Important memory 3

Robert is usually a rather cheerful guy – unless you force him to get really angry, that is. Sofia was not at fault, obviously, but she became the trigger. And I sincerely hope that none of you had a doubtful pleasure of working for such a company.

From other news: I’m already in Tokyo, extremely tired but in one piece! Just wanted to give you guys an update before I go to sleep and then run off somewhere first thing in the morning. Updates shouldn’t be disrupted during my trip, I have sketched out a ton of pages beforehand! And new illustration/print is finished, stay tuned, there should be an update to this post sometime this week!

And thanks for all those votes, you’ve been super amazing this month! (。・ω・。)ノ♡

UPDATE: New print was added to the Artists Alley! Check out the drawing, let me know if anyone would like a wallpaper out of it, I can make one! Lost of Sofia lately hahaha~


39 comments on “Important memory 3”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    Oh dear, poor little Sophie.

    I guess that’s what they call ‘PTSD’. Or maybe it’s just ‘TSD’?
    I will admit, I’ve been in his shoes.
    Desperate for a job, I took one as ‘technical translator’, however the colleagues and I just didn’t match and I pretty much hated the job, because just next door so many more interesting things were happening.

    Them cancelling my employment before the 6th month was over was a devastating blow at first, however after getting picked up by my friends and family (it’s hard to get up by yourself after being struck down like that repeatedly), I finally found a job as a programmer and I’ve been keeping that job for about 8 years now.

    Sure, the work isn’t always easy and sometimes I’m so tired that I can’t even look straight any more, but whenever we complete a project, or even just a partial success, I feel that it’s worth the effort and trouble. And that by itself (and good co-workers) is worth so much more than top pay.

    Okay, enough talking about my personal life…though, there’s one little goodie. I think the most important question they asked me at my job interview was: ‘If I can imagine maintaining an FTP-based server solution’.

    And boy did I maintain that thing over the past 8 years. 😀

    So yeah, whenever someone asks you whether you can do something, even if you don’t have the slightest idea about the topic in question, even if you’ve never done it or anything like it before, please remember one thing.

    Each and every one of us has been born with a gift called ‘the ability to learn’. Don’t be scared of accepting new challenges and good things may happen.

    …or bad things, as Robert had the pleasure of learning that day.
    But the good news is, that even if you make a bad call like that, they can’t do jack to make you stay.

    Okay, I’ve rambled enough! 😀

    Still, poor Sophie. 😉

    • Dæmon Reply

      Yeah, I know the feeling of not mixing all to well. Then again, I’ve never dealt well with peopel to begin with, and now I’m trying g to get a summer job that is BASED around people. Probably no the smartest move on my part.

      And on to another subject, I was curious if you had any actual advice for that kind of situation, since I think that may be a problem soon, if I can’t get used to large crowds and loud music that makes me want to panic and run every second I stay there. And if the advice is “don’t do that job,” I’m actually doing this for college funds, not for fun, and I don’t have a whole lot of choices in what I can do.

      • Refugnic Reply

        A job should never just be about the money, but also about the fun. If the job you’re doing isn’t fun for you, it’ll grind you down sooner of later.
        It’ll work for a while, sure, but if you are to do it for years, it’ll destroy you without fail.

        Best way into a burnout? Do a job you hate.
        Best way against said burnout? Get into a demon apocalypse.
        But since that’s not going to happen in the presumable future, best stay clear of jobs you hate.

        But we’re talking about short term jobs here, so my advice depends on your willpower.
        Ignorance is key in this regard. I know it’s not that easy to just swallow your fears or ignore the people around you, but if you manage to ignore the mass and just focus on the customer at hand, you should be fine.

        • JW Reply

          A job should never just be about the money, but also about the fun.

          I think that for the majority of people in the world that is, unfortunately, a luxury. You need to earn a living somehow, and not everyone has a lot of options.
          Aside from that, I also think it depends a lot on your goals. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with doing a job you don’t necessarily like, as long as it allows you to do something you do like. (Which, I guess, does sort of imply you at least like the job for what it allows you to do, if not in its own right.)

          So, I’ll make that my advice: keep your goal in mind.

  2. Joe Reply

    Wow – quite a surprise!

