Witch at work

Hey guys! 50th page of this chapter and a nice moment for a full-page! Enjoy!

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I think I’ll take a week-long break after all. I drew a page last week but the table here (I’m not home) is hurting my shoulder + I need to work next week while I want to have some time to get out and enjoy the island. To be honest, this trip wasn’t the greatest so far – we had maybe 2 days of sun out of 9 and most of the time it’s cold and raining. We really got unlucky with the weather. I still enjoy learning about the customs here, catching crabs, and petting all the local cats.

I started reading The Art of Prophecy and it’s kinda funny? Definitely interesting setup haha I’m in 25% right now and enjoying it.

See you in two weeks and sorry again about the break!

5 comments on “Witch at work”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    Without ado, she starts to craft,
    no thought ’bout her own safety.
    Drifter revels, from bow to aft,
    her foolishness is tasty!

    Come, my queen, your life is mine,
    give all of you to magic.
    Long you’ve crossed the final line,
    your fate, your life, quite tragic.

    Grab the needle, hold it tight,
    and please don’t mind the bleeding.
    Your life, your passion and your fight,
    to doom your path is leading.

    You know, my queen, I’ve seen before,
    that look there on your face.
    T’was that time, when Adam swore,
    his soul for demon’s grace.

    But keep on going, end your time,
    engrave your life away.
    I’m not guilty of this crime,
    it’s you who’s gone astray.

  2. Rateus Camp dweller Reply

    This page fills me with worry.

    Have a good break, hope your shoulder improves speedily.

  3. HKMaly Reply

    Ok, I’m not sure what’s happening or what the drifter is doing, but it’s definitely getting more interesting.

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