Clumsy with words

Sorry, no time for hugs and showers this time, since we still have angry predators running around the camp. And say your goodbyes since we will be parting with these two for a moment to introduce some new characters~ I am very anxious to see your reactions next week…

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26 comments on “Clumsy with words”

  1. bigbadcreepyben Reply

    Just found you comic and I must say I am liking it. I must ask though do you have a update schedule? and if you do can i know what is is please?

  2. Zero Reply

    aww, she was all worried. watch, next time he looks at another woman she’ll get all jelly :3
    i mean, i knew this was the right Ship to get on.

    • ChuckTheProphet Reply

      I want to stay oblivious to any signs that this is going in that direction, but yeah, if ever there was a time to begin hinting at it, this was it.

      • Refugnic Reply

        Actually there’s been a few really strong indicators for that ship already. A particularly strong one can be found at

        Ada is reacting awfully suspicious when Robert brings up her getting a boyfriend (and stopping to invite him over). It really doesn’t take a genius why she would be inviting him over in the first place…or why she’s so set against getting with anyone from the company.

        The simplest of reasons. She already has her eyes on someone, however that someone is too dense to realize it. A real classic, to be found in reality in the millions. 🙂

        Oh and great comic, btw. It’s really easy to get absorbed into it. Really hard to believe that this is your first comic ever. I’ve seen a few comic progress from rather plain art (still better than anything I could do, mind you :P) up to professional level. And you pretty much skipped those ‘plain art’-stages.

        • NotImportant Reply

          Seeing a comment like this really makes my day, even two. You can’t imagine how happy I get to see someone trying to figure out what characters are thinking and feeling, this is the best!
          And I learned how to draw before I started making a comic so I am kind of a cheater, but I was painting in a realistic style only so drawing something like anime/manga, flat colors, action scenes – that’s all new to me and I am learning with every page.
          Thank you for reading and I hope I won’t disappoint!

        • Lalalander Reply

          Clearly from that page you can see that Robert isn’t THAT dense and understands her quite well. Makes you wonder why he asked such bold question on in the first place… Maybe he is waiting for her to make up her mind, since she clearly has problems expressing her genuine feelings.
          Just another point of view I guess.

  3. Zero Reply

    so, just noticed, this strip has 4 different emotions for Ada, if “in pain” can be considered an emotion. and 4 for Robert. Ada: Mad, sick/disgusted, worried, pain. Robert: Sarcastic, serious, worried, mad. i might be wrong with the 3rd one for Rob, might be sarcasm again.

    • NotImportant Reply

      I probably shouldn’t do that but still… this was my intention:

      Ada: upset (worried) -> upset (embarrassed) -> worried -> sarcastic -> //she gets hit//
      She displays something else than worry at the beginning, is corrected by Robert and get’s back at him by calling him ‘clumsy’.

      Robert: sarcastic/amused -> serious -> x -> slightly upset -> slightly upset
      He basically tries to quickly involve Ada in his running-around-and-killing-demons activities and gets upset because she is not cooperating well enough.

      Dunno, is it really too drastic? I thought it’s normal to change emotions during the conversations, especially when you are adrenaline high and try to avoid talking about how easily everyone could have died like 5 minutes ago 😀

      • SirTrojan Reply

        Seems pretty natural to me and looks really awsome, wouldn’t say it’s too drastic. I don’t think he meant it like that either. The only thing that would strike me as drastic is the change to chibi-like characters in the last panel, i think i understand the reason though so it’s fine by me.
        AND place 11 on TWC for now, congrats, i hope this gets you more readers in the long run! 😀
        Amazing work as always, thanks alot!

        • NotImportant Reply

          Thanks! Although this usually changes towards the end of the month… !e will see! We are getting more readers every month so I feel very motivated anyway 😀

          • SirTrojan

            Deserved it! ^^ Yeah i know, there are just a lot of comics out there with large fanbases, but in my opinon you got the advantage over a lot of the top-ones, artstyle-wise and story-wise
            So hyped for next monday xD fck weekends! 😛 Just kidding ;D

        • Zero Reply

          yeah, didn’t mean anything negative. was just making an observation.

          • NotImportant

            No, no, I didn’t think it was aggressive, just wanted to find out if I should think about this more next time. It still feels like I am learning so your input is very valuable! Thank you!

          • Zero

            Well, to be honest, the emotions displayed in each panel are fitting considering the messages. I am curious as to who these new characters are though.

          • NotImportant

            * whisper * I plan to post next page early, so you can come back tomorrow and find out~ */ whisper *

  4. Mr. Nave55 Reply

    I’m really enjoying this story so far, but I’m afraid I need to report you to this police- Idon’t think drawing Ada this cute is legal! : )

  5. Adriano Reply

    I can’t tell anymore where the freckles start and where the blood stains stop OMAGAD TAKE A SHOWER ADA PLZ

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