The stupid grin

I had fun painting this expression on Ada, it’s a pretty unusual one for her~

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It was a tough week! I’m tired but managed to do everything I planned to. Didn’t have enough free time to draw for Historia or sketch anything in a more realistic style but at least I’ve finished the next page of Replay on time. Well, the next two months should be relatively uneventful so I should have enough time for painting starting from now on, not too worried about it. Maybe I’ll finally update the relationships on the Cast page or the Spell’s tab… Or start posting Replay on Tapastic and Webtoons again… Or figure out how to post more sketches… Damn, there’s never enough time, is there.

As I was making myself busy with work the summer finally arrived! No more clouds and rain, it’s ultra-hot in Tokyo and cicadas started appearing. I even bought sunflowers to celebrate.

Have a great week guys and I hope you enjoy the flashback! Two more pages already on Patreon if you feel like supporting Replay and around 4 more to the end of the scene!

21 comments on “The stupid grin”

  1. NiWo21k Reply

    A stupid grin can tell more than 1000 words ^^

    Why doesn’t it surprise me:
    You acknowledge that the week was brutal, but you are already planning upfront what you can do ^^ – you know people need to relax from time to time 😀

    And believe me when I say, our weather at the moment is “shit” – until yesterday hot as hell, and now hot and rainy the whole weekend – Hooray for a fixed roof and AC 😀

    • NotImportant Reply

      What can I say… I relax best when I draw! The more time I have for it the better I feel haha~ Unfortunately it’s hard to draw a lot with a daily job (that has nothing to do with art) and while trying to leave the house from time to time (can’t stare at the screen the whole time… my eyesight is already pretty bad).

      I actually don’t mind the sun and high temperatures after the rainy season! It’s a nice change… But I know I’ll hate it with a passion after reaching the office super sweaty a couple of times.

      • NiWo21k Reply

        Hehe 🙂

        At least I can tell you for sure, you are not alone. I know one other person very near to me, for whom “relaxing” means renovation work on the house 😀
        and I always end helping out when I want to relax ^^

        And I know what you mean – the daily job tends to hinder you (ok, let’s face it, that should be normal – in a way) and just sitting around is also not the best solution – but also going out when it’s freaking hot isn’t also the best solution 😀

        TBH seasonal changes are really nice, but I don’t like if it goes into an extreme in one or the other direction. And yeah, if you get there totally sweat-drenched its something to hate – I was that way nearly every day the last weeks (no good AC at work, and a lot of running between buildings).

      • KTrimbach Reply

        I’m surprised that you’re not doing anything artistic in your job – I thought that was the point. However, that might be for the best. I once heard an author’s advice to aspiring writers was NOT to get a job requiring you to write. That way you a) wouldn’t burn yourself out and b) so you’d have all your pent up motivation to write in your “free” time.

      • NiWo21k Reply

        You know that is actually not that far away from the truth for every hobby/job combination

        At the beginning I was really into everything electronic, building computers and so on. I went to school with that, even had my own little business. Later I worked at different companies where I work nearly day and night as an admin for client and server systems.
        At first, everything was fine, but over time I actually lost the fun for IT as a hobby – I still do it from time to time, but no in the way, everything started.

  2. Mirana Reply

    I now more than ever wanna know what drunk Ada is. and if she is the lewd or mean type when drunk

  3. DragonMaster Reply

    I tell you what, that’s a scary smile right there…
    I see someone grinning like that on the tram i’d start edging away. You wanna do this slowly so as not to grab their attention, because that could be bad for your health.

    • JW Reply

      Yeah, usually when you see a girl smile like that in anime, you know someone’s about to die.
      So cute.


  4. Refugnic Reply

    Stupid grin?

    More like psychotic, if you ask me.
    That’s the kind of grin you expect from someone, just before they grab the conveniently lying around ax…

    And I’m not sure, if that was the reason why Violet laughed, to be honest.
    If anything, it should scare her (and reinforce her ‘getting off the bus as quickly as possible’).

    And well, ‘the end of him’…well, she’s not exactly the most healthy to be pining for.
    In fact, it’s much the same for Sofia’s infatuation with Robert in the present.

    Sure, he acknowledges her existence, but not her feelings (as far as I know at least).
    And, just like Rob here, she just cannot let go.

    But then again, when has anything, that was worth fighting for, ever been easy to get?

    • JW Reply

      I don’t think it’s been long enough to say that Sofia can’t let go. Rob’s been hung up on Ada for years, probably close to a decade (well, less here in the flashback).
      Sofia’s had a few weeks. Like you said, it’s infatuation. Not obsession.

  5. Regis Earsquake Reply

    Those two can nighter live with nor witout each other, I don’t blame Robert, that he doesn’t understand Ada. In Manga, the reason why there is confution is because the guy is somewhat dense. but in this case, reading her mind probably wouldn’t be enough to truely understand her.
    Or Maybe I just don’t understand her because I’m male. I find this frustrating, I can’t imagine how bad it has to be for Robert.
    (That it’s frustrating isn’t a bad thing storywise. You are doing a great job, when we can empathize with your characters)

  6. Crestlinger Reply

    ^ When her subconscious gets fed up and decides to take matters into its own id.

    THE Anti screen fatigue glasses:
    Wearing mine now and they Work. Did the UV test they show on site at home with my own light. Can confirm And they can make them on order for prescription.

  7. KTrimbach Reply

    Ahh. So subconsciously she wants Rob for herself, but without fully giving herself to him. What a . (I was going to say rat or rodent, but I can’t think of anything nasty with bushy tails; jackals? hyenas?

    • JW Reply

      I’m not sure it’s fair to (try to) call someone something nasty for subconscious flaws, especially when we don’t know why she developed them.

  8. Alex Reply

    Ada is a really interesting take on the Tsundere genre. Bitchy, but not too much, and even as a reader you can’t really tell whether or not she’s actually in love with Robert. I mean, if she hadn’t been declared a Tsundere I would’ve stopped suspecting her by the time she said so and just chalked it up to her wanting to have a big brother figure or something. Maybe she just wants some cool big guy to casually hang around with and have a type of relationship where you just rely on each other? Like team-mates?

  9. Steeeve Reply

    Complicated is an understatement with her. She likes him so much she gets a big grin over his breakup, ditches work for him, hangs with him… and despite him loving her back, she won’t let him close? What kind of horrible experience would cause someone to do that to themselves? Is like some form of self flagellation. Q_Q

  10. Rateus Camp dweller Reply


    Makes Rob’s explosion in recent ‘true’ time all the more understandable.

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