Out of the frying pan

Hey, I’m back from the trip! It was great and I’ll post some more photos on my Instagram if you want to see some Japan: https://www.instagram.com/notimportant.travel/ 

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I’ll write more later on, maybe. Right now I’m beyond dead tired. I’ve finished reading Themis files and I agree with the author’s pessimistic vision of humanity’s struggles when subjected to an external threat in the 3rd volume. I admit – I have zero faith in humanity. It’s probably also why I felt so happy at the end of the Three Body Problem series, in a ‘ha! I was right!’ kind of way… Anyway, my pessimism aside, it was an interesting read although it felt extremely short.

Right now, I started Sanderson’s Skyward – Claim the stars. So far so good! But it’s Sanderson after all haha~

Enjoy the new page and thanks in advance for the votes!

19 comments on “Out of the frying pan”

  1. JW Reply

    I have zero faith in humanity

    I have faith that they’re like roaches. Hard to get rid of all of ’em and you don’t want them in your kitchen.

  2. NiWo21k Reply

    These two never get a real break ^^

    the second to last panel:
    When I first saw it I thought the dragon looking demon was holding the frame of the panel until I realized it was the pole XD

    Nice pictures from your trip 🙂
    Wished I had the money to take a trip to Japan, Its the only land, besides Canada, I would love to see once during my life.

    • NotImportant Reply

      I really spent all my savings on trips to Japan and I have no regrets. Fingers crossed that you’ll be able to visit one day, it’s really worth it!

      • NiWo21k Reply

        Thanks, I hope so 🙂
        But seeing where all the money goes at the moment (taxes, rent, car, roof fixing, renovations etc.) and see there will be even more I have to give in the future, I don’t believe it will ever happen – but at least I can dream a little bit 😉

  3. Refugnic Reply

    Hmm…this kinda reminds me of Jurassic Park. The ‘Clever girl’ scene to be more precise.

    The big one chases the prey down a defined pathway, where the more agile hunters already await them in ambush…which would suggest that the demons are capable of coordination and planning…which only makes them more dangerous to deal with.

    Either that, or it’s just chance…though I prefer the idea that they’re actually working together.

    Ah yes, are you going to publish the current vote incentive as Wallpaper later on?
    I’d like it as a new desktop background, but I’ll need it in a higher resolution. 🙂

    • NotImportant Reply

      Wallpaper… hmm I just might! I don’t remember what resolution it’s in but should be good enough for wallpaper. I’ll try to do that over the weekend!

  4. NoriMori Reply

    FINALLY he stops harping about her swearing! Honestly it made me really angry that he stopped her from swearing by physically assaulting her every time she did, and now responds to her swearing by crying “Language!”, as if she’s a child who’s not allowed to swear, even though he swears himself.

  5. Sir Bismarck Reply

    I swear I did not forget how adorable they are together! in reality tho I did forget it and it’s so awesome to see more of the comic unfold. it’s nice to have you back even if you never truly left us. I wish to send many mental hugs for you!

  6. Dragon Master Reply

    Who’s wearing the sword atm? Is it in any position where Ada can draw it and go jousting? We’re substituting the motorcycle for a chariot, Rob’s the driver.

    • JW Reply

      The sword’s between them (you can see it on the previous page).
      Ada could probably draw it, but it’s a bit hard to maneuver a sword and hold on. Falling off the motorcycle at speed isn’t good for your health any more then getting bit by a demon.

      • antrik Reply

        I’d say it’s actually quite a bit better… Though not exactly ideal 😉

        (Especially without proper protective clothing.)

  7. Rateus Camp dweller Reply

    Help arrives in the form of people not daft enough to make a load of noise and attract trouble!

  8. antrik Reply

    If Robert was a decent driver, he could try taking a sharp turn; jumping off the bike (preferably both of them at the same time 😉 ) on the grass; and getting in some sword action…

    Too bad Robert is not a decent driver 😉

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