Wake up, little queen

Aaaand back to the cabin~

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I hope you guys are well. Many people ask me how my family’s doing with all the war refugees going to Poland. They’re all totally fine and telling me all those heartbreaking stories about Ukrainian children (my parents are both teachers, so…). Everyone is doing their best. And let’s be honest – this new reality won’t change anytime soon for both Polish and Ukrainian people. Even if the war ends tomorrow, those children won’t return to the ruined cities. They will stay, learn Polish, and continue their education. Although I still hope that the certain someone sobers up. Or kicks the bucket. I guess either works. There are some Russian troops gathering on those islands north of Japan now and I’m extra annoyed.

Either way, I had a rough week at work, again, but still managed to draw you another page and even do some editing over the weekend. I hope I can wrap up the Mind Drummer’s after-beta fixes before I go to Poland mid April (or at least attempt to, my flights got canceled twice already). Then I’ll switch to the yet-unnamed draft that needs a revision or two before I can show it to anyone. I love writing so much. I’ve been so much happier since I decided to invest some time in it in 2020. Don’t wait with your dreams, guys. Start walking toward them, even if you can only make tiny steps. I should have never stopped myself from writing, even if it all only ends up in the drawer in the end.

I’m still reading The Hand of the Sun King and it got better after the first half. I even had some dreams about it haha I think I can recommend it, especially if you’re a patient reader. It’s not a fast-paced book, but it was enjoyable nonetheless and the prose is very pleasant. Other than this one, I’ve been beta-reading a book for a friend, so I can’t really share that one with you guys haha

Take care, and thanks for reading Replay!

11 comments on “Wake up, little queen”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    Disappointing, he calls her,
    a word she just won’t take.
    Enough’s, enough, and out of spur,
    takes a swing, awake!

    Startled by the sudden motion,
    her knight is quick to rise.
    ‘What’s going on, what’s this commotion?’,
    the shirtless Robert cries.

    It’s quite okay, you’re safe and sound,
    it was all but a dream.
    It is just you and me around,
    it’s just us two, our team.

    ‘What just happened, where’s your shirt?
    the maiden then inquires.
    ‘Full of puke and blood and dirt’,
    it’s drying on the wires.

    Unseen, but not yet gone far,
    the drifter holds the watch.
    What is your plan, what is your war,
    must up your game a notch.

    • JW Reply

      Well, it told her she’s exceeding her safe limits of magic use. That’s sort of useful to know.

  2. Alex Reply

    Actually I think it’s funnier the way it is right now.
    Also, when someone reflexively punches while sitting up, the other person does have time to react.

    Hitting him would’ve been funny if he had tried to kiss her in her sleep. 🙂

  3. Alex Reply

    “I should have never stopped myself from writing, even if it all only ends up in the drawer in the end.”

    If all else fails just make it an ebook and put it on Amazon and/or some other company with better work ethics (e.g. itch.io surprisingly has books as well). I’ll give you a genuine five star review for what it’s worth.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Aww thank you!! For now i decided that i will keep writing and sending queries but if after five books there’s still nothing, then I’ll put everything on KDP haha

        • NotImportant Reply

          Those are great lectures! 😀 And yeah, I’m aware. It might take me even longer since my writing time is so limited.

          • Alex

            Damn, 10 years is rough. Have you considered turning just one novel into an ebook to get yourself out there, with some public reviews to use a reference for later? Or is that a dumb idea?

  4. Klorix Camp dweller Reply

    Oh, wow, I missed a few weeks…

    Meeting a demon that talks, that’s something. If only she had been able to get some knowledge from it instead of anatagonising it. But it seems curious. I’m sure we’ll see that one again.

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