Best medicines

I hope it makes you wonder what happened in the past… I have an ambitious plan to make an extra short-comic for that incident. Maybe. At some point. When I have nothing better to do~

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Hiking in Hakone was nice (it didn’t even rain), onsen was very nice (onsen is always nice), I still have one more day off tomorrow and guess what I’ll be doing? Drawing. << …. >> I removed everything else because I started whining. Just enjoy the page guys! I hope you had a fun weekend!

Also, who didn’t watch Stranger things yet? Did you like the ending? Me so upset.

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9 comments on “Best medicines”

  1. Doom Reply

    I wish to learn about drunken Ada shenanigans, please.

    I can see why Rob thinks Ada’s sending him mixed messages, even though she’s really not. Ada just values her best friend’s happiness and general well-being.

  2. JW Reply

    Also, who didn’t watch Stranger things yet? Did you like the ending? Me so upset.

    I think I’ve heard of the name, but aside from that I’m totally oblivious.

    <> I removed everything else because I started whining.

    Eh, what do you have a website for if you can’t whine to your heart’s content 😉
    The only downside is lots of unsolicited and irrelevant advice.

  3. Crestlinger Reply

    One touch and one bottle to get him out of his funk, at least temporarily.

  4. Refugnic Reply

    Yeah well, there’s no way the poor guy could get this sense of ‘friendliness’ (and the apparent readiness to…lower the shame barrier) ‘the wrong way’.
    Seriously though, I’m terrible with subtext, but if the girl I like comes to my room to cheer me up, brings a bottle of alcohol and acts all friendly and stuff…I’d probably get it wrong too.

    However there’s one little thing with the text that irks me.

    ‘I don’t need a recap…’
    This implies, that Ada started reminding him of the last time they had alcohol (whatever happened then).

    I think it should either be, ‘Do you need a reminder what happened…’ or ‘Should I recap the last time…’ or, what you were probably going for: ‘I don’t need a repeat of…’

    Stranger things?
    I’ve heard the name, but I’m sooo not up2date with things. 😀

    Oh and I also agree with JW: Go ahead and whine all you want.
    Those who don’t care can simply skip the wall of text.
    Those who do care give you words of encouragement and advice. 😉

  5. sagelypotato Reply

    Rather than Robert thinking Ada is into him due to her deep involvement and concern for him (whether its the case or not), I think it would be pretty fair to fall for someone who cares that deeply for you regardless of if the feeling is reciprocated or not. Maybe mistaking her feelings was wishful thinking on robs part when looking back on events like these, reasoning in ways that support his feelings?

  6. DragonMaster Reply

    Yeah I saw the latst season of Stranger Things, and I wasn’t thrilled with the ending either. I feel like they kinda dropped the ball. We were told the mindflayer was gathering chemicals for El. And after that its never mentioned again. My theory is that the Mindflayer was looking for a way to either neutralize or steal her power’s. Also for the love of god can we please let Joyce be happy?
    The new Mindflayers body made me think somebody combined a Symbiote (Marvel Comics) with Alien (Alien Franchise).

  7. Alex Reply

    Well, I’ve seen the first half of Stranger Things 3 so far. I’ll watch it later eventually, but for now I’ve lost interest, because it has been a bit heavy on the Deus Ex Machina side, including how literally all of the relationship conflicts were created, be it love or friendship. The NotImportant ones are better. 🙂 El should totally start a Boob diary, too. 😀

  8. KTrimbach Reply

    Ah, so it looks like our little bushy-tailed tsundere went too far the last time they drank too much. No chance of that this time . Especially with how good she looks in that last panel. No wonder Rob is so screwed up.

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