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I hope you guys had lovely Christmas if you were celebrating. We had a nice dinner with my fiance (home-cooked) and we’re going for a short trip tomorrow in hope to see snow. Tokyo is quite cold right now but not cold enough for snow. I don’t have any special news to share, not much is going on. It seems I’ll be drawing the last page of this chapter during my trip and then we’ll have a couple illustrations so that I have the time to plan the next one. I know more or less what I want to do there but I like having all the scenes figured out in more detail before I jump into writing. Hopefully it improves the overall quality of this story hah.

I’m almost done with the second volume of the Bone Shard Daughter – the Bone Shard Emperor but I didn’t like it. Mostly because there’s a lot of focus on a kind-of-forced romance plot between the main female MC and a pathological liar and I just couldn’t stomach it. I didn’t like some of the plot resolutions/explanations and the pacing was very slow compared to the previous volume. I’ll probably read the next one when it comes out just to finish the series but I was disappointed with this book, mostly because of how I dislike lying characters.

Anyway! I need to pack and I hope you guys will enjoy this week’s page! πŸ™‚

15 comments on “<3”

  1. JW Reply

    I really like how Ada looks in that third panel, for some reason. Something about the eyes, I think.

  2. Winged Kitsune Reply

    I kinda this heart warming to see these two finally getting the chance to tell each other how they feel, even if Ada isn’t really sure what her own feelings are.

    Butt I think the kiss in the last panel speaks volumes to Rob.

  3. Refugnic Reply

    And there is is, the jealous beast,
    it rears its ugly had.
    The white haired rival, see it feast,
    on ways this could turn bad.

    Robert though, says as it is,
    a teacher, nothing more.
    In ignorance they say is bliss,
    yet he knows at his core.

    You’ve always been the one for me,
    no other girl could do.
    From your spell, I won’t break free,
    these feeling, old and new.

    Yeah sure, she’s pretty and she’s kind,
    and quite amazing too.
    But in my heart you will not find,
    another one but you.

    Can’t replace the time we’ve shared,
    the laughs, the tears, the fights.
    Can’t forget the times I’ve cared,
    those days and lonely nights.

    Are you healthy, are you well?
    And are you happy there?
    When will you come and ring my bell?
    Or catch me stop and stare?

    All these things I cannot say,
    all those words within,
    all those times kept you at bay,
    it’s fine. You’re good. You win.

    So take your prize and cherish it,
    and don’t you dare to die!
    This one you get, just for a bit,
    and please, don’t make me cry.

    • JW Reply

      I don’t really see them as mixed, per se, just non-standard and complicated. I can understand why they’d be easy to misinterpret. Heck, Ada just said on the previous page she doesn’t understand herself and her own feelings, so how easy could it be for someone else?
      My guess, at the moment, for why she’s giving him a kiss: it’s because she thinks he deserves it for putting up with her; not because any deep desire in her to kiss him (or anyone, ever), but she’s willing to go a few steps outside of her comfort-zone for him.
      She’d probably be fine with being his girlfriend if that label didn’t come attached with all sorts of expectations she can’t deal with.

      • NoriMori Reply

        That’s approximately the way I view it, too. I think she loves Rob in a way that isn’t quite platonic and isn’t quite romantic. I think she would like to have something like a romantic relationship in some ways, but unlike a romantic relationship in other ways, and doesn’t know how to communicate that. I think a queerplatonic relationship might be right for her, but I doubt either of them is aware of that concept, and I’m not sure Rob would want that anyway. (And I think it’s implied that Ada also believes that he wouldn’t want that, which may be why she has such a hard time communicating how she feels or what she wants.)

    • Rateus Camp dweller Reply

      Feels to me like she wants to want what Rob clearly wants and what society’s made it seem like what you should want (but that might just be projecting πŸ˜‰ )

  4. Mark Reply

    Finally have time from work to catch up on webcomics.
    Please forgive me if I use the wrong terms, but is she asexual but not aromantic? Or is it something else?

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