The end is here

Enjoy! I’ve put more effort than usual into the following pages so I hope it’s worth it. Two more pages on Patreon if you pledge at least $10! And without speech bubbles and in HD too!

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How are you guys doing? I’m so-so, the weekend had crappy weather so I feel like I didn’t rest properly. But what can you do… Gotta wait for the next one. I’m still going to the office but people are getting more and more restless so we’ll see how long that lasts. I don’t have a huge screen at home so I’m not all that eager to switch to the home-office. I don’t use the trains anyway so I’m not worried about getting sick during the commute.

Anyway, I’m mostly working on Replay and Historia lately. This scene is extra demanding since I can’t reuse backgrounds (haha…) and I also want to make it extra nice~ It’s an important moment in Replay world history after all! Enjoy while it lasts, soon enough we’ll be back in the forest. For Historia, I’m still writing the scenario for the second part, I’m happy with it so far and somewhere in the middle of what I have planned. It’s going to be longer than the first part and everything else is a secret~! If you still haven’t played the game you can download it from Itch:

I’ve finished reading Dorohedoro manga and it was fun! Lots of crazy ideas in this one and zero romance – just what I like. Manga is already completed so you can enjoy a closed story without having to wait forever for the next chapter.

See you next week! And stay healthy!


26 comments on “The end is here”

  1. Crestlinger Reply

    When Suddenly! Kaiju Everywhere!
    Have to wonder if any of those demons got into fights over territory, feeding grounds, and related.

    • Refugnic Reply

      That depends completely on, whether they are just really large predators or if they have a central intelligence governing them.

      Thing is, Faust seems to be somewhat safe from them and so was Julia until she made a break for it, so he must have at least some sort of control over them…which implies at least some degree of intelligence.

      So yeah, my guess would be, that they did not get into fights like that…otherwise the demon problem would probably solve itself before long. 😀

      • JW Reply

        It could just be instinct that keeps them away from Faust. Maybe he just smells really bad (to demons).

  2. Refugnic Reply

    Y’know, considering their current situation, it’s a bit of a surprise that they managed to get away initially.

    They’re in the middle of a panic situation (I would panic and run for my life too, when there’s suddenly monsters popping up everywhere…probably wouldn’t get too far, but I’d still run. :P) with tons of obstacles around them, which are not a problem for the hunters who either just squash the cars or jump over the roofs but may obstruct potential flight routes tremendously, there’s no way for them to hide…and I highly doubt they have their magical blades with them at this point.

    I’m already curious to see how they managed to get out of there. 🙂

    • T3h Ogre Reply

      Pretends on the scenario our dear author chooses. Does she go with a Star Wars Universe scenario where they have at least 45 seconds to check on Dak, grab their light-sabers and repelling gear from the back seat before the Imperial Walker Demon steps on their speeder? Or, does she take the traditional Tokyo scenario where the monster flails its tiny rexian arms about and monologues by blowing fire over the city while everyone runs away for two minutes? We know this last one is not the case, ’cause they drive on the right side of the road in the comic. She could go with the chaos scenario of a Marvel Avengers Universe, where their vehicle will soon be crushed by falling building debris or picked up by the Hulk and flung at the monster in a fiery impact, leaving them little chance to the get to the novelty store where they pick up their swords. We are unlikely to see a Dukes of Hazard scenario, where Rob picks up his bow from the back seat, Ada now in daisy dukes lights the dynamite as Rob looses the arrow at the demon and they both slide across the General Lee where it halts mid-frame with country music and narrator asking what will happen to our heroes next after a word from our sponsor (NI’s poor wrists and fingers if she chooses that scenario).

      Most likely though, we are about to switch back to Camp Lonely Hearts, where Sofa-cat is struggling to open a can of camp beans with the flat-head screwdriver that Stefen is looking for in the background so he can finish tightening the screws to the seats in the latrine (like he was just moments before his screwdriver disappeared) and Laura is vainly still attempting to get Ms. Lonelyheart (Sophia) to notice Mr. Lonelyheart (her brother) while everyone else fights their hay-fever because the kids are running around poking people in the nose with weeds while they are napping (everyone else, not the kids)….while Rob throws stale croutons at Ada’s head…scenario.

      I will now return to lurking. Be safe and stay healthy, everyone!

