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And here you have it, mystery solved~ Also, isn’t Violet really cute? I wanted her to be cute and I think I succeeded. Two pages more on Patreon!

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How are you guys doing? A busy week in front of me (NY part of my team is coming with a visit!) so I probably won’t be around much, trying to balance more-work-than-usual with drawing the next page, heh. But I had a very nice weekend – we went hiking to Mt. Mito: It was a long hike, around 3 hours, and 900m elevation. We even saw Fuji even though it rained a little and was very cloudy! I took lots of amazing, green photos and can’t wait to sketch out some of them and maybe add some demons here and there… Well, not anytime soon, probably. Next weekend will be team-outing and Wonder Festival!

Historia project is also progressing nicely, I managed to produce another set of CGs this week so I’m pretty happy with myself. It takes so much time but when everything is finally put together – text, music, graphics – it’s so amazing!…

Anyway, see you guys next week, not long until this chapter is over!

6 comments on “By the way”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    As I already told you on Twitter, I’m doing fine.

    Though the downsides of summer are most certainly ticking me off occasionally (nights so hot you can’t sleep…and even if you can, then there’s the winged bloodsuckers…)

    Anyway…hmm, for someone who just claimed to be ‘really awesome’ at this kind of game, a combo of 0 is…not very impressive.
    She might have a wee bit of a problem focusing on the task at hand…not that I can blame her. 🙂

    Now, the real question here is…why would she walk up to Ada and tell her, that she just broke up with Rob?

    Really, there’s only one viable explanation at this juncture: She knew that Robert was (still) into Ada (more or less secretly).
    That she would never be his ‘Number 1’, but always just be a ‘replacement’.

    But at the same time she liked the guy enough to not just dump him for ‘not actually doing something wrong’…so she took the other route and loaded the blame for failing the relationship on herself.

    And then she walked up to Ada and basically told her, ‘Yeah, your man is free again, now go and get him.’

    Of course I could be quite mistaken on about any account and she’s really a far less noble character…but just for the time being, I want to assume the best of her.
    One shouldn’t talk bad about the (presumably) dead after all, am I right? 😉

    Have a pleasant week. 🙂

  2. Lone Wanderer Reply

    What’s the chances that just yesterday was the first time I played Beat Saber, and then this page comes out the next day.

    Spoopy coincidence, eh?

    • Refugnic Reply

      Actually, this is the second time in this comic that this game is referenced, the first one being from last week.

      If it’s any comfort, until last week I didn’t even know that game existed, much less what it is about.
      Though I guess that’s to be expected, seeing how the last Sony console I played was the PS 2. 🙂

      Oh and in case you wondered (probably not, but meh), the latest Nintendo console I own is the Wii.

      • Lone Wanderer Reply

        I played it on computer, not PS4, but I getcha.

        And I guess it did get referenced last page… I just didn’t recognize the layout for some reason, thought it was some generic future-game menu Important thought up. But yeah, guess I’m blind or something missing that one. lol

        I haven’t played Wii in forever, but there were a few games I played on it that were fun. Mostly the resort mii game or whatever, the 100 pin bowling and sword fighting questline or something. Those were fun.

  3. Crestlinger Reply

    That Would be an awesome prank. To have a life size cardboard, pillow, or inflatable demon from here suddenly pop up or drop down from a tree on a hiking trail.
    Alas poor Violet, likely met her end at the tentacles of a violet violent demon.

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