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Hey everyone! I hope you are doing good. I’m up to my ears in writing, since I want to finish editing the Mind Drummer before I go to Poland (which is in 2 weeks). There might be some shuffling with page updates when I fly, since it will be over the weekend. I might not be conscious enough to upload the new page. But that’s a problem for later. I’m not yet sure if that flight won’t get canceled last minute (again).

It’s hanami season here in Tokyo (means cherry trees are blooming) but it’s cold and rainy so we weren’t able to enjoy the flowers much. It was nice to go out and under the trees for a bit during lunch though. It’s a shame that the petals don’t last long!

For reading… I started Me Before You which is actually a regular romance, not fantasy, but I’m only in 30%. I’m trying to figure out how to write romances hahaha I will need this for the next book. This one seems to be a bit controversial since it deals with disability and assisted suicide so I’m not sure if it was a good pick lol A friend recommended it to me when I said I need to read some tragic romances. If you have other suggestions – let me know!

Here’s the kiss if you have forgotten already <3

3 comments on “Bucket”

  1. HKMaly Reply

    …. sooo, is that all that salt water she dreamed to swallow? 🙂

    Or was that dream THAT much real it actually filled her belly with salt water?

  2. Alex Reply

    I think your romances are just fine without you “figuring out” how to write them, both here in Replay and in The Cleansed Ones.

  3. Refugnic Reply

    You seem pale, are you alright?
    You’ve been out cold for hours.
    You gave me quite a bit of fright,
    did overuse your powers!

    Shut your trap, hand me the thing,
    stay silent and stay clear!
    More vomit flies and acids sting,
    shouldn’t have had that last beer.

    The nightly quiet was disturbed,
    cut apart by noises.
    Her magic use she won’t let curbed,
    won’t heed the warning voices.

    But please, my dear, you must tread slow,
    refrain from using magic.
    If you keep going I fear though,
    this tale will soon end tragic.

    We’ll ask the mages back at base,
    one will surely know.
    For now, we’re safe, in this here place,
    we stay, we heal, lay low.

    Don’t be a fool, that wasn’t it!
    Not the spell, you say?
    I’m just exhausted, I will admit.
    You still look about to spray.

    So, if not the magic got you rattled,
    maybe it was the kiss?
    After all the beasts we battled,
    you cannot handle bliss?

    Just what is it that you are thinking,
    of course that’s not it ei—!
    More vomit flies, spirits are sinking,
    for now, I say good bye.

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