First disciple

I know you all expected that haha, this page wasn’t supposed to be there since the outcome was so predictable. My boyfriend didn’t let me, he complained that this is an important moment for Laura. He’s right I guess, I’ll let her have her glory~

Keep your fingers crossed this week! My other half has another final interview this week, maybe this time the stress won’t eat him alive and this job-hunting nightmare will end for both of us. I’m still waiting/collecting documents for the visa. Working abroad is tricky, eh. We visited Comiket on Friday for a stress relief, to see doujin games! Surprising how many people decide to make a game and actually end up with something decent. We bought several, a very inspiring experience. Last year we were overwhelmed by how huge this event is and the endless booths with gay porn swallowed us completely, not allowing us to reach games at all. We were better prepared this year lol

And, having some free time between finding a job and actually starting working I managed to do what I thought about half a year ago but never had the time – the integration with Patreon was added to the site! You should be able to see cute badges added to the comments for all those who decided to support Replay on Patreon. I never liked the idea of Patreon-only stuff, so they only get early access to everything I draw, hopefully a little recognition in the comments will make them feel more special. If you want to see a full list of Replay’s patrons: go here. I never expected Corporal pledges to be sold out after just a few hours, btw ლ(╹◡╹ლ)  Thank you! I’ll add more slots once I’m done with the already ordered avatars.

If you are a Patron:
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– If you want your nick on the patrons’ page to be hidden or link somewhere please let me know ( through Patreon or in the comment or ni.replaycomic [at] ).

What else: I’m already done with flat color for Robert’s Madoka cosplay! So a new vote incentive should be added this week. And grab a video too! I add them to the youtube channel sometimes and forget to link under the page heh~

59 comments on “First disciple”

  1. bitflipper Camp dweller Reply

    Way to go, Laura! And, that’s the second pentacle of the Moon, so the camp no longer is sleepy reliant on Ada for security. Does this mean Ada gets to go looking for the Seal of Solomon, now?

    ( pats Rob gently on the shoulder There, there, buddy; you can still skewer demons for us. )

  2. bitflipper Camp dweller Reply

    * solely reliant

    (I wish there were an edit feature to these comments, as I have a terrible habit of proof-reading after posting. >.< )

    • NotImportant NotImportant Reply

      Haha sorry! It’s too funny to see you struggle with auto-correction mwahaha~
      I think it only allows edit for logged in users and accounts are a hassle so…

      • bitflipper Camp dweller

        I knew it had to be something like that; you hide your devious side well, NI, but we all know you sympathize with the demons. ;-p

        No big; I’ll eventually train myself to look before posting.

  3. NiWo21k Corporal Reply

    I think its a great page and Laura deserves to have some fame, besides beeing the little sister 😉

    And i still think Ada looks like a mustach twirling villain in the right lower corner 😛

    • Alex Reply

      Said Ada reminded me of Haruhi for some reason. I think it’s her smile in that panel.
      Nice badge btw.!

      I also like the new font for user names.

      • NotImportant NotImportant

        Glad you like it! And right, this is actually a very Haruhi-like smile xD

      • NiWo21k Corporal

        Ok, now i will out myself as an idiot, but that name doesnt ring a bell for me at the moment?
        For me when i see this panel – i always get this picture of a villain tipping his fingers against each other and saying something like “excellent” – dont know why. But we all know (or at least hope, not that NI has something else planned for the future) that Ada isnt evil, sche isnt a people person but not evil XD

        And yes the font is fantastic – maybe its just me, but i think it makes viewing the comment section a lot easier and the badges make a nice contrast – all in all great work and it was worth the effort NotImportan but into it – very big thumbs up 🙂

      • JW

        Ok, now i will out myself as an idiot, but that name doesn’t ring a bell for me at the moment?

        It’s from “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya”.

      • JW

        Look, just because you don’t like her character doesn’t make her a bitch, super or otherwise. She might be capricious and careless, but she did care about her friends and help other out. She was in no way bitchy. The series wouldn’t have worked with any of that group missing.

      • JW

        Bloody effin’ hell, how do I keep managing to screw this up. That was a reply to the comment below. Well, intended to be — clearly I selected the wrong id again.

      • Alex

        Anyone who actually manages to forget superbitch Haruhi is a genius, not a dumbass. :)That series rides entirely on the other characters.

