A threat

Ada feels at home in his place. Goes straight away to the toys.

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I hope you guys are well! The rainy season continues. It’s very long this year, everyone’s depressed and we even had an energy drink added to the vending machine at work (normally it’s not there). I like rain but not seeing the sun for so long and not being able to go anywhere is a bit depressing. Only a bit though. Because I get to draw a lot.

It’s the third weekend in a row when I set aside some time to practice realistic style drawing instead of anime/manga stuff. It feels good, even though it’s not terribly creative because I’m only copying other people’s pieces or movie screencaps – just practicing and polishing the technique. I’m still way better with realism than I am with manga style even though I haven’t drawn that way in a long while. Drawing manga doesn’t give me as much pleasure and is not as relaxing either. I have no idea why; I guess I just feel too constricted by the style.

Don’t worry though, Replay is not going away. Not anytime soon, anyway. But I could use some extra motivation so if you guys could vote or show your support in any other way (social media, Patreon, merchandise, comments, fanarts?) that would be amazing. I got two new fanfics from Refugnic this weekend so give those a read, they’re cool and made me smile! Thank you so much, Refugnic! I got a song too, but forgot to share with you guys. Here, grab it all at once:

Ah, right! I added a goal on Patreon too, for the side-stories. I’ll finish the one I’ve started and am looking forward to making another one (Ada’s drunken mischiefs? Filip and Nina getting together? Sofia’s romance adventures during college? Stefen’s tragic past? You guys pick!) as long as the goal is hit. I seriously thought that I could maybe MAYBE one day pay for my groceries with Replay and retire early or something. I guess I lost hopes for that at this point. So unless something proves me wrong, I’ll be shifting some of my time into other things like realistic drawing and Historia project (btw I drew for this one this weekend too, it’s progressing nicely!).

Please enjoy the page and play some Beat Saber!

15 comments on “A threat”

  1. JW Reply

    For a second I thought panel 4 showed Ada as his desktop background. (I have no idea if PS4s even have a desktop or background)

    I want Ada as my desktop background.

      • JW Reply

        I actually don’t have a desktop background atm. I used to have a whole collage of various webcomic and anime/manga cutouts. Now it’s just a default desktop over 50% covered with icons, many of which with informative names like “old”, “temp”, “test” and “unsorted images”.

  2. Refugnic Reply

    Gee, thanks for the shoutout about my fanarts. 🙂

    While it’s unfortunately the only thing I can do to support you (except for voting at TWC, but that is hardly any sort of effort), I still hope it helps keeping you motivated.

    And ‘new theme song’?
    Hah, now you’ve got me imagining Replay as an actual anime and that thing as intro song…boy, that would suck. 😀
    I mean, there’s a few scenes where it fits well, but as a general theme song…sorry, can’t see it. 🙂

    Though the ‘preview picture’ you chose fits it very nicely. 😀

  3. Refugnic Reply

    (Sorry for the double post, the page wouldn’t accept the full comment for some reason)

    A weeks worth of clothes?
    Well, for one I want to believe that Rob can do laundry, meaning that she could stay as long as it takes.
    Plus, even without the use of a washing machine, there are…*ahem*…methods to stretch the time one can use the available clothes.

    ‘I need you’…that’s a fun choice for the name of a (probably fictional?) game in this particular situation.
    Too bad that Rob’s not having any of it and is cutting straight to the chase.
    I mean, while I’m all for ‘advancing the plot’, seeing them prance around the subject for a little while longer might have been fun too.

    • JW Reply

      I can imagine there’s a certain subset of her laundry Ada might prefer Rob not to handle, and likewise Rob might prefer not to handle (and simultaneously would).
      And she’d probably prefer not to stretch their use.

    • NotImportant Reply

      “I need you” is a very real song in the Beat Saber, actually! Not going to comment on Ada’s choice though hahah~

      • Refugnic Reply

        Ah yes, a rhythm game.
        That makes (a lot) more sense.

        My apologies, I was not aware of that particular game (Beat Saber) and actually took the song title as the name of a game. 😀

        Haha, man, I’m so out of the loop with games. 🙂

      • latesofi Reply

        I actually loved that reference since I love playing Beat Saber and using an exact song name instead of game name appeared to be so niche! (I beat all free levels on Expert+ with either A or S rank myself, ‘I Need You’ only with an A, though :()

        First time commenting, by the way 😀 long time reader, though. This is a great comic! It 1

        • NotImportant Reply

          Aaaa! All the songs on expert+?! Nice… I only cleared two so far, respect!
          And thank you! Both for reading and for commenting, really appreciate it 🙂

    • Rateus Camp dweller Reply

      It definitely should be a week’s worth not a week worth. I figured that seemed like a Beat Sabre reference. I’m really enjoying this flashback.

  4. Regis Earsquake Reply

    It really has to ne serious If eh cancles a bussines trip and even bei gs a Werk worth of clothing. Now I Wang Go.know what it is

  5. JW Reply

    I’ve never been in touch with games. Personally, I assumed it was a dating-sim. Not sure why I’d assume Ada would play those, but I do.

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