I hope that short fight explained a little bit about why those demons are such lazy fighters. Neither Ada nor Robert are expert demon slayers, they just enjoyed kendo and hitting each other with sticks back when the world was more peaceful~ Still makes their reflexes a tad better than average person.

I will probably add one or two new characters (well, shadows only, for now) to the cast – that’s quite exciting, isn’t it. After this chapter we will have many clumsy adventurers to play with~

Still a bit of time before this month ends so please vote! Currently Replay gets new readers solely from topwebcomics so help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!


9 comments on “Reunion”

  1. Sarnak Reply

    I get the feeling that Robert is aboit to be punched or slapped by Ada… eh, what do I know.

  2. xboxgamer969 Reply

    Found this comic a few days ago and honestly this is really well made for a first comic, are you sure this is your first comic? either way great work, love the Anime with small furry features on the characters 🙂

    • NotImportant Reply

      Glad you like it! 😀 And I don’t recall making any other comics so it would seem that’s the first one haha, but my friend made one before and I think I’ve learned a lot looking at her.

  3. SotiCoto Reply

    I’ll just pretend to understand why webcomics obsess over reader numbers and nod tiredly.

    I know at some level I regard all attempts to gain votes as attempts to drive OTHER webcomics down the rankings (that is basically how it works in practice)… but that is probably just because I’m hells of cynical. In any case, I refuse to participate in such competitive nonsense since, in general terms, most webcomics deserve an equal chance in my eyes.

    Some are just unforgivably awful.

    • NotImportant Reply

      It’s okay, voting is not obligatory lol, it’s just a way to tell me ‘please keep going, we are reading this’, that’s all. I wouldn’t spend my evening drawing this if no one would want to read it because there’d be no point.
      Competitive nonsense aside, you still went and wrote paragraph about above voting you are. Kind of cute~

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