Not as planned

New page a bit early! I hope you like our new character~

There were so many comments and wild ideas last week! I really enjoyed following your discussion about Ada and Robert, it’s insanely funny to read stuff like this when I know their past and whole truth about their relationship. But I am not going to spoil the fun… You will know everything too, eventually.

Also big thank you for the votes! We are still near the top on Topwebcomics, but this will quickly change if you don’t keep up the awesome work! If you haven’t noticed the announcement on Facebook Fanpage I have changed the vote incentive. Old one was a sketch from this very page.

34 comments on “Not as planned”

  1. Anonymous K Reply

    So i can’t tell if the creature attacking the girl is a demon or just a random animal.

    • xthorgoldx Reply

      …and if it’s the latter, then it throws a HUGE question as to the nature of the furry characters. Half-demon backstories for everyone!

      • NotImportant Reply

        Honestly speaking I think it would be VERY strange to introduce random unidentified animal in the middle of demon attack, especially when on the previous page it was clearly stated that there are still some demons to kill 😉
        But uh, it’s an interesting thought~

  2. TheLastGamer Reply

    O my freaks, she looks so cute, hope she stick all the comic, she is so cute, I think I already say that

  3. Zero Reply

    I’m getting a sort of Amy-ish vibe from this new character. or maybe she’s a Yuki?

    • JW Reply

      Ah. Yes, I see. I hadn’t thought to look, but thanks for pointing it out. 🙂

      If she’s questioning the wisdom of hiding, then maybe she’s not living up to her name.

  4. Lone Wanderer Reply

    Man.. I can’t get over the lighting and blur effects, so pretty. :3 How many hours do you averagely work on each page? Because this is amazing.

  5. Insomniac Reply

    Oh wow, just found this comic today and I’m loving it so far. Keep up the great work!

  6. Sarnak Reply

    Fun fact: Ada has become one of the characters a person can be asked to identify to prove their humanity when going to vote on TWC.
    And also: VOTE!!!

    Am I the only one getting a brother-sister vibe from Robert and Ada… or ‘a Witch and her familiar’? Eh, mayhaps it’s just due to my brain being on a different station than most people’s…..

    • SirTrojan Reply

      Yep, that’s the vibe i got as well, a lot of the time they have that brother-sister dynamic, or at least they know each other really well… idk
      But when you look at certain pages and assume that they are not, i can see what everyone means.
      And it would probably be more interesting that way, at least in my opinion… 🙂

      • Mr. Nave55 Reply

        One of the frequent things in comics, anime, manga, etc. seems to be two people that like each other but haven’t yet admitted it yet (officially childhood friends or something) acting brotherly/sisterly except at certain times when the sparks really stand out. At least until they admit to their feelings.

        • SirTrojan Reply

          true, that’s pretty common, but not a bad thing 😀
          let’s see if thats the case with this comic aswell. it’s not that clear yet

  7. SirTrojan Reply

    Or not die at all, guess who’s coming for the rescue ;D
    Judging by the fact that she appeard in the cast-section, she will probably tag along and i’m quite intrigued with the possible relationships that might develope.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Not yet! Should be there in a couple of weeks since that’s next on my TO DO list :3

  8. Aurom Reply

    Wow… just caught up from a bit of a reading hiatus and MAN has the art gotten awesome. Keep up the great work and… well I’d say “keep getting better” but to be perfectly honest you probably don’t need to get better than this… hell, I’m not even sure that’d be possible. Anyway. Really enjoying the comic. Don’t stop, I’m looking forward to learning more about its world.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Nope, thanks for letting me know! Anything special about this software?

  9. Adriano Reply

    Hm, sexy new character in a weak position is sexy

    Me wants to be her shiny armored savior !

  10. Camolot the Creator Reply

    See, she’s not flipping off her inevitable doom!
    Pussy. (ba-dum tish)

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