Changes in leadership

First of all, I want to thank you for your worries, best wishes, and support, you guys are simply the sweetest bunch in this cold and mostly empty universe (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ ♡♡♡

I am perfectly well and sitting on a pile of savings so I’m not worried as of yet. You shouldn’t worry either. In fact, I probably shouldn’t have troubled you with that news, I was very grumpy last week, I’m sure you understand – you leave your job, insecurities kick in, there’s hanami season and crowds are every-frikin’-where, your camera breaks when you are about to take a shot of your life (obviously) and there’s been a decrease in number of comments lately and nothing makes sense anymore and… Exaggeration to illustrate my point.

What now – Replay will continue, hopefully without any serious disturbances. I will be preparing for a job hunt here in Tokyo, we’ll see how it goes. I’ll try to make a bigger buffer to avoid going on hiatus when I get the job and get super stressed out and all that. So no, I’m not going to update more often because I don’t have a job anymore, instead, I’m going to focus on recuperating and finding a new source of income. Well, I might get to 3 updates per week if Replay covers my living expenses haha, very unlikely scenario at this point but one can dream, right?

Anyway, you lot have my sincere thanks, your support motivated me greatly and lifted my spirits. I’m working on a new illustration and some extra comics so watch the vote incentives. The generous ones on Patreon already saw some bits and pieces. See you next week, on the next page you’ll see the cutest Stefen ever~!


51 comments on “Changes in leadership”

  1. Rateus Camp dweller Reply

    I thought panel 1 was cuing up a stealthy post battle hand holding! The guy nearest to them on the bench reminds me of Silent Bob.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Eh! A friend of mine said the same thing but I ignored her comment since she draws a yaoi comics. Maybe I was too hasty in disregarding her opinion lol.
      Silent Bob was not intentional!

      • Rateus Camp dweller Reply

        Oops, I unintentionally revealed some of my other reading habits ;-p

      • antrik Reply

        FWIW, I also feel this shot gives off a “I want to touch you” vibe… And I doubt it’s got much to do with reading habits 🙂

        (Yaoi is definitely not among my regular reading habits… Though I guess might have happened upon some in the past? Don’t know the exact definition — and I’m not picky about genres, as long as there is a good story 🙂 )

        I’d say the perception of this scene is rather independent of genres. (Or genders, for that matter…)

  2. Acnari Reply

    When I was a teenager, I made a ‘pact’ with a close friend of mine that if we ever found ourselves in situations where we were simply working to live, we would quit our jobs and move on as fast as we could. I watched my dad spend 20 years in a job that he hated, simply because he felt like he was trapped and there was no other options. It’s not worth it! I’m sure you will find another job-the amazing amount of work that you do on this beautiful webcomic (which has become the one I look forward to the most!) demonstrates to me how diligent you are, and your willingness to put in effort.
    I’m very happy to hear that we can continue to follow the Replay Comic adventures!

    • NotImportant Reply

      Thank you! Your words are very true. World is full of different options and opportunities. I am content with my decision, even if I know it’s probably going to be hard and stressful from now on. But heh, life is not meant to be easy, right? 😉
      And! I’m super happy that you enjoy the comic! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. NiWo21k Reply

    Its good to hear that you quitting your job just sounded like a overhasty decision 🙂
    I know how frustrating it could get if so many things just go wrong at once – then its best just to scream a little bit and then get in your head that i after such a low it can only get better – crossing my fingers that you find something 🙂

    And the day will come where Replay has enough fans that you can live from it – you will see 😀

    And again: How do you go from truck to tank – Rob i know you want to kill them but a tank? You know that you only killed them with your sword, or do you want to shoot them wwith swords and knives.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Oh no, I think I already spent too long there, seeing for the opportunities to do fun things or to grow quickly depleted… But I wanted to finish my master thesis, then go to Japan, having an easy job was just too convenient. Well, I remove the convenience, time to move that lazy butt of mine ;D
      And hey, tanks are cool. Wouldn’t you want to have one if you could? But I imagine they were pretty useless against the demons since those creatures can appear inside locked rooms. Just imagine that… ๏◡๏

      • Dragon Master Reply

        Even if a blast from a tank shell doesn’t kill a demon I imagine it will be fairly easy to avoid if it’s scattered all about the place in small pieces.