  4. regisearsquake Reply

    I really like that middle panel, so it’s good that you drew this page ^^

    Not everything has to be a complete shocking surprise in a story ^^.

    Does that mean, that our Sword-Duo can go book hunting?

  5. Alex Reply

    Wise choice adding the page about Laura. If something is obvious it doesn’t mean that it should be left out. Glorious moments are a comic’s highlights. 🙂
    I would’ve answered the question of “Why Laura?” with: “Duuuuh, because obviously we try everyone, baka!”, but if Rob can’t figure out that much he deserves a mysterious “Women’s intuition.” for an answer.

    Hopefully your boyfriend has a glorious moment in his next interview as well.

    • NotImportant NotImportant Reply

      Haha I hope so! And yeah, he was right about this page and I’m happy how it turned out too. I’m not going to address the “why Laura?” question since there’s some speculation on the next page hehe~

  6. Rateus Reply

    Looking forwards to the reveal of how they managed to make this one work when all students were failing before.

    Ooh, new name fonts. And rankings of some sort or other, intriguing.

    What does this one do? I wonder if Laura asked that before drawing it. Never draw magic symbols before checking what they do folks! Learn the lessons of Sectumsempra.

    • NiWo21k Corporal Reply

      I dont think Laura would question something that Ada wants from her – i have the feeling after that one night she has a lot of respect for 😉

      But i have to admit i am also curious why it seems that only specific people are able to cast magic and why (in this case its interesting because Kasper wasnt able to) I have an idea – but that would go in a direction that i just cant imagine (has to do with Ada – but also one of the upcoming pages would contridict that) – lets wait and see 😉

      And yeah the badges are a neat way to give NIs patrons something special on her page – i think it was a great idea.

      • JW

        Who can use magic might be entirely random.
        Or a case of mystical bacterial infection. (Though In Star Wars that was heritable)

      • NiWo21k Corporal

        You know i just cant imagine NI would go the easy way – I think the explanation will surprise as in the end 😉

        But for the moment i have to say the explanation with the randomness makes sense if we think that the only ones we know for now are Ada, Laura and somewhere in the future apparently Filip….

      • JW

        Hmm, well, if it were just those three, one thing they have in common is that they’re all below average (US) height (for their gender), and the other mains are above it.
        If Laura loses her magic when she grows taller, we’ll know that’s it 😉

        (Course, Adam has magic too, doesn’t he, so it doesn’t quite fit after all.)

      • NiWo21k Corporal

        Could be – at least its not as bad as my idea 😉

        But its really confusing (for the moment) – its not gender, its not age, its not blood….. Maybe it has to do with when they were born (something we really dont know).
        Lets wait and see.

        And about Adam: Do we know he could use magic – at the moment we only know about his deal…

      • NotImportant NotImportant

        I’m glad you cant figure it out so easily, at least it makes it a little bit interesting. Or the explanation is very dumb and I can no longer see it xD
        Well, won’t be long until they get more clues to hang in there!

      • Rateus

        Yes, and from Ada I’m sure it’s safe. But in general such unthinking trust could be dangerous when dealing with magical stuff!

      • Alex

        “I’m glad you cant figure it out so easily”
        Does that mean it’s theoretically possible to figure it out by now or are we still missing vital pieces of information regarding how your world works which we’d have to wildly guess at?
        I like it when series give you a chance to find out stuff ahead of time, but neither ScoobyDoo nor Detective Conan were any good in that regard. Though aside from that I did somewhat enjoy both series.
        Right now I’m completely clueless, but if there have been hints somewhere already I might want to try my luck.

      • NotImportant NotImportant

        The main issue is, the book Ada took her spells from is real. So theoretically you could dig through the internet and figure it out. Of course there are many possible answers and I picked only one, but yeah, with some additional digging it would be possible to guess the logic behind the magic.

      • NiWo21k Corporal

        And so beginns the adventure of “The Search for the reason how magic works in Replay”

        I hope you are proud of yourself NI for bringing normal readers (ok dont know if we are really normal but who cares) to start investigating all of this and going crazy for not finding the last hint and from never ever sleeping again 😛 These poor bastards XD

      • NotImportant NotImportant

        If that really happens I’ll be proud of myself haha~! Those things are really interesting. And at least there is some knowledge woven into the story (even though getting to know more about old magic doesn’t seem very useful now but hey, it broadens the horizons!… maybe).

