We’ve got company

Obviously, this had to happen. If you’re curious about the development:

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I’m going on a trip! I should probably be packing and getting ready now but I wouldn’t leave without posting the new page hehe~ We’re going to Kyoto in a couple of hours, then Osaka, Nara, Hiroshima, a  crazy ride with my friends from Poland. It’s going to be a fun week I’m sure. Updates won’t be disturbed by this, I’ll post a new page right after I’m back.

Btw, I’ve been reading the Winternight Trilogy (fantasy) and Themis Files (sci-fi) lately and I enjoyed those books a lot! If you’re looking for something to read feel free to grab any of those.

Thank for all the votes guys! It’s crazy for quickly Replay came back to life haha! Thanks a bunch and I’m counting on you this week as well!

33 comments on “We’ve got company”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    Why yes.
    Of course that had to happen.

    I mean, they’re making enough noise for three, it would have been really strange if they didn’t attract any (unwanted) attention.
    And seeing how their weapons are melee types, ‘mounted combat’ might not exactly be the best idea…especially considering that neither of them has any sort of training in that sort of thing. 🙂

  2. NiWo21k Reply

    Hey, did you really think your fanbase left without a trace after your hiatus? What do you think about us XD

    And poor Ada and Robert – they never get some rest ^^

    • Refugnic Reply

      Well, that’s not entirely accurate.
      They only just came back from their months of vacation…what do you mean, time was frozen for them?

      Aaah crud, I guess they really can’t catch a break. 😛

  3. Sabreur Reply

    Oh wow. I almost laughed myself sick over this one. That’s probably not the best reaction to seeing beloved characters in mortal peril, but I regret nothing.

    • Refugnic Reply

      Mortal peril? Hardly.

      I mean, they’ve pretty much fought back an actual invasion force with like 20 or more of those critters (didn’t count the bodies) almost by themselves, what is one single demon with the speed of a motorcycle, the distinctive traits of a boar and the hunting instinct of a rabid dog to them?

      They did remember to bring at least one of the blades, right? 🙂

      • Refugnic Reply

        I am fully aware that they have the blade with them.

        It was actually a rhetorical question…thing is, swinging that thing around on a motorcycle might have…unwanted consequences.
        And stopping to fight that thing might also not be the best idea…so yeah… 🙂

  4. JW Reply

    I wonder if Ada could cast a protection circle on the motorcycle. A car would probably have been easier.

    • DKpsyhog Reply

      Hm, that’d be an interesting prospect; can you cast a protective circle on top of a moving object? I guess you can, since the earth is moving… but I don’t think Ada has time to get the toothpaste out ;D

    • antrik Reply

      Mounting something circular on a motorcycle might be possible, but not an easy proposition…

      Even then, I’m not sure it would actually work. Doesn’t the circle have to be on the ground?…

  5. xthorgoldx Reply

    For those familiar with The Stand, bad things happening to survivors riding motorcycles is a given.

  6. MissTic Reply

    So, I No longer wrote and, to tell you the truth, I No long read this… But!!! I understand, that I urgently need to teach English, because I am shoked of events. My heart broken and I am crying. Like a reader, I will believe in love, between Ada and Robert, and I hope on your love for nerves reader. 😉

  7. Alex Reply

    Oh hey, you’re back! My calculations said that you’d return on week 5 of next year, assuming 1 page per week, but something told me to try visiting the page again anyway. And boy did Ada’s language go downhill over the hiatus. How often has she said “fuck” or “fucked” thus far? More than twice? I don’t remember any previous instances. Have you spent your hiatus in America or something? 😛

    And on the previous page you wrote that your Patreons support the ads, too. 😀
    “Patreon pays for Replay’s server and ads and makes the comic support itself,”

    Anyway, I hope your book is going to sell well with the new art. It’s really nice to look at.

    Also: Did Robert pick up Sofia’s bread or not?

    • NotImportant Reply

      Ada has a foul mouth but until now she managed to catch herself. Remember the first time she did magic? Or when she noticed smoke in the camp when demons attacked during the night? 😛

      As you can see from the last two pages, Robert was the one always correcting that tiny sailor mouth. Apparently she’s more on edge than ever. Or maybe there’s a different reason~

      Also: nope! Robert left the sandwich where it landed! It’s going to be awkward when Sofia asks how he liked it hehe…

      • JW Reply

        that tiny sailor mouth.

        I can’t help but think she’s a new character addition to the sailor moon universe.

      • Alex Reply

        Aw, too bad, but thanks for clearing it up that Rob wasted a perfectly good sandwich.

        Anyway, here’s to hoping that he won’t throw away the others as well.

  8. Itisn1tmyname Reply

    And the most important question: Is she sitting on his tail or is it awkwardly sandwiched between them?

    • JW Reply

      There is probably enough room between them because of his backpack that his tail isn’t too cramped between them.

  9. antrik Reply

    Love that bird’s-eye view… Reminds me of some video game with extra cute graphics.

  10. Refugnic Reply

    Really now, it’s not that bad,
    for you to hold on tight?
    It is! We’re screwed! You’re barking mad!
    No way we’ll win this fight!

    Language, Lady! You for real?!
    Why do you hate me so?!
    Is it so wrong? The way I feel?
    Why won’t you love me though?

    What?! No shit! This ain’t ’bout you!
    Look back, you idiot, now!
    One glance, one look, um, how’d you do?
    One roar, alright then: Ciao!

    Can’t this thing go any faster?!
    Step on, it’s closing in!
    Curse these beasts and curse their master!
    No way we’re going to win!

    It’s huge, it’s fast, and right behind.
    We stop and fight: We die.
    No way to go, hand intertwined,
    must go faster. Fly!

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