Name:   Ada

Nickname:   Furry-ears

Age:   26

Occupation:  Marketing Executive Director

Weapon of choice:   Longsword

Blood type:  Won’t tell



Name:   Robert

Nickname:   Thick-eyebrows

Age:   26

Occupation:  Market Research Director

Weapon of choice:  Katana x 2

Blood type: AB




Name:  Adam Levicky

Nickname:  Faust

Age:  27

Occupation: Chief Executive Officer

Weapon of choice:  His mind

Blood type:  0








Name:  Sofia

Nickname:  ???

Age:  22

Occupation: Electrical engineering student

Weapon of choice:  Pretending to be invisible

Blood type:  AB



Name:  Kasper

Nickname: None he’s aware of

Age:  27

Occupation: Infantry Soldier

Weapon of choice:  Knife

Blood type:  A








Name:  Laura

Nickname:  Miss Ponytails

Age:  15

Occupation: High school kid

Weapon of choice:  Older brother

Blood type:  A




Name:  Stefen

Nickname:  No one would dare

Age:  42

Occupation: Mad scientist (or so he claims)

Weapon of choice:  Newest available shotgun

Blood type:  B






Name:  Filip

Nickname: ???

Age:  24

Occupation: Math student

Weapon of choice:  Magic

Blood type: A






Name:  Nina

Nickname:  ???

Age:  24

Occupation: Art student

Weapon of choice:  Fainting

Blood type:  AB


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