Wake up

I can only hope you will enjoy this chapter! Art has been improved (just compare this with the first page hahaha), new characters will soon appear and join the cast, we will kill many peopl-, I mean demons, and learn some more about the rules that govern this cruel world.

And since new month has started you are encouraged to vote! New vote incentive is a sneak peek of a new character~ (⊙ω⊙)


I’ve got a lot planned for this week so back to work!
See you next week!

14 comments on “Wake up”

  1. Lee Reply

    Can you, just like… Stop? Your comic is ruining other webcomics for me 🙁

    Honestly, they’re just that damned amazing. Keep up the good work, even if this ends up being the only one I am left able to enjoy it’ll still be enough.

    • NotImportant Reply

      I am… NOT SORRY AT ALL ╰(゜Д゜)╯
      Thanks! This really makes me super happy!

    • Dichu Reply

      Not to take attention away from this comic, but here’s a couple more really great ones:

      No Need For Bushido (nn4b.com). Comedy/action set in an alternate universe version of feudal Japan. The main cast includes a runaway princess, a disowned samurai, a blind Taoist monk, and a very angry last surviving member of a warrior clan… They fit together better than you think. (608 current pages)

      Order of the Stick (giantitp.com). Fantasy/comedy set in a d&d-like role playing world. All characters are stick figures and are completely aware of how the game mechanics work. Some also seem to understand that they’re just acting out a story and use common plot elements to predict what will happen… But in a much funnier way than I make it seem. (989 current pages)

  2. xthorgoldx Reply

    Given that Ada’s still alive, it can only mean that Robert is doing WORK.

    There’s nothing quite like waking up and knowing that shit’s going down. The feeling of innate dread when you realize that something’s going down… whether it’s that you’ve slept through your final, or there’s a fire alarm going off, or there’s a decapitated demon a few feet from you.

  3. JW Reply

    Demons are people too!

    And soilent green is people.. Mmm demons..

    Come to think of it, are demons edible in this universe?

  4. SKy Reply

    – “Dammit! You’ve got blood all over my clothes! Imma kill you for that!”
    – “Oh, so you’re finally done with that vision of yours?”
    – “Just… Shut up.”
    – *sigh*

    • Zero Reply

      Their first fight!….well, maybe not first….maybe far from it…..certainly not their last.

  5. Anonymous K Reply

    Sooo, visions are like sleeping in a hard math class. You don’t know what is going on around you and at the end you’re close to being totally screwed over. Also what happens when someone dies in a vison? Does the visosn become reality?

  6. Sacred Time Shade Cat Reply

    Ooh I really like what you did with the top banner for the website!

  7. Barn0wl Reply

    OMG! I am so happy that I found “Replay”! Ada was featured as a “prove you’re a human” thing on TWC – she was so cute I had to check the comic. I’m glad I did! The story and characters have already really grabbed me. And your art-work is simply wonderful. “Replay” is an amazing comic! You’ve got a new fan here. Thank you so much “notimportant”!

    • NotImportant Reply

      Very happy you like it! Thank you and I hope I won’t disappoint! 😀

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