. IT’S A GHOST! πŸ˜›
      I don’t know if its appearance has much to do with the runes. They’ve appeared before seemingly out of thin air (but without confirmation like here), when there weren’t any runes to be seen.
      If it’s materializing out of thin air, and hasn’t fully materialized yet, then I’d recommend moving some chairs and tables and stuff into the area where it’s materializing and see what happens. Maybe it’ll merge into some kind of demon-chair-hybrid.

    • Dusk Reply

      Really, It’s not just the claw but on closer inspection the whole creature is transparent in that scene. The jaw in the scene before is also inconsistently blurred out; I can even see the runes through one of it’s teeth clearly, But Honestly I assumed that drawing those runes on the tent could draw the demons in like a homing beacon,

      But this is truthfully astonishing… This is more than enough reason to establish a smoking and fire ban around the demon research department,
      (and just when I though Steffen couldn’t passably cause a disaster in camp that easily)

  5. NiWo21k Reply

    I love this page. The effects (the first panel) here are just fantastic.
    And Ada and Robert to the rescue – i looking forward whats coming πŸ™‚

  6. Zenanii Reply

    I kinda agree on the last episodes of re:zero. I wouldn’t call it a complete letdown, but Subaru started abusing hos power to the point where all tension were killed, previously the show had done a very good job of adding a feel of tension despite the fact that Subaru could never truly fail, but towards the end it feels like he just steamrolls over every problem that comes in his way.
    I also whish Emilia would have played a bigger part in the resolution of the story (instead we have Subaru fix everything, and Emilia gets to be the lap-pillow -_-) but that might be more personal preferance.
    While I would love a second season, they would really need to up the stakes somehow to get more tension back into the show.

  7. KTrimbach Reply

    uh-oh. is this why the nameless lab assistant was never given a name?
    I think the Boom we heard on the last page wasn’t an explosion – just the sound of the demon appearing. Maybe Stefan will then get some clues as to why +/- where they appear. So there was a second boom on this page does that mean that another demon has appeared in the area?

    Also, Is that Laura we see coming in on the last page (with the long white hair).

  8. Dusk Reply

    Achievement get: Demon summoning… Great going Steffen
    On RE-ZERO: honestly the last episode crushed me, I felt like once Subaru started using the Return by Death like his own divine protection in the last couple of episodes with no apparent cost or sorrow, that it kinda killed the tension, Especially when it became apparent that the Witch wasn’t ever going to kill him off for good if he talked about it. as for the rushing , I kinda expected it with the season ending so shortly, I just hope this thing doesn’t go the same route as D gray man, and disappear for years. otherwise I feel confident that this is not the end but rather the calm before the real storm.

  9. Crestlinger Reply

    ‘Easy Food Here.’ = What the copied text ultimately translates to, only as a call signal to any demon in the area.

  10. ety Reply

    AAAAAAAaaaaaaAAAAaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! NO! Why am I caught up? I need like a thousand more pages of this. Your style and artwork are incredible! I love it.

    I love the… main couple?… in particular here, adorable.

    …wish I could draw like that πŸ˜›

    • Refugnic Reply

      Oh, you mean Rob and Sofia? πŸ˜›

      Quite honestly, I think that quite a lot of things need to happen before the dust settles and the actual couples are officially declared.
      I mean, we’re basically still in the ‘kicking up dust’ stage of the story here and I agree, there would need to be a lot more pages, but NI is only one person.
      And you can’t rush quality.
      Believe me, I’ve tried (and failed miserably). πŸ˜›

      So, I take it, your personal ship is Rob x Ada?

  11. Zenanii Reply

    Hmm, do I stay up and wait for an update or do i check again first thing in the morning? I guess the more relevant question would be, how much do I value sleep?

  12. Ajedi32 Reply

    Wait, that’s it? I’m caught up? Arg, perfect cliffhanger moment too. Oh well.

    Anyway, I don’t like reading epic comics like this a page at a time so I’ll probably just bookmark this and come back in a few months. You’ve definitely got me hooked though.

  13. god_one Reply

    So much for glasses girl, she isn’t in the cast so she is definitely just there for fodders sake.

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