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My friends just left the apartment and are on their way to the airport. It was fun! And I hope they’ll come again quickly, or maybe move to Japan one day hah~
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30 comments on “Wish”

  1. Byzantine Reply

    Well, makes sense he has magic. I suspect people without it would find those swords of theirs useless. Guess it takes being pushed past the limit to pull it out the first time. Now to see if he can learn to control it at will.

    • antrik Reply

      Since the swords seem to be enchanted themselves, I don’t think they actually rely on any supernatural abilities of the user?…

  2. anonymous Reply

    Sigh. Now I need to reread everything to see if Ada and Laura made any wishes that would let them do magic.

  3. Doom Reply

    Rob’s Magical Girl powers have come in! Does this mean it’s time for him to get fitted for a cute skirt with ribbons?

  4. Refugnic Reply

    Well…that was unexpected.
    At the very least for the demons, that’s for sure.

    The interesting thing is, that he’s closing his hand to a fist.
    That’s not exactly a hand position for defense (for which usually the open hand is used to shield yourself from an incoming attack) but much rather an attack stance you assume if you intend to attack yourself.

    He has no weapon in hand and no knowledge of his ability to just slice things to ribbons by his thoughts alone (better not tell anyone about that one though, otherwise people just might get a wee bit scared of him)…so why would we assume an attack stance?

    Did the ‘magic tell him what to do’? (Or was it his friend, the witchdoctor?)
    Or was it mere instinct? We will probably never know.

    As for ‘Why now, all of a sudden?’…well, I believe to recall that the prerequisite for using magic is something like ‘to confess all your sins before God’.
    Now, Rob is a pretty decent guy, but there was that one thing weighing him down…and that’s his inability to let Ada go.

    Now, my memory is not as good as it could be, but wasn’t there that one scene, where Rob confessed his obsession with Ada before her, the world, us and, most importantly, God?

    Now, if that was his ‘final sin’, that would’ve ‘undone’ the seal on his magic, allowing him to pull off this little stunt.
    I wonder what Ada’s gonna say about it though, cause he required no pentagrams, magical artifacts or any other sort of catalyst and still sliced them up good.

    • Klorix Camp dweller Reply

      Well, his sword is really near, maybe even touching him.
      My guess why he made a fist is that it is a subconcious reaction because he is now kind of used to wield his katana to defend himself. Maybe his power ‘transposed’ the effect of the sword so that the demons got sliced as if he were holding it.

    • Dragon Master Reply

      I think its more of a grabbing motion, he’s shaking his fist at the world and grasping at life. Also I suspect it wasn’t his thoughts but rather his words that was the cause of death. Notice how the word “die” is purple just like the aura around his hand.

    • antrik Reply

      I suspect the same echoes from another timeline that manifest in visions, also provide some more subtle subconscious hints — like prompting him to purchase those fancy swords…

      And I *do* hope we will know at some point!

    • JW Reply

      More fun than dying, at least.
      Though at the speed they’re going, I wouldn’t rule out they’ll crash from getting hit by the gore.

  5. Browser Reply

    Well… getting hit by all of those body bits is going to suck. Especially with the speed that they’re travelling. Pity he probably can’t do it a second time at will, after they crash, with the big fella behind them about to get them.

  6. Taz Reply

    I spend a lot of time considering the name of this comic compared to the story and visions. What if you played a video game all the way through and didn’t like the outcome and could restore it back to the beginning to try again. All conscious memories erased, but the subconscious and the muscle memory? Maybe they’re stuck in a replay / time loop.

  7. SpagettiMonster Reply

    I can’t help it, but I really, really really dislike Robert. Had it been literally anyone else from the comic, doing this, I would be excited. Ths way, it more like… what a pitty. What a waste. Way to polish *that guy*.

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