Title goes to those flowers in the first panel, which have taken insane amount of time to draw. I am really bad with flowers, both drawing and taking care of them. Well, I tried.

Thanks for the get-well wishes last week, I am all good now and working on the next chapter. It’s very exciting, I hope you’ll enjoy new pages as much as I do drawing them. Still one to go from the Prologue~

As always voting is appreciated! I also noticed that I am neglecting facebook Fanpage quit a bit so I’ll be posting more spoilers and sketches, or at least I plan to do so. We need to spread the love some more, Replay is still pretty much a baby-comic, unknown to the outside world ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

See you next week!


18 comments on “Hollyhocks”

  1. Doom Reply

    Panel 3 gives me the impression that Ada is not just mixing drinks but also adding something to one that doesn’t belong. Perhaps a poison, or something safe to consume that would taste horrible, or even something safe to most that the intended recipient is allergic to.

    Even with Ada’s soft spot for evil, I strongly suspect this impression is flat-out wrong, especially as I’ve seen no evidence that there’s anyone at her cabin other than herself and her friend.

    • xthorgoldx Reply

      It’s a lemon slice. Unless she’s committing the crime of using artificial sweeteners instead of genuine sugar in that drink, she’s doing no evil.

      …though doujin-logic decrees that the lemon slice is dosed with aphrodisiacs. So there’s that.

      • Doom Reply

        Depending on personal preferences, either “perfectly fine” or “something safe to consume that would taste horrible”, then.

    • ChuckTheProphet Reply

      I think it is more likely that Ada is mad at whatshisface… Robert? Mad at Robert for calling her picky – or mad because she has all of the feelings for him and he doesn’t get it. I don’t really get quite that vibe from these two, though, so I’m leaning towards the former.

      • Zero Reply

        Well, if you consider her nature, and the fact that they share living quarters, it may be the later. She’s trying to act all tough and scary, but deep down there’s still that femininity that she can’t ignore. This is just a hypothesis based on anime-logic though.

        • Zero Reply

          Also, can’t help but notice the physical similarity between Adam and Faust. Coincidence?

          • NotImportant

            Haha my bad, they are one and the same! Check out the cast, Adam is nicknamed ‘Faust’. They don’t look identical since I changed the style quite a bit, it might be confusing.

        • ChuckTheProphet Reply

          While your anime logic is infallible, I see more of a brother-sister dynamic between the two, though I suppose that might be the appearance Ada *wants* to give off, if your reasoning is correct.

          • Zero

            now that i think about it, it could also be a combo of both the anime logic and being called picky.

  2. Shade Cat Reply

    This page is absolutely beautiful! Keep up the amazing work! 。◕▽◕。

  3. mjkj Reply

    Poor Ada…

    …and Rob does not see where her preference lies either…


  4. Anonymous K Reply

    And as always the male main character Is denser than the earth.

  5. Arker_1 Reply

    …”when you get a boyfriend”
    Rob, pretty sure there’s a reason that you’re the only guy-or person for that matter- who Ada invites over

  6. Klorix Camp dweller Reply

    As a person who has never had the patience to learn drawing, I must say: don’t worry, your backgrounds, your characters and your flowers look great.

  7. Speedy Reply

    Ada! How dare you drop a perfectly good slice of lemon?! It’s not like they grow on trees!
    … Oh, wait…

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