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29 comments on “Gallery”

  1. Anarcking Reply

    Oh WOW, your awesome! I’m sooo in love with this story and the art! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK <3<3<3

  2. Another Artist Reply

    I am very fond of your work. Your art style is very beautiful and I hope to become more like you when I get the chance. Please continue this series, I am very intrigued on more to come. 🙂

    • NotImportant NotImportant Reply

      Very happy to hear that! And no plans to stop drawing anytime soon~ Thanks for reading!

  3. Wojszach Reply

    Hello,i like this comic, and if everything go good,i will translate it on polish

    • NotImportant NotImportant Reply

      Thanks! Mainly Photoshop, sometimes Paintstorm for linearts (since it’s harder to make nice lines in Photoshop).

  4. Dæmon Reply

    So, considering I have absolutely no access to any social media you use (my parents blocked it all, except G+, AND my brother ruined Facebook for us both), I can’t access the daily sketches. What should I do?

    • NotImportant NotImportant Reply

      Not posting them lately due to lack of time but… hm… That’s a hard one hah and since for now I don’t plan to throw on the the site every little sketch I make I don’t have a solution. Maybe I’ll figure something out once I go back to the sketches.

  5. Dr. Farbe Reply

    I Love your artstyle! The characters look really nice and the demons are awesome af ^^
    Also the story is really nice, longing for moooooore!!! ^^

    Keep on going \ ^o^ /

    • NotImportant NotImportant Reply

      Thanks! I’ll keep drawing, no worries~ Glad you like it! \(-ㅂ-)/ ♥

  6. eh Reply

    I apologize for any bad grammar. hey, could someone post a link to the original. I wasn’t around to read it back whenever it came out, and I’m a little curious about the differences made in the story. if the original doesn’t exist anymore (or if it’s on this site and I’m being an idiot) that’s cool too, id just like to know.

    • NotImportant NotImportant Reply

      Original? I’m afraid that’s the original. Apart from the comic there is also a script in Polish but it’s not published and will never be.

      • eh Reply

        sorry, I was a little tired XD, thank you for replying though. also really? its a really good story so far, I just thought there was some kind of first draft or something.

        • NotImportant NotImportant Reply

          Thank you and glad you enjoy it! There is a full book written (in Polish) but it’s focused only on Robert and Ada, many characters (like Nina, Sofia, Stefen…) were added only in the comics. I wanted to follow the book closely but it was too boring that way…! ;P

  7. Morgorath Reply

    Absolutely Fantastic. I just started reading and am already hooked. And you can chalk up another fan for Ada (it is the freckles).
    Out of curiosity, will you ever produce a physical copy of the story?

    • NotImportant NotImportant Reply

      Hey! Thanks for reading and I’m very happy you like the comic! I sure hope to print it one day, but for now I’m focusing on making more and more pages. It would still be pretty thin right now~

      • Morgorath Reply

        True that, I just think it would make an excellent edition to my collection. Keep up the awesome work.

        • NotImportant NotImportant Reply

          Ahh, I’m honored! I’ll do what I can, printing it when the time comes included 😉

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