To the rescue

Some of you probably remember sketch of that page from the Facebook fanpage. I hope you like how it turned out in the end! What I like the most is Robert’s leg on the second panel.

From other news, if you are curious, nothing was sold in the first week of shop’s existence! I did expect that, so I am saying this only for those who wondered how profitable it is to run a webcomic. It is not. I would probably be able to earn a little bit from ads but I hate them so I won’t add them. Ever.

Replay could use some new readers! If you have time please vote! Thanks!


16 comments on “To the rescue”

  1. Meoi Lass Reply

    …oooo. Ty for doing this comic for as long as you have, I am impressed at your art work each week, this comic became one of my faves in the first 21 strips. I will be continuing to read it and tell others about this wonderful comic ty.

  2. Barn0wl Reply

    Ada’s got some mad katana skilz I see. It’s good to see she can come out of the trance and straight into battle.

    Awesome page! The detail is fabulous!

  3. senna Reply

    I’m really enjoying this comic so far, but we’re only in chapter one! I don’t usually buy merch until a little further into the plot to make sure I *really* like it ^^; plus, the pictures available on the mugs aren’t my fav, I’d wait for something I like better to be available as a mug and then buy one. Just this fan’s thoughts on the shop. 🙂

    • NotImportant Reply

      Oh, thanks for sharing them! I plan to make more stuff later on so no worries, I hope you’ll see something you like at some point. Glad you enjoy the comic!

  4. Karen Lynn Reply

    Looking good so far, can’t wait to see someone wielding a European style sword.

    Gotta be some buff kilt wearing dude with a flamberge, claymore, or great sword.

    • NotImportant Reply

      We’ll have plenty, but for now only guns and two miraculous japanese swords which belong to Robert.
      But… you might be a tad disappointed when it comes to the wielder.

  5. Eli Reply

    I like what you’ve going going here, this is the kind of art style that I like. I’m surprised I hadn’t found this comic earlier.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Glad you like it~
      And comic is still pretty young and not very popular so it’s not much of a surprise!

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