Budding friendship

They’re gonna be besties in no time.

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I’m traveling! Currently exploring Ishigaki – a small island in Okinawa prefecture of Japan. I find tropical climate pretty deadly so February seemed like a good month to visit. It’s lovely here! Also currently way cheaper than going abroad HAHAHA I hope I’ll be able to continue drawing but I didn’t take my PC with me so I’m not yet sure. Depends if my tiny laptop can handle Photoshop haha… I haven’t tried yet.

From other news, I got my first partial request from a literary agent (that means they were interested in the project and wanted to read more pages) so I’m super happy. This was for The Cleansed Ones so the first novel I wrote. For the curious – the agent in question wrote back after almost six months hahaha…. I’m not super optimistic but getting a partial was my goal for the first book so I’m super happy.

Also, I finished reading The Empire of Exiles on the plane – I think it was interesting, really cool world and magic. Will probably read the second volume. There were things I didn’t love but honestly, I don’t think this book deserves my nitpicking. Check it out if you’re looking for a new fantasy to read!

Well, enjoy this week’s page and see you next week!

7 comments on “Budding friendship”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    Yes or no, make up your mind,
    the question is quite clear.
    with or without your help I’ll find,
    the answer that you fear.

    Why yes, of course, that would work well,
    and so much more more than that.
    But heed my warning, cease your spell,
    keep going and you’ll go ‘splat’.

    And what about the spell I picked?
    Will it kill with one hit?
    Another one might be less strict
    and be a better fit…

    No, no, no need to search for more,
    the one you picked is fine.
    They’re simple beasts, they’re quite the bore,
    unless the stars align…

    Well then, drifter, so tell me straight,
    would it work on you too?
    To kill the one, I deeply hate,
    will this blade run him through?

    My darling witch, you’ll long since dead,
    before this night is through.
    Your life, it hangs, on needle’s thread,
    don’t you dare cry. You knew.

    Is that a challenge? I accept.
    Tonight the tables turn.
    You will yet see, I am adept,
    I’ll make this sucker burn.

  2. Marcus Reply

    Yayy, she‘s making friends with some unnown ethereal being, whom she knows s**t about and who‘s motives in this are completely unclear.
    What can possibly go wrong?

  3. Alex Reply

    Congratulations on your first partial request!
    I had to look up why an agent would request just a partial because now that E-Mail exists, “why not just send the whole thing?”, and it looks like agents use this method as a reminder of how interested they are in the story. What a weird way of bookkeeping, but I guess that’s how it developed in the days of paperwork and if you do it differently you might send mixed signals to the authors. But nevertheless, even a partial request means you’re one of the top dogs, so your talent is undeniable and it’s being recognized by a pro. 🙂

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