      • NiWo21k Corporal

        So….be honest, how often have you tried to create magic during your time of information gathering 😛

        And i hope not so many people find out what you have cooked up – it just would be sad starting to read everything up front until you come with your own explanation – or do you have a plan B for that, meaning everything your throw at us is just a red hering 😛

      • NotImportant NotImportant

        As I said – there are many sources to read from and many possible explanations to events happening in Replay. So even if someone reads through everything he/she won’t be able to say what exactly I went with. Plus everything here in the comic is only “based on” certain things, any details are different.

        And I’m not answering that question about actually trying the magic hahaha~

      • Alex

        I don’t know much real-world magic, but for me the Placebo effect is certainly one of them: “Believe that the medication cures and you will be cured.”
        I am wondering:
        – What is this power?
        – Can it be trained? And what happens if someone does intensive training for decades? Will they be able to heal like Jesus did?
        – Is the Placebo really required or does it merely stop our mind from doubting and thus blocking this power?
        – Does it work on any illness, including the ones we can’t cure yet? Probably yes, I’d wager.
        – Does it work only on yourself? I mean, our brain works with electricity, which causes magnetic fields, which can influence magnetic fields of other people. Which is why electric smog is a problem.

        And then there are the water experiments from Masaru Emoto.
        Sigh, the mysteries of life.

      • JW

        I don’t know much real-world magic, but for me the Placebo effect is certainly one of them: “Believe that the medication cures and you will be cured.”

        You don’t even need to believe it. It can work even when you know it’s a placebo. ( )
        Personally, I think it’s mostly the effect of the “ritual” (of taking a pill, of getting a treatment), and the expectation that it elicits in your subconscious.
        I wouldn’t expect too much of it though — not for things that wouldn’t pass on their own anyway. I doubt it usually does more than temporarily alleviating complaints.

        – Can it be trained? And what happens if someone does intensive training for decades?

        I think it can probably be trained, but maybe not in the way you’re thinking of. I think people could train themselves to be more susceptible to the placebo effect.
        If you’re going to spend decades training, I’d go for meditation though. Or just exercise.

        – Is the Placebo really required or does it merely stop our mind from doubting and thus blocking this power?

        If by placebo you mean a “fake medicine” (i.e. a pill or potion with no active substance), then I’d say no. It works for other kind of treatments as well, even fake operations for some complaints (for example )

        – Does it work on any illness, including the ones we can’t cure yet? Probably yes, I’d wager.

        It works to relieve complaints — things like pain or fatigue. But it won’t reduce the size of a tumor, or kill a bacterial infection. But just relieving symptoms can greatly improve a patient’s quality of life, even if you still need to treat the underlying causes. (Moreso when the treatment itself has side-effects that exacerbate complaints)

        I mean, our brain works with electricity, which causes magnetic fields, which can influence magnetic fields of other people.

        Well, the brain causes magnetic fields (but very weak ones). And strong magnetic fields can influence the brains of people (e.g. TMS). But to clarify what is left to the imagination, people’s brains do not affect each other through magnetic fields; the magnetic fields are too weak and there’s too much magnetic noise from other sources (both natural and unnatural).
        Course, with a bit of technology you can (somewhat) overcome that hurdle:

        Which is why electric smog is a problem.

        I’ve seen people complain about it, but the studies that I know of find people that people suffer from their complaints regardless of whether there is an actual source of electro-magnetic radiation. (i.e. You put them in an electro-magnetically sealed room and put in a EM source that can be turned on or off and then see if their complaints depend on whether it’s on or not. In addition you might not tell them whether it’s on or not, or tell them the opposite, or tell them the truth, to test a few more variables. In the studies I know of, people tend to complain when they think it’s on, not when it’s actually on.)
        I haven’t done a systematic review of the literature though, so I can’t even say if enough studies have been done to say anything with great certainty. Bare in mind each individual study often has a 5% chance of being wrong — so if you have a hundred studies that means you can expect five to give the wrong result. However, a 95% chance is nothing to sneeze it, considering the alternative; and repeated studies on the same subject will increase those odds.

        Aside from that, it’s also interesting to note that the placebo effect has an evil little brother known as the nocebo effect. Instead of “curing” people like the placebo, a nocebo makes people (feel) ill.

