All that gloom and agony was not only to remind you that people will be dying in this comic but also so that this page could happen ლ(o◡oლ) It wasn’t in the original story since Stefen was not part of the original and Nina’s role was… marginal? But I think it made for a very nice relief page. I hope you guys enjoy.

I was on Anime Japan on Saturday and spend whole Sunday reading second volume of Storm Archives like a mad person. Kaladin, you storming idiot… But nevermind, I had a fun weekend and didn’t draw anything at all. If you are curious about the Anime Japan thing you can follow me on Instagram, I’ll be probably posting some photos.

Did you guys follow the vote incentives last week? I hope at least some of you managed to catch all four extra strips haha~ If you didn’t vote… well, you can still find them on Patreon if you wish to support Replay or wait for the side-story to end, I’ll post all extra comic on the site then.

22 comments on “Relief”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    How funny, how the gruesome loss of a few loved ones can make even the most badass person act like a child again…good thing that Mommy Nina is there for some comfort.

    Really nice page and a nice change from all the death and destruction (Ada might have accidentally caused with her toothpaste) lately.

  2. NiWo21k Reply

    I love this page – its great to see how all the tension is leaving him and how relieved he is that he isnt the only survivor as he first thought and how Nina is comforting him.

    And like i said some pages ago:
    Gloom and sad thing should happen, not even real life is a cake walk, but it should be done right (what you did 😉 ) and not just for the sake of having such things in there.

      • Dragon Master Reply

        In all fairness, he probably does smell pretty rough. Especially given how he woke up next to his assitant’s body that had it’s intestines wrapped around her arm. Gut wounds smell offal.

    • NiWo21k Reply

      “until the next slaughter, alas :<"

      Lets give them some peace for now, they deserve it – We all now how NI loves to torture them.

      • JW Reply

        They should be able to sleep a lot safer as long as Ada can cast that protective circle each night (and maybe day).
        I wonder how long it lasts.

  3. Micah Reply

    That last panel makes Nina look much older. Was that intentional? Also, I like the development of showing that Stephan isn’t always serious and kept together.

    • Twisted omeN Reply

      Honestly, of all the people that have shown up (and beyond the 2 star roles) Stefen has got to be my favorite so far. As a character he’s very intriguing, being shown in a serious manor to forward plot points and yet also able to show so much personality. He seems more than just the blunt, straight-forward, tough love archetype. He seems very much human, not unshakable, and in this page seeing how something this traumatic can make such an impact on his psyche makes me all the more interested in him and his tale.

      Of course all the characters are interesting, but Stefen’s the one I enjoy seeing the most.

  4. Night Spark Corporal Reply

    is there by any chance that your using FMA alchemy law by any chance when developing the spells?

    • NotImportant Reply

      I didn’t watch FMA so even if I am – it’s not on purpose. Ada will explain where those spells come from in the next chapter (the source is real).

      • JW Reply

        FMA uses alchemy based “magic”. And since it’s based on transforming/rearranging one thing into another, the main rule is that to get something requires sacrificing something equivalent. Which, if you’re not careful, can cost you an arm and a leg 😉
        I don’t think they ever really got into in in the anime (either version), but I think the ‘spells’ were basically just the recipe/algorithm for transforming one thing into another.

        Also, reflecting on this, it seems pretty obvious to me Replay magic is not like FMA “magic”. If it were, everyone in the tent would probably have been exchanged for something more horrible 😛 And it seems to me that barrier spells and invisibility charms lie outside of the realm of alchemy.

  5. Klorix Camp dweller Reply

    That’s right Nina, hold him tight, he needs it… desperately.
    I love Nina’s facial expression in the last panel! Agree with Zero here, were caring.

  6. SotiCoto Reply

    OI! Thor damnit, old man. NO LOLLYGAGGING!

    Resurrection spells need to be performed quickly or things get tricky.


    • antrik Reply

      It’s always interesting when, on yet another re-read, I feel like making a comment… Only to realise that I already made that comment years ago! 😉

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