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I’ll be brief, since we had a little trip to Izu this weekend and I’m a bit tired. If you ever go to Japan, consider visiting the volcanic coast! Some pictures here:

In the meantime, I finally finished The Amber Crown but I can’t really recommend this book. When you realize that the plot would have resolved itself without most of the characters it makes for a very unsatisfying ending. At least for me. And I hated that at the very end everything went well because the bad guys were just incompetent. It was even spelled out in the book – the villains were either stupid or ill-prepared + the main one pretty much killed himself. The only subplot that grabbed my attention (because it was a tough moral dilemma) resolved itself as well, via one of the characters dying. I feel cheated lol.

I also listened to Me Before You which was a charming story, up until the ending with an astonishingly grim message. If you’re a disabled person, stay away from this book. I personally couldn’t take the ending seriously and it didn’t even make me sad because it felt so absurd and wrong… Maybe it’s just me… I hoped for a tragic romance but this one just made me mildly irritated.

I started The Atlas Six right now and it’s a weird book. I’m in 44%, physics is screaming in agony, there are some inconsistencies, all characters are egoistic assholes, the plot is not going anywhere, but hey, it’s still a pleasant read. Somehow. I don’t understand how. Maybe I’m just tired. Anyway, this book was super popular on Tiktok and supposedly millions of people loved it so I expect I will be deeply disappointed by the end of it hahah But it’s interesting so far. Let’s see.

And the next weekend I’ll be flying to Poland, unless they cancel my flight again. If I’m super jetlagged the next page might be late or not be there at all, I’m not sure. I’ll be going hope for the first time in 3 years so I might not feel like drawing, you can surely understand.

Well, enjoy this page! Thanks for reading as always!

8 comments on “Echoes”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    Go ahead and sleep some more,
    we’ll both need our strength.
    We got what we did come here for,
    we can’t stay here at length.

    We’re low on water, low on food,
    and have a ways to walk.
    And all this puke has killed the mood,
    we’ll yet have time to talk.

    About this world, your dreams and us,
    and maybe figure out.
    There’s so much left yet to discuss,
    and so much time en route.

    But for now, please rest some more,
    we’ll leave once the sun wakes.
    You take the bed, I’ll take the floor,
    we’ll do all that it takes.

    Longest sigh and head hung low,
    it can’t be helped, I know.
    As morning comes, we have to go,
    we live. Let’s take it slow.

    In the meantime, in her head,
    one word’s set on repeat.
    ‘Disappointing”s, what it said,
    keeps staring at her feet.

    ‘What if it’s right, and I will fail?’
    ‘What if I’m not enough?’
    A single word makes me feel frail,
    though I still play it tough.

    A single word can hurt so much,
    much more than sticks and stones.
    But all the same, a gentle touch,
    brings comfort to hurt bones.

  2. Three Reply

    Take your time and enjoy your visit home!

    Since your comic has brought me so many pleasant moments I can sincerely wish you that 😉 (long-time reader commenting for the first time)

    • NotImportant Reply

      Thanks for breaking the silence haha 😀 I’m very happy to hear that you’ve enjoyed Replay so far!

    • Refugnic Reply

      I think she meant to say something else but then remembered her manners. 😉

  3. Dwabble Reply

    This poor man, Ada needs to quit this stringing along BS.
    Love your webcomic! Saw your excellent work on Historia and am happy to find a similar level of quality here as well!

  4. Klorix Camp dweller Reply

    Ada sure has some food for thought. Maybe travelling for a few days will give her some greatly needed time to digest what that demon said. And maybe think about whether she should listen to it (though the symptoms should not be ignored). And and maybe maybe she could talk to Robert about this?

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