    • JW Reply

      I suspect they do have the swords with them. They seem to have a big bag of luggage in the back of the car, so they might have just returned from their trip were they got them. And it’s unlikely that between fleeing for their lives now and ending up with the soldiers later, they’re going to pick up a couple of swords they have no idea are useful. Cause I’m fairly sure Robert doesn’t find out they work against demons until were we start the story.

      • Refugnic Reply

        If I recall correctly, Robert bought the blades on a trip to Japan…I really don’t want to know, what customs had to say about that kind of luggage though. 😀

        So yeah, while it might be possible that they have them with them, I don’t see why they should right at this point of time.

        I’m assuming they are at Robert’s flat, though I could of course be mistaken.
        As for ‘Why pick them up?’
        Yeah well, better have some swords than fight against those things bare handed, right?

        • JW Reply

          It could be this is them returning from that trip, driving home from the airport.

          Yeah well, better have some swords than fight against those things bare handed, right?

          Well, it wouldn’t be my first instinct. I’d prioritize getting the hell out of that demon-infested city. It certainly wouldn’t be to stay in the city to get some weaponry from my home that by all logic won’t work against a creature the size of a skyscraper.

  3. Steeeve Reply

    At that point cars are useless… so how does one avoid being killed when suddenly monsters are everywhere. o.O
    Magic their car?… I can see it now “That charm bumper sticker was worth it” lol
    Maybe a sewer or other hidyhole… oh I know, get on one the big ones where it won’t notice you and ride it, it’s the last place they’lll expect you. 😀

    • T3h Ogre Reply

      Close your eyes, click your ruby slippered heels together, while chanting “There’s no place like home?” Running with your hands over your head, screaming, in a direction away from monsters seems to work, as well. At least in the chinema. Tripping your roommate, while you run faster tends to slow the monsters down…of course, they hate you for it in all your dreams later.

  4. JW Reply

    I wonder how many people, instead of running for their lives, took out their cellphone to start filming.

    • Refugnic Reply

      The sad thing is: I can totally see that happening.

      And they marvel at the realism of all the guts spilling and stuff…until they get gobbled up themselves and realize that it’s not just special effects.

  5. EnterTheNameHere Camp dweller Reply

    As I see we’re now calling him Faust? That’s a nope from me…

    BTW in newer radios you actually might not hear static noise with radio signal loss at all. It would be just silent.

    People only restless? Lucky q-: We have quaranines for people coming from Italy and closed schools + hospital about 1 and half km away. It’s not even about me, but more about what to say to other people around me so they do not panic. Also people believe any stupid thing they read on internet which doesn’t help…

    • JW Reply

      As I see we’re now calling him Faust? That’s a nope from me…

      He’s been referred to as Faust before. But calling him Adam is fine too. Or Levicky. Or “that slime-ball CEO”.

      BTW in newer radios you actually might not hear static noise with radio signal loss at all. It would be just silent.

      Well, to be fair, they’d probably rather spend their money on anime-related merchandise than a new car radio. And Robert didn’t get paid much at his previous job.

      • EnterTheNameHere Camp dweller Reply

        Ah, you [b]can[/b] [i]format[/i] [u]text[/u], didn’t know that.

        He’s been referred to as Faust before. But calling him Adam is fine too. Or Levicky. Or “that slime-ball CEO”.
        – I’ll wait before I call him slime-ball – what if slime-balls are coming from “hell” too? Would make unclear which slime-ball I’m refering to…

        Is there some compendium of lore? I know only about the “prequel” comic and two stories, but there seems to be more I don’t know about.

        • JW Reply

          Well, aside from those it’s probably just the cast-page, NI’s posts below the comic and the comments.

          NB here’s the list of html tags (and attributes) that work (or used to work):
          a (with href and title)
          abbr (with title)
          acronym (with title)

          blockquote (with cite)

          del (with datetime)
          q (with cite)

  6. Grinch Reply

    This might be a nitpick, but while the “shhhh” sound works OK for static radios, I have always imagined them to be “tchhh”.

  7. NoriMori Reply

    I like how you used the rearview mirror to be able to show their faces looking behind them, while also showing what it was they were looking at!

  8. Regis Earsquake Reply

    They made home office mandatory at my workplace… This page kinda fits the current mood in my city. We can all see how the world is going down before our eyes…

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