Missing presence

Many things happened this week, even if you didn’t notice! I have changed the header (well, that’s the most obvious change), added Archive (it pains me to see that Replay only has this many pages…), updated the Cast page with a teaser of our cute new character and most importantly… Set up a shop!


I don’t expect any sales but if you want something – now you can have it. And if anyone has a special request of some sorts just let me know and I’ll find out if it can be done. Income will be wasted on Replay’s advertisement ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

And of course voting is appreciated! I hope you like the changes and the new page. I will add that last panel to the gallery too, it’s a waste you can’t see Ada’s face up close on this one!


I have been more or less informing about all new things on the Facebook Fanpage so if you haven’t joined yet – do so!
See you next week!

15 comments on “Missing presence”

  1. Zero Reply

    Aww, she was worried.

    Sidenote might buy a poster some day, most likely the one with Ada and Robert wearing matching jackets.

  2. Christian Reply

    Why must you tempt me to buy more prints! Gah! *mumble*IguessIdidaskforit…*mumble

    • NotImportant Reply

      No need to feel obliged! Shop would have appeared at some point anyway~ 😉

  3. Anonymous K Reply

    Wow Robert is a really good bodyguard, Ada doesn’t even have a scrathc (besides some random blood splatters). 10/10

  4. Lone Wanderer Reply

    Very nice so far.. Man, I read like, 25 webcomics, and kept up to date with 8 of them, but this one.. Its taking my personal rankings by storm.. Not sure if its just because its something new, and i’m being biased because of it, or if its just really that d*** good.. But whatever it is, I am loving this… Might take the #1 spot soon, ya goin’ to make the other comics seem less interesting! 😀 »-(¯`·.·´¯)->ReplayComic<-(¯`·.·´¯)-«
    \ / \ /

  5. SotiCoto Reply

    Less than a hundred pages and you’re not only getting voted to the top of TWC and vote-whoring with “incentives”… but merchandise?
    A little audacious, isn’t it?

    I guess that is just the nature of the game these days. I’m just dropping behind the times.
    You’ve already got a few resident brown-nosers in the comments. I don’t even know where those sorts come from… Ick.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Wow is it bad to ask for votes to help spread the word about the comic? I had no idea ^^
      And merchandise is there because some people asked about it. Not pushing it on anyone.

  6. Refugnic Reply

    The sun comes down, the visions done,
    blood splatters all around.
    Where are you Rob, you having fun?
    And who tore our tent down?

    The screams, the smell, I know it all,
    but Rob, where did you go?
    Don’t tell me that they made you fall,
    you’re stronger than this foe!

    A crashing sound, a falling tent,
    and one damn ugly mug.
    Oh now I know where Robert went,
    and you, don’t look so smug!

    I may have been a little late,
    but don’t yet count me out!
    With this blade here, I’ll carve my fate,
    now down with you, you lout!

    I will not let you hurt my friend,
    I’ll strike you down, no sweat!
    This blade I wield will be your end,
    I’m fire and forget.

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