The sadist

This would be too easy if it ended on the last page, right?

No wonder he’s a little weird, hehe.

Anyway, I hope you guys can take a little bit more of the drama. From other news, life’s too fast, work’s crazy, I’m flying to Singapore with my fiance next weekend (so update might be on a different our I suppose?), my apartment finally feels like home (no more boxes!) and I’m kind of tired. I want to sleep. For a week, preferably.

And to confirm, yes, I’m working with Four Leaf Studio, it’s awesome, we’re slow but steady and I can’t really share anything at this point haha. We aim to have some preview ready for summer Comiket so I might be able to share a little bit then? We’ll see. I hope that’s as exciting for you as it is for me haha~

See you next week from Singapore! I’ve never been there so I’m a bit excited~!

5 comments on “The sadist”

  1. NiWo21k Corporal Reply

    Two complicated souls, who need each other to be a complete unit – but both are not able to see it yet. But the time will come where they have to face the elephant in the room – but it’s not this now. But it will come.

    I still think these few pages are fantastic. There is so much “feel” in it, you don’t know how to react, should we feel sorry, should we be angry, should we slap both in their faces for being this stubborn. I am really looking forward to the end of this scene, just because I want to know how you will work your way out of a specific ending 😉

    And congrats again, it looks like you are really going up in the world. Really hope it works out and you get the recognition you deserve 🙂
    And also great to hear your home is now a home and not some kind of storage anymore XD

  2. Rateus Reply

    This page is wonderful. Have fun in Singapore. I work with people there a lot (I’m Jurong) but I’ve never been allowed to visit.

  3. Doom Reply

    Part of the problem here appears to be that multiple concepts all use the same word. Best friend love and romantic love are both real things, but are not the same thing. The mismatch of expectations and desires our heroes have will not make maintaining their relationship simple or easy.

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