        And then there are the water experiments from Masaru Emoto.

        5% 😉
        I can’t find whether anyone even tried to replicate his experiment, but there have been plenty of criticism of the setup and an offer of one million if he would try to replicate it himself under controlled circumstances.

        I must sound like a kill-joy. But I prefer my mysteries standing up to fierce scrutiny. 😛
        Actually, I prefer my mysteries cracked and laid bare before me. Rainbows are more beautiful when you know how they work. (imo, ymmv)

      • Alex

        Thanks for all the input!

        As for how strong the effect can become, unfortunately one can only speculate, because as far as I’m aware, scientists haven’t tried to train it. But Jesus healed people, so I believe that it can do anything.
        But if the magnetic fields really are too weak, then maybe there is another strong and intelligent force who does it:
        The chicks had no way of knowing what they needed to do the get the robot to move towards them. In fact, not even us intelligent humans know how to do it, but the force was intelligent and strong enough to do it.

        Regarding eletronic smog: I have a smartphone and everytime it’s in my pocket, switched on and not in aeroplane mode, I start feeling pain in that area after 30 seconds. I didn’t do scientific tests, but for me the effect was obvious enough that I believe it to be true. Maybe the people in the controlled study had the problem that the symptoms don’t come and go immediately when the device is turned on or off (which is my experience, too). While I do believe in science to a certain extent, I also value experience, and if they contradict each other and science merely disclaims something with no explanation other than “that’s what our study showed”, then I don’t buy it, because I know what I felt. And last but not least: If scientists add variables like “lying to their test subjects”, they will make their subjects become insecure and thus bring unreliable results. See

      • JW

        But Jesus healed people, so I believe that it can do anything.

        Supposedly he used the power of God, though, not the placebo effect.

        Interesting, if it could be reliably replicated.
        The paper ( isn’t really clear on whether the control circumstances were the same as with the chicks present. e.g. Time of day seemed to be pretty important. It also doesn’t mention whether there was a candle in the control cases (don’t know why that should matter, but its a variable — interestingly with chicks present and without a candle, the robots also walked randomly, so if the control had no candles, the candle might “explain” things). Another good addition to the control case (or as separate case) would have been to use non-conditioned chicks.

        Overall the paper is a bit light on details, and I’d need more extraordinary proof to really believe such an extraordinary claim. From more than one researcher too; they’re only people after all, and the case of Diederik Stapel is still fresh in my mind.

        While I do believe in science to a certain extent, I also value experience

        It’s hard to argue people’s shouldn’t believe in their own experiences (aside from obvious things like optical illusions). But it’s a different matter whether it’s reasonable to expect others to believe it, since they don’t have that experience. Science is a way of valuing people’s (independent) experiences by collecting them together, testing them, and seeing if they point in the same direction, so that others can rely on it.

        And last but not least: If scientists add variables like “lying to their test subjects”, they will make their subjects become insecure and thus bring unreliable results.

        I don’t see why the results would be unreliable. If you have enough participants then insecurity should skew the results in a predictable way. There’s a lot of research on that. I’d expect it to shift towards the middle ground or a socially acceptable default, but not that they flip their judgements.
        And of course you should use different groups of participants for the uninformed, informed, and deceived test cases; and test participants individually, not as a group where they might influence each other. Any study that doesn’t take such (and other standard) precautions can be safely ignored.

      • NiWo21k Corporal

        Mmh dont know if something changed, but i can see on your second post your badge and the colour change in your name.

      • NotImportant NotImportant

        I can see your badge. It doesn’t work right away after changing the pledge, I need to refresh the settings 🙂

    • NotImportant NotImportant Reply

      Seriously..? It’s just something from Youtube’s free music library. And thanks for watching!

      • NiWo21k Corporal

        You know….even if it is stock music i have to agree here – its not that bad of a choice.

  7. Adriano Reply

    So, this is the moment when this comic turns into a magical girl show, right? Right?

  8. Klorix Reply

    OMG, I just saw Robert in his Madoka costume… I really don’t know what to say.

    Not being around very much this week, even skipped the page just to say this. Will have a thorough look at the current page some time this weekend.

    See you later!

    • NotImportant NotImportant Reply

      Ada had a vision not so many pages ago in which she talked with Laura about magic. That was the incentive to try her out~

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