Back to life

I quit my job last Friday so if you thought about supporting Replay on Patreon now’s a nice moment to do it.

And it’s finally hanami season here in Japan so tourists from all over the world have flooded the streets in a hunt for cherry blossoms. My camera decided to die, of course, and I hate taking pictures with myΒ phone, so yeah.

Well, enjoy the page.

34 comments on “Back to life”

  1. Zero Reply

    O.O well…..Uh…….That seems like something you might regret later on. Do you have a backup?

    • NotImportant Reply

      It was a decision unrelated to Replay~ But! It would by nice if by some wild miracle I could avoid looking for a new one hahahaha ha… haha… right =_=

  2. Refugnic Reply

    …I sure hope your work on the comic is not your backup plan though.
    I mean, I sure wouldn’t mind extra-updates now that you’ve got extra time, but definitely not like this.
    An artists life only rarely pays the bills, as I’m sure you’re aware…but then again, you’re smart.
    You wouldn’t quit your job without a Plan B.

    Wait…*checks date*…nope, April 1st was on Saturday.

    Now, to the page…heh, it’s always a delight to see Laura and Sophie.
    You just can’t get that girl down.

    Heh…guess that means some extra walking for you guys.
    But then again, if those demons can pop up wherever they want without caring for walls or fences or whatever, where would they even go, even if they still had trucks to transport goods?

    …though I guess they would be nice for fetching supplies.

  3. gally Reply

    The black haired guy in the bottom panel is now designated as “Mr. Frumpy”.

  4. JW Reply

    “What? Beans! Ughh, I’ll take my chances with the demons!” Is not something many people would say.

  5. Brandon Lewis Reply

    Well, I can only assume that if you left your job, that means it was not a good environment for you.
    If that’s true, good on you! I hope you find a job that you like better.
    The page is wonderful as always – I especially love the range of background characters in this one. Shows how many people are actually in this camp.
    Good luck and keep at it!

      • JW Reply

        I guess with URLs it’s like with people: two’s company, three’s a crowd.

      • Dragon Master Reply

        LOL sorry about that. I was just trying to link to all the examples, I won’;t use so many links in the future. I think the point still stands though.

        • NotImportant Reply

          No problem! But if your comment ever gets lost just let me know haha, cause that would probably the reason.

  6. NiWo21k Reply

    I realy hope you know what you did with quitting your job.
    If your job was a pain and you didnt feel well then i can understand it, but i hope you have a plan B.

    In any case i am crossing my fingers that you will get through this with no backlash πŸ™‚

  7. ety Reply

    Seems like everybody’s saying “I hope you have a plan b.” I’m sure you’ll figure things out ^_^

    I like how the regular main characters are background characters in this strip.

  8. Crestlinger Reply

    Have to ask as potential relevance: did you go out like Robert?

    Vacationed to Japan>liked it>moved to Japan>quit job, sounds like an origin story for a professional travel agent or something tourism related.
    Also webcomic to book via kickstarter can be a thing, once there’s enough to put to it.

  9. VeryPaisehSingaporean Reply


    I’ve finally caught up! I’d just like to say that this is an incredible comic, and I can’t wait for more!

    Also, how is Ada’s name supposed to be pronounced? I fear I’ve been mispronouncing it all this while.

  10. Skygaurd101 Reply

    May the trucks have a proper funeral, with music in the background. πŸ™ and I’d like to add to Singaporean that this comic is incredible and thank you for putting so much time and effort into ypur comic. The art style hasn’t chan and it is very consistent which I would like to add.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Prologue is full of experiments though haha, very happy to hear that you like it! Thanks for letting me know!

  11. NiWo21k Reply

    Something i am curious about:
    Now that you reached the end of chapter one and already started with the second one, will you ever think about bringing Replay out as a book or will it stay a web only comic?

    • NotImportant Reply

      I’d love to make a book one day but it still doesn’t have enough pages. I think the first book would be Prologue + Chapter I + Chapter II. Not thinking about it now, it’s still too early.

      • NiWo21k Reply

        No need to rush, i just wanted to know if we maybe will see a book version with our favorite deamon survivors or if i should give my hope up πŸ™‚

          • Klorix Camp dweller

            Haha, I see I was not the first one to ask this, although my comments are on earlier pages…

  12. Klorix Camp dweller Reply

    So nice of Laura to take care of Sofia. Pretty grown up of her.
    Kasper had a rough night, eh?
    But Robert’s right: trucks would be useful.

    The camp looks so lively now, people everywhere. Still some smoke in the background though, but they are seem to be recovering, sort of.
    The older woman at the makeshift first aid station has a great and very healthy approach, especially after the apocalypse. She’s totally cool. *thumbs up*

  13. SotiCoto Reply


    NO! All these useless nude-face reprobates walking around alive! Unacceptable!
    Sofia, put your damned glasses on, wherever the hell they are!

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