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I’m super tired guys because I had an awful week at work. We were launching a huge feature and I was the oncall support for any issues. So lots of stress and leadership freaking out over every issue-but-not-really-an-issue-it-just-looked-like-an-issue-for-a-sec.  I haven’t even done any reading this week! Not to mention any writing. That I finished the page is a miracle. Please enjoy, I really didn’t want to leave you hanging for another week.

For those interested in how my querying is going: there was no reply from the guy who wanted a partial; I started querying the second book (The Mind Drummer) to other agencies but no responses so far, it takes time.

See you next week!

12 comments on “Victorious”

  1. U.N Owen Reply

    That… mount of blood is… not a good sign. The fact that she even went through with it is insane in and of itself.

  2. Sabreur Reply

    Thank you for the new page, and sorry you had a rough week!

    Ada looks very tired, but also very smug.

  3. Alex Reply

    Okay, I did not expect that she’d be able to do it, given her condition, but it looks like she’s more talented than what meets the eye after all. I do wonder where she got the energy from though.

    Good luck with the Mind Drummer!

    • HKMaly Reply

      Yes. I expected she will be in coma. Instead, she looks to be in better state than before she started! What did the drifter do?

      • FuryoftheStars Camp dweller Reply

        “What did the drifter do?”

        This is my worry, too. It looked *far* too pleased on the previous page….

  4. Matheus Reply

    So… Ada is pulling a Naruto “Lemme borrow your magic weird creature” thing

    • Alex Reply

      I was thinking more about One Piece, when Zorro was transported to Mihawk’s island and surprisingly managed to defeat all those Samurai Monkeys despite having struggled against them hard at first, but in case of Zorro he must’ve just held back at first to assess the situation.

  5. EnterTheNameHere Camp dweller Reply

    I’m kinda confused. Ada told Robert and Julia to get out of tent, and now it looks like they are suddenly running in to the tent – is there a page missing explaining why they suddenly do that?

    • Refugnic Reply

      Well, at least I’m not the only one who felt a little confused.
      NI’s explanation: It’s just Robert being Robert.

  6. Refugnic Reply

    Time has passed, the doctor’s found.
    And where the hell you’ve been?!
    Back to the tent, the four are bound.
    To find the truth, they’re keen.

    ‘On the John’, Stefen had said,
    but Robert just won’t buy it.
    But asks no more, for blood was shed,
    I’ll deal with you in a bit.

    Hold the chicken, hold it tight,
    for it’s a crucial witness.
    Of what transpired, desperate fight,
    her strange return of fitness.

    ‘Ada!’, Robert squeals delight,
    and barges into madness.
    The blood, the glow, a pang of fright,
    no trace left of his sadness.

    What happened here, what’s going on?
    Bedazzled by the glory.
    The truth well hidden, will not dawn,
    a tribute all too gory.

    I enchanted all these swords,
    and victory is mine.
    I defied the magic lords,
    and see? I am just fine.

    Thus speaks the witch, with hubris full,
    but lo, the price is great.
    And how much longer can you pull,
    all of this cursed weight?

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