Memories of rain 2

I wonder if someone manages to catch the… Hm, not going to say what, but I had a weird idea while drawing this page, maybe you’ll spot it. Apart from that, let me tell you just how terrible drawing bicycles is. Might be that I’m slightly masochistic when it comes to drawing.

Apart from the new page, I have updated the Gallery where you can now find a new wallpaper from the last week’s vote incentive! A fresh incentive is already up as well, it’s a cutout from the incoming page. You guys have been voting like crazy lately, thanks a lot! ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ I’ve been quite busy this weekend, sketching the next scene. I am leaving for Tokyo (yeah, again) at the beginning of July, hence the preparations. I lost two pages from the buffer on the last trip due to lack of time for drawing, but this time I have everything sketched out up to page 69 of the current chapter (this one is 57th)..! ლ(╹◡╹ლ)

Enjoy Ada’s sulking and see you next week!


35 comments on “Memories of rain 2”

  1. Adriano Reply

    Why do you go back to Japan?
    Anyway, I hope you’ll make a good trip and enjoy 😀

      • Adriano Reply

        Heheh, cool 😀
        You’re welcome!
        I really hope you’ll enjoy it! I really mean it, especially since I’d wish to go to Japan too, if not for the architecture and so on, at leats for the MANGAAAAAAAAAAS~

        • NotImportant NotImportant Reply

          Going to Japan is not so hard once you seriously plan to do it so good luck buddy! And I’m sure I’ll enjoy it, well, if sun and insane humidity don’t kill me, that is~

    • NotImportant NotImportant Reply

      Hahaha you are crazy people! I love you all! \(-ㅂ-)/ ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. Doom Reply

    Pretty sky! Dreary rain! Crushed soda can of some sort! Most importantly, adorable Ada! I want to give her hugs, she looks like she needs one. A nice page, this.

    Having done today’s TopWebComics votes, I notice Replay is rank #2 and only about 1000 votes below the current #1 comic at the time of this post. Very nice.

  3. Ooorah Reply

    Oh god, Ada’s angry face is so cute. Definitely worth the vote. Thanks for the wallpaper too!

    As for the weird idea with this page… the only thing I can think of is the way the can and bike panel are skewed and overlayed on the angled rain shot. Not sure though. I like the dynamic of those panels though. It really conveys the mood.

    • NotImportant NotImportant Reply

      Nope! It’s pretty obvious but not everyone can spot it, argh, it’s so hard to keep my mouth shut!

    • NotImportant NotImportant Reply

      Warm, but it’s not about the ears, although it’s about that panel.

        • NotImportant NotImportant Reply

          That’s door handle, actually ;D And mystery has already been solved by Gypsy!

          • Beret Guy

            Oops miles off.

            That’s a nice door though. Did you get it at Ikea?

  4. Refugnic Reply

    Two songs come to mind with this page.
    One: Katie Melua with ‘The flood’ and second ‘Umbrella’ from Rihanna, though this page most definitely has more of a ‘The flood’ feel.

    Furthermore…quite personally I always carry an umbrella with me, simply because the weather can be oh so very unpredictable.
    Seems like Ada’s not as well prepared. :)

  5. DeltaMikePapa Reply

    The bottom left and right parts, are both part of the same panel. Ada on the outside, and the others on the other side of the glass door.

    • DeltaMikePapa Reply

      What I don’t get though, is the “Dave” comment from the kid tying his shoe.

    • NotImportant NotImportant Reply

      Yeah, that’s one panel alright, but that’s not what I meant.
      I am beginning to fear that no one will catch it, some failure that is, ugh!

      • DeltaMikePapa Reply

        Well, aside from the fact that Robert’s eyes appear brown in that panel, and the blue haired kid appears to be holding up Robert’s ear, I can’t see it. 😛

        • NotImportant NotImportant Reply

          B-blue haired? That’s gray! And nope, there is no Robert on this page, only Ada, random kids and rain. And the bicycle.

      • DeltaMikePapa Reply

        Still can’t figure out why the orange haired kid is refering to Robert as “Dave” though. Unless I’m missing something blindingly obvious that is. 😛

          • NotImportant NotImportant

            How did you confuse him with Robert is a mystery to me haha 😀 I’d understand if it was the gray haired guy!

  6. Velocat Reply

    Not to add to your angst over drawing bicycles but I did spot two things with it. Reflectors facing directly aft are red, not orange. Also the chainstays don’t appear to connect to the seatstay. I enjoy your comic very much though I’m probably a little out of the normal demographic at 59.

    • NotImportant NotImportant Reply

      Not sure what the normal demographic is, to be honest, but I’m very happy you can enjoy it as well. Thanks for reading!
      And thanks for letting me know about the errors although… I can’t promise I’ll muster up the will to fix them. Really had enough of this bike. No more bikes.

  7. Idhren Reply

    The floppy eared kid is not Robert, I can see that. Is Robert the gray-haired kid in the back? Just taking a wild guess.
    If that’s not it I have no clue what the hard to catch thing in this scene is. I feel like there is going to be a massive “oh how could I not have caught that” moment for a lot of people when you say what it is.

    • Gypsy Reply

      Or his little rude orange cat friend, hmmm? His name wouldn’t happen to be ‘Paul’, now would it?

      • NotImportant NotImportant Reply

        Oooh! Bingo! When making up random kids I thought it would be funny to incorporate characters from another comic – Bittersweet Candy Bowl~
        So that’s not Robert, those are David, Paul and Mike, or are supposed to be haha. Their role will end on the next page though.

  8. Beret Guy Reply

    You know what else is beautiful, wet and cold?

    Ice cream. I like ice cream

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