        • NiWo21k Reply

          As long they dont duplicate when blown into tiny pieces it could work. Worst case scenario: They made a big army out of one.

      • NiWo21k Reply

        You will make it – in some way, i know it 🙂

        So tanks are nothing more than mobile “can food” for deamons 😛

      • antrik Reply

        Actually, tanks are so cramped, that it would be pretty hard for most of these demons to appear inside one…

        Anyway, that means the tank’s armour is useless, and in fact counter-productive (no running away); but the offensive armament could still be useful — so I guess some kind of open self-propelled artillery would actually be preferable?

  4. Magnema Reply

    A remark about art in the last panel: the “… in charge right now” and “I’s just…” speech bubbles are missing a connection that would lie between the “… deserves it” and “How did…” speech bubbles, if that makes sense. (You’re missing the little connector-chunk that isn’t between either speech bubble, assuming that wasn’t a deliberate decision.)

  5. Robert of Z Reply

    Troubles are like rain. You can only get so wet.
    A positive mental attitude is worthless without the sweat equity.
    “Russians don’t take a dump, son, without a plan. ” – Hunt for Red October
    – If you don’t have a plan, make one. – Me

    Ok, enough with the attempts at encouragement. You’ve been through rough times before and you’re still fine.

    This is just another learning opportunity. Don’t squander it.

    Make your plan, your backup, your contingency, and your failsafe… then go kick some ass.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Haha those are so true! I’ve got a few mantras of my own, collected from various interesting people, but unfortunately they don’t translate to English well…
      I do have a plan, had it before I quit my current job. I’ll be good if nothing terrible happens and I find a new job before winter. Gonna kick some ass!

      • Robert of Z Reply

        I’ve got one more for you.

        When life give you lemons… only rainbow licking unicorn humpers make lemonade.

        Put the lemons in a pillow case…

        Then go beat the shit out of life with it.

        • JW Reply

          That’s such a waste of lemons; do you have any idea how expensive they are these days? Why not put rocks in the pillowcase, and use the lemons for lemonade, or to make lemon-drizzle cake?

        • NotImportant Reply

          Ahh that made me think of the time when I was training kick-boxing. That was nice… To punch things until your fists and feet bled, that felt nice~

  6. Crestlinger Reply

    If they had one:
    *Secures sword to tank turret with duct tape.
    *Spins tank turret.

  7. Rateus Camp dweller Reply

    I just clocked mister boyfriend in panel 1. Imagine if Ada overheard that, there would be hell to pay!

  8. ray Reply

    Been a fan of this web-comic for many months now.

    Should have said so.
    The artistry is excellent, the characters heroic, and though we know at the start where the story must go, we don’t know what end will come.
    Just like life, I guess.
    Thanks for the story, NotImportant!

  9. Night Spark Corporal Reply

    “HA HA I AM HERE!” been a while since i commented, but hey better late than never! When do you think you’ll have the first book of the comic ready? you could sell it at Summer Comiket 92 if not the winter one aside from that comic is at a anti-climax right now so comments are mostly going towards you and you life as a “heads up” for now 🙂

    • NotImportant Reply

      Eh might be, I’m not used to such things and I see comics having 200+ comments about random little things and I get grumpy. I guess I don’t inspire nonsense lol

      Comiket 92? Now that would be something haha! But I think I won’t be making the first book anytime soon, mostly because I’ll need to focus on the job-hunt. I really want to try and aim for a good job now so I don’t expect it to be easy. And looking how Ava’s demon was stuck for, what, 2 years? Making the book? It probably isn’t something quick and easy to do.

      • JW Reply

        Eh might be, I’m not used to such things and I see comics having 200+ comments about random little things and I get grumpy. I guess I don’t inspire nonsense lol

        On the one hand, I know some wonderful comics that are lucky to get even one or two comments per update.
        On the other hand, we did get over a hundred a few times a while back. So I do sometimes wonder what’s changed as well.

