The lie

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  1. NiWo21k Reply

    Something I actually just realized after going over this page again – something I wasn’t able to put my finger on for quite some time, even if I talked about it a lot of times.

    It’s actually amazing, how much emotion you are able to put into your characters with not too many details. The last panel with Rob, its really clear that smile isn’t honest. Its one of someone hurt. But also Ada, you can see how she feels and what happened before. Ok, their ears also help a lot.

  2. Refugnic Reply

    Oh Rob, a lie remains a lie, no matter how many times you repeat it…

    I know that people tend to believe anything if only they are told it often enough (Mr. Göbbels from the Third Reich was a big fan of that thesis)…but that still doesn’t make the lie ‘true’.

    Furthermore, there is one thing Rob is not counting, even though it’s the most important one: ‘His inability to let go of the affection he feels towards Ada’.

    Furthermore…’the game she couldn’t clear fast enough’?
    That’s…incorrect, if I’m not mistaken.

    He was the one game she could not clear AT ALL.
    Eventually she stopped trying.

    Just like just about anyone would, after trying time and again and never getting the ending they wanted.

    • Refugnic Reply

      Fun fact:

      I am currently proofreading (first pass) my current novel and the line I just came across reads as:
      ‘Hoffst du, dass du es eines Tages glauben kannst, wenn du es dir nur oft genug einredest?’, which translates to ‘Do you hope, that you will be able to believe it yourself, if only you tell it yourself often enough?’

      So yeah, Rob and Ada are not the only ones in a ‘complicated situation’.
      And it will take a real dick move from the side of their enemies, until they can actually overcome the barriers they’ve built.

      Only this time, it’s the guy being the idiot.

      Doing all the wrong things for all the right reasons again. 🙂

      Oh and sorry for double posting.

    • JW Reply

      Furthermore…’the game she couldn’t clear fast enough’?
      That’s…incorrect, if I’m not mistaken.

      He was the one game she could not clear AT ALL.
      Eventually she stopped trying.

      Maybe if she hadn’t given up, she might have succeeded eventually. But in any case it took longer than she was willing to give “the game”.

      I suppose Rob could always settle for a nice girl that doesn’t object to being the second most important person in his live. Maybe one that also has unrequited romantic feelings towards Ada, so they have that much more in common 😛

      • Refugnic Reply

        This is a bit of a semantic problem.

        She did not clear it. At all.
        Because it took her too long, so she considered it a lost cause, too hard, a waste of effort, whatever.
        So she gave up.

        Which makes it an ‘At all’.

        ‘fast enough’ implies, that she DID succeed in ‘clearing the game’, but did not get her ‘good ending’, because she was too slow.
        This concept of ‘not fast enough’ can be, for example, found in some of the Metroid games.

        Depending on how fast you managed to clear the game (some nutcases take an hour where I take 8), you’d get a ‘slightly different ending’, which, in the case of Metroid, consisted of ‘how much armor Samus took off during the epilogue’…at least I think I read that somewhere, as I said, I never was ‘fast enough’ myself…but I stray.

        Hah, ‘second most important person in his life’?
        He should try an Italian girl then, the way the stereotype goes, the girl is never ‘the most important person’ for Italian men.
        Cause that’s their Mama.

        Good thing that stereotypes only hurt the feelings of those who feel, that it applies to them, isn’t it? 🙂

        Anyway…so Rob would have had to find a ‘nice girl, who is bisexual and romantically attracted to Ada herself’?
        Now, I think he might have a bit of a hard time finding someone like that.

        And even if he did…would they build a shrine for the Goddess that is out of their reach, or something?
        I can somewhat imagine that it would be…a kinda weird situation, especially when Ada is nearby.

        But then again, what do I know? Maybe it would work out just fine. 🙂

        • JW Reply

          This is a bit of a semantic problem.

          She did not clear it. At all.

          Actually, my point was that “did not” and “could not” are different things. The semantics about “at all” is entirely besides the point.

          There’s plenty of games I could (probably) have cleared but didn’t, because I determined it wasn’t worth it before the end.

          As for whether in this case Violet could have, well, we’ll never know.

  3. DuskyRaines472 Reply

    makes me wonder if “Violet” is dead or not. Or if she’ll be brought up again in a later time.

    • Refugnic Reply

      Hmm…well, while she MIGHT be brought up later, right about now, I’m leaning towards the ‘one time character, who will not appear outside of flashbacks’.
      Cause even if she did, what would that change?

      She lost Robert to Ada once already and the chain he put on himself only grew stronger with the years that passed ever since then.

      She poses no immediate threat to the lingering relationship and has, as such, little value to ‘suddenly show up again’.

      Now, if Robert actually had been in love with Violet and still has lingering feelings for her, it’d be a different story.
      Cause if Ada had been the ‘second best choice’, Violet’s emergence would cause a shift in the relationship dynamic, causing more drama and, as such, add value to her character reappearing.

      Violet also ‘is over’ Robert and knows that there’s little chance for her.
      As such, she isn’t very good ‘rival material’ either (compared to Julia, who is, as it stands, fresh meat).

      So yeah, chances are that she’s dead.

  4. Alex Reply

    I don’t think I’d want a “relationship” with a woman who considers me game. Wouldn’t she have cancelled the relationship after they had sex the first time anyway, then?

    • Refugnic Reply

      I for one agree with you on the ‘game’ aspect.

      However I disagree on the ‘cancel the relationship after the first sex’ (which we don’t even know whether it ever happened).

      Sex is a milestone, yes.
      But Violet’s victory would only have been complete, once Rob’s completely over Ada and into her.
      Once she’s completely won him over.

      In former times, ‘having sex’ was largely equivalent to ‘I’m sure I want to be with you and take responsibility for whatever may happen.’ (There were exceptions who simply didn’t care for their bastards, but those were largely seated in the noblesse and, as such, a minority.)

      But today, with various means of protection, ‘having sex’ isn’t as…’final’ as it used to be.
      You can do it just for fun.

      And as long as Violet would just have been the substitute, she ‘game’ would not be over.
      After all, the big boss (his affection for Ada in this case) was not yet defeated.

      • Alex Reply

        Okay, that could’ve been her goal, too. But in that case it would make her quite a terrible person if she were to leave her “games” once she received THAT kind of victory. Thus I choose to believe that “having sex” was her goal, which is acceptable, since Rob knew about it.

    • JW Reply

      I don’t think I’d want a “relationship” with a woman who considers me game.

      Eh, as long as I know beforehand, I wouldn’t necessarily mind.
      The biggest issue would be figuring out how/when to grant exp and handle leveling. 😛

      She wouldn’t be a candidate for spending the rest of my life with, though. Probably.

      • Alex Reply

        Looks like you’re an “I put on my robe and wizard hat”-guy (though I wonder if you recognize that ancient meme). 😉

        • JW Reply

          I’ve never really kept up with memes. Fortunately there’s always . And I’d like to think I’m at least a more cooperative player than originator of the meme 😛

          In any case, I’m not really roleplayer in any sense of the word. I’ve never played DnD, and not many MMORPGs either. Most of what I know about them is from webcomics, to be honest. But I’m open minded about any games a cute girl might want to play with me (should I be so lucky to ever get the chance).

  5. KTrimbach Reply

    Um. This almost as painful as the non-kiss on the road to her cabin.

    BTW Do we know who’s flashback this is? I couldn’t really tell.

    • JW Reply

      I don’t think it’s specifically someone’s flashback, but more adding some history for the audience.

      • NotImportant Reply

        It is “someone’s” flashback, it’ll become clear at the end of it!

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