Whose fault

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Nice! So many interesting comments last week! I wasn’t very responsive, I know, but I kept reading. Ada sure is a confusing person, maybe a little less so when you consider that this is going on in the past. Her attitude is slightly different now although honestly – not much. She’s a slow learner, that one…

A tiring week, somehow. It was slightly unexpected but work kept me occupied and stressed those last few days. I had a very nice reset yesterday, we went to Kamakura and Enoshima, I splashed my feet in the ocean, walked 20 km by the beach and… got a nasty sunburn. No surprise there, I suppose. The only unfair thing about it is that my fiance is completely fine. Can somebody trade skin with me? Mine is not very sun-resistant.

See you guys next week and please vote if you can!!! Replay is so low on the topwebcomics’ list that I wanna cry ; _ ;

19 comments on “Whose fault”

  1. NiWo21k Reply

    Ada is just such a delicate flower (only if you see her at the wrong time) – you know, and that is the funny bit, she has so much in common with my all-time favorite character, it always amazed me, you never read that story o.O

    And sorry, sadly I can’t trade skin. work in IT, meaning the only place for me is the cellar – just thinking about the sun burns my skin ^^

    I vote, it is just so sad, seeing how much you went down, and how many people have forgotten about Replay 🙁
    We really need someone who has fans to bring out the word that you are here (again). Sadly the only thing I can do is telling people who like comics to check it out – I just hope that I will finally be able to get my little project going and that this might bring some people to you.

  2. Mirana Reply

    Why can’t they just kiss?! seriusly this is THE most complex relationship I’ve ever seen and yet somehow I’ve never been more invested in seeing the outcome!

    btw still love the comic! and this backstory is very important for us to know so it’s awesome you’re taking your time to make this flashback! love your comic! still my nr 1. favorite without a doubt!

    • JW Reply

      They can’t kiss because, for whatever reason, Ada thinks she can’t have that kind of relationship.
      I could speculate why, but it’d be either sad, horrible or ridiculous. Maybe she’s secretly an alien, and she’ll instinctively devour her mate after consummating their relationship. Who knows?

  3. DKpsyhog Reply

    Okay, their relationship is even more complicated than I thought… Can’t wait to see what happens next NI!

  4. EnterTheNameHere Camp dweller Reply

    You expect some of us having a skin that won’t get sunburnt just by looking out of window? That’s cute(-:

  5. Ooorah Reply

    No friggin’ wonder Robert thought he still had a shot with her after the whole apocalypse thing. Ada’s sending some seriously mixed signals here.

  6. Dragon Master Reply

    I hear you NI, me and my sisters have the same problem. My youngest sister can stand in the shadows and get a sunburn so bad it looks like she got scalded by something. I on the other hand don’t burn, I’ll turn real brown, but won’t burn. I will start peeling and shedding skin like a snake though, which itches like all get out and drives my up the wall. So you wins some you loose some. Glad to hear you had fun though that’s always good.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Hahaha I’m the worst of both world then, I get burned and then shed my skin and hey, I’m white again, ready for another burn!….

  7. Doom Reply

    I can see why Rob felt Ada was leading him on. I don’t think she was, but it is a valid conclusion to reach for the data he had. Ada really needs more practice in openly and honestly talking about her feelings.

    • NotImportant Reply

      She’s still in the “if I say what’s on my mind truthfully then everyone should understand” department.

  8. Alex Reply

    “See you guys next week and please vote if you can!!! Replay is so low on the topwebcomics’ list that I wanna cry ; _ ;”

    Looks like it’s that time of the month again. I.e. the time where the votes reset. 😉

    • NotImportant Reply

      To be honest last month was pretty bad as a whole! Whoever was pumping in those votes must have gotten tired of it lol

      • Alex Reply

        Oh, it’s sad when that happens out of the blue. I understand it when the artist takes a break or posts filler, but just like that? That feels bad.
        Maybe if you drew another naked sketch as a vote incentive?

  9. Rateus Camp dweller Reply

    He loves you you nerd. Do you love him back. We’re still not sure. Probably, but you won’t allow yourself to be happy for fear of it not working out and you ending up sadder it seems.

    Why’d you have to go and make things so complicated?

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