    Wonderful as always.
    Just a note – there’s a typo in ‘ended’ and I think ‘payed’ is usually spelled ‘paid’

    • NotImportant Reply

      I have no idea how I manage to make those typos every time, even though I check the pages before uploading.. Eh, thanks for letting me know, I’ll fix it later.

      • Rateus Camp dweller Reply

        I didn’t notice either this page, too struck by the emotional facial expressions!

    • Refugnic Reply

      No, she didn’t. The company, which worked him to the bone without even giving him anything actually worthwhile to do broke him.
      She was just the one who opened the bottle with the angry Jinn inside, maybe hoping to get a wish granted. 😉

      • SKy Reply

        “You” directed at Soph as well as the company.
        They made him suffer, but ultimately it was her that gave the nudge that made his fragile construct of a mental composure fall to pieces. Could have been anyone, could have been any time, but she did it.

  3. Shimojimatto Reply

    Welcome to Tokyo! You came at the right time. The weather is perfect this time of year, IMHO.

    • NotImportant Reply

      It’s awesome, yesterday was rainy and a bit chilly when we left the plane but today… just perfect!

  4. Lukkai Reply

    Top right, fourth speech bubble in the row: “Eneded” has the middle e too many.

    • Lukkai Reply

      And I realised only now that someone else had already pointed it out and I had completely missed that part of his comment. Sorry!

    • NotImportant Reply

      Thanks! And yeah, I managed to see wisterias in full bloom today! I missed them last year so yay! (╯°□°)╯

      • Lukkai Reply

        Perfect timing then. 🙂

        Apropos full bloom: That piece with Sofia is absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Marscaleb Reply

    I’d say “wow that got dark fast” but given the crap that has been going on in this comic already, this is pretty light.

    • ChuckTheProphet Reply

      Keep in mind that this *probably* isn’t the same company we’ve seen Robert and Ada at in other flashbacks. If I read the description a few pages back correctly, Robert is still in school at this time, which coupled with this page’s rant does not suggest that he would have had the position of Market Research Director, as it says on the Cast page. And he’s almost certainly about to get fired, which generally impedes upward movement in said company. Just a bit. But, yeah, I would like to know what this company and the (probable) other company actually do. What sort of service do they provide, or what products do the manufacture? Maybe I missed it, but I think that’s still a mystery. Probably because NotImportant decided that it was not important ;p

      • NotImportant Reply

        I decided it was not important, that’s right..! But it’s a company that doesn’t really produce anything, in my mind Robert was working at figuring out market value of specified goods, then others create marketing campaign, figure out how to introduce new brand into the market and so on. Not sure how those companies are called if there is any specific name to call them.

        • Refugnic Reply

          I believe they are actually called ‘marketing companies’. Take a shitload of money for basically simple things even I could do, but that’s besides the point.

  6. AgentNevada Reply

    in regards to the wallpaper, he’ll yeah. as for Robs uh… outburst sounds like he’s justified. although it also sounds like at this point in the flash back he’s about to get fired. y’know, imma just throw this out here, I can see myself shipping Rob and Sofia, or at least rooting for Sofia.

  7. Refugnic Reply

    Ada should better watch out, cause Sophie’s certainly taking the spotlight as of late.
    If she doesn’t watch out, she just might lose her spot as the main heroine…but then again, there’s still room for a villainess. 😛
    I’m pretty sure Adam wouldn’t mind the company, that’s for sure. 😀

    • NotImportant Reply

      I got swayed by Sofia as well haha, I really need to draw something nice with Ada next time!

      • Refugnic Reply

        For some weird reason, I have no problem picturing Ada as the head villainess though…I wonder what she’d look like ‘on the other side of the battlefield’.
        You know, where they’ve got pretty clothes, legions of darkness and cookies. 😛

        • NotImportant Reply

          She doesn’t feel like a part of the society, was mocked by others, doesn’t trust them – it’s easy to picture her angry and indifferent.

  8. Rateus Camp dweller Reply

    The new print of Sofia amongst the blossoms is beautiful. I love it <3

  9. Howard Reply

    is that a tear running down Sofia’s face? is she scared or just upset for him?

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