        I suppose I could post more nonsense. Maybe. I do keep back sometimes 😛

        • NotImportant Reply

          I have no idea, comments psychology is apparently too much for me lol I’ll just need to assume you guys didn’t get bored with the comic 😉

          • NiWo21k

            How can you think such a thing – i think if we would get bored, we wouldnt talk about your characters and the world under every page 😉

            I know it could look like something like this when there arent so many comments, but to be honest if i look at some other comics, there may be more comments but most of them arent really about the comic anymore at some point and others only reach 6-8 comments per page in their best times, so i wouldnt think to much about many or few comics, as long there are people commenting about your comic and what you are telling us it means there are people out there caring for what you do 😉

            But if you want more comments you can try something i saw somewhere else years ago: There were artists who hid messages in their pages (names, symbols etc.) and let their readers figure it out what was on there.

      • antrik Reply

        I won’t delve into comment psychology (haven’t mastered that field just yet 😉 ) — but as far as I can tell, the past excesses were mostly driven by one particular commenter, who hasn’t been around much lately… In other words, there isn’t really a system behind it — it’s coincidence, plain and simple.

  10. ety Reply

    I’m sorry I haven’t been commenting as much D: This is obviously all my fault D: I’ve been keeping up with the comic though, albeit I haven’t necessarily been able to check in the moment it updates as much.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Haha there is no ‘fault’ when nothing really happened. Thank you for reading and being there <3

      • ety Reply

        You probably won’t read this by now XD, but I was attempting to be a little bit funny. 😛

  11. Dragon Master Reply

    I’m curious where’s Nina? If Filip’s here Nina can’t be too far away, their always together. Is she helping Miss Ponytails and Sofia?
    Also is Filip have panther bits or is that Sofia or both of them?

    • NotImportant Reply

      Pather! I like that haha! I thought of them as cats but again, I don’t really think about it all that much. And Nina will be back on the next page.

      • Dragon Master Reply

        Well as I see it Miss Ponytails and Kasper are Mountain Lions; “Mr. Boyfriend” and Stefen are wolves (albeit 2 different kinds; and Nina makes me think of a Cocker Spaniel. As for Faust … well I have no idea what he is, I’m assuming something in the ferret/stoat/weasel family because of his character.

        By the way NI, for a while now I haven’t been receiving email’s notifying me of new posts even though the box is checked. I don’t know if I’m the only one it’s happening to or if it’s a problem on my end or what, but just wanted to tell you as an FYI.

        • NotImportant Reply

          Ooh, thanks for letting me know D: Maybe I need to update a plugin or two…
          And your guesses are aligned with my ideas, Faust was meant to be a white tiger though~ I wanted some Asian blood in him ๏◡๏

          • Dragon Master

            Oh cool, I didn’t think of a tiger, (or any big cat as you can see LOL). What threw me was his hair. I’m going that kinda looks like another tail except it’s coming out the back of his head, except that’s not possible nor would it make any sense. But it would be kinda cool maybe? xD

  12. JW Reply

    Maya doesn’t need to hide the body, she made it look like a suicide.

  13. Klorix Camp dweller Reply

    Mmh, that sausage looks like it would make for a niiiiice sandwich after a rough night.

    So, Kasper has been taking care of things, or people’s rescue at least. I hope he’s up to the task. And I hope they will soon find something to repel the demons, because Robert’s Katana and Ada’s spells can each only be in one place at a time.

    So, I guess I won’t be catching up tonight…
    You’ll probably be waking soon or might already be up, so have a nice day. Have a look at TWC, that will lift your spirits regardless of comments. 🙂

    • NotImportant Reply

      Haha thanks for reading! Not many pages left! ;D And yes, I monitor TWC very closely hehehe~

  14. antrik Reply

    “Let’s take tanks if the SUVs are gone”… Kinda reminds me of “let them eat brioche” 😉

  15. antrik Reply

    I love the contrast of Filip describing Robert as a total bad-ass, while at the very same time the man himself is being kinda silly